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Bad Boy Crush


~Brie~ I walked out of Payton's and mine apartment over to my place of magical wanders "Alden Art Studio" on the university campus to calm down my anger before I kill Blaze. Beautiful red roses lined each side of the walkway, and several picnic areas were placed distinctively throughout the front yard. I sat underneath a large shaded oak tree then pulled out of my backpack my new favorite book called "Marriage Of Convenience" along with a bottle of water. Leaning back up against the tree I began to read from the spot I left off on. I was so immersed in the part where Jae Yung found out about McKenna "his wife" being raped while they were in college that I hadn't even noticed a group of people had gathered around me. A tall, handsome guy saying "You're in our spot," in a loud, angry voice is what got my attention. I see seven guys and one female standing in front of me when I looked up from my book. Two of the guys came to hover right in front of me giving me a cold, unwavering glare that could freeze a cup of warm water into a solid form. The female stood there rolling her eyes at me with her lips poked out and her hands on her hip. "Bitch, aren't you going to move? I hear the female say. A peal of loud laughter erupted from my mouth after I realized that she was talking to me. "What's so funny? The two guys that were glaring at me demanded. "You all are! I retorted then

Romance / Humor
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Character List

Normani Kordie as Brianna "Brie" Taylor

Ten as Zander Wong a.k.a "Ten"







Sydney Park as Payton Farley

Ansel Elgort as Niles Potter a.k.a "Blaze"

Lana Condor as Meiji Lee a.k.a "Mei"

Hailee Steinfeld as Charlotte West

Nadji Jeter as Ryan Jacob Daniels a.k.a "RJ"

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