Wings Of Fire Cliffs Mystery Adventure

Chapter 2

"Mommy I found you" Said Cliff out of breath

'Yes"said Ruby in a Quiet voice

"I forgot to tell you that there were scavengers in the hallway trying to steal your treasure but I stopped them."Said Cliff proudly

"Oh Mommy do you think they were here to kill you like they did to Queen Oastis"said Cliff sadly

"No they weren't hear to kill me. Oh yes there is one more thing we are going to have guests over tomorrow Queen Thorn and her daughter Sunny
They are Sandwings"Said Ruby kindly

"I will make them a welcome card"said Cliff Happily

"We don't have any stuff to make cards"Said Ruby confused

"Then do you have some scavenger heads not body's just the heads"Cliff asked

"No we don't now off to bed"said Ruby Questioning her son

Then in bed cliff had a dream grandma was in it we were in the palace mommy was there to. It was like grandma was trying to tell me a message.
She has a bunch of dreamvisitors but she is dead she use them when she's dead. She said that I need to bring it to her and bring her back I didn't know what that means I will when I'm 3 it's a good thing I'm turning 3 in two days. Now I better tell grandma I have to leave the dream.

"Mommy I'm awake"Cliff Said loudly

Ruby came into cliffs room

"Yes cliff it's still dark out"Ruby said tieredly

"No it's not it's as bright as the sun and your eyes are closed"said Cliff Happily

"Mommy want to hear about my dream"Cliff asked

"Sure"said Ruby

"Ok so I was in a dream you and me and grandma were there and then grandma was about to kill you unless I gave her what she wants she wants it to bring her back"cliff explained
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