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Wings Of Fire Cliffs Mystery Adventure


This is a fan made story. Cliff is my favorite Character and if I wrote the Wings Of Fire books this is what I would want book 15 to be like.

Adventure / Action
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Chapter 1

"Mommy Mommy"Cliff Shouted

"Yes"Said Queen Ruby

"Do you remember when grandma died"Said Cliff

"Yes that was two months ago and I would rather nobody talk about grandma"Said Ruby demandingly

"Fine but I loved watching grandma die" Said Cliff sadly ."Oh Mommy I made a new song in honor of grandma's death want to her it"asked Cliff

"Sure"Said Ruby Quitely

She was the meanest of them of all
Her name was meanie grandma
She was the Queen but then she died
Now my Mommy is the Queen because
my grandma is dead my Mommy saved the day yay

"Mommy did you like it"asked Cliff

"Yes I do cliff it was nice"said Ruby Quitely"All right Cliff I got to go I have stuff to do I'll see you later"Said Ruby nicely

"Can I do it with you ppppppplllllllleeeeeeesssssseeeee Mommy"said Cliff screaming

"No"Said Ruby in a angry tone

"Alright"Said Cliff sadly

Cliff roamed around the palace then he herd a loud noise he went to the noise.

"Mommy"said Cliff scared

Then the windows and doors were opening and closing over and over again cliff was scared he flew and hid under a table.Then he herd someone calling his name it sounded like,and right before Cliff could think of the name Ruby called him.

"Cliff"Ruby called

Cliff jumped out from under the table.

"What were you doing under there"Ruby asked

"I herd someone calling my name"Said Cliff

"I got scared"Said Cliff

"Who was it"Ruby asked

"It sounded like...

And right before he could say it Ruby was needed.

"You can tell me who It sounded like later"Ruby said Quitely

"Ok"Cliff Said sadly.

Now cliff was sitting down in the hallway and then over at the other end of the hallway he herd something this time it sounded like someone breaking something looked over there.

"There were scavengers over there I better stop them from taking my Mommy's treasure"Cliff Said to himself.

Cliff ran over there to stop them the scavengers tryed to run away but cliff was to fast Cliff got the treasure back but he wanted to get the scavengers to make mommy proud cliff told the scavengers to stop but cliff didn't know all the scavengers could hear was roaring then the scavengers stopped they herd roaring but cliff herd that person calling his name again
He was really scared this time.This thine he had to tell mommy about the voice and the scavengers so he ran to Mommy.

"Mommy I herd the voice again"said Cliff out of breath

"Did you figure out who it was"asked Ruby

"Yes"Said Cliff

"Who was it"said Ruby

It was...

"Sorry I got to go again this time it is a emergency there are to sky wings fighting outside"Said Ruby rushing

"Bye Mommy"Said Cliff Happily

Then Cliff forgot all about the voice.When I see mommy later I need to tell her about the scavengers.

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