Wings Of Fire Cliffs Mystery Adventure

Chapter 3

"Maybe she used a dreamvisitor no, she can't she's dead." Ruby contemplated.

"Mommy there are yellow dragons coming in the palace right now." Cliff informed.

"They're here, but the breakfast isn't done." Ruby rushed.

"Hello is anyone hear?" Queen Thorn yelled.

"Yes we're coming"Yelled Ruby

"Hello this is my daughter sunny and I'm Queen Thorn"Said Queen Thorn

"Please sit down breakfast will be out in a minute"Said Ruby kindly

"Oh Mommy I forgot to tell you about the voice I keep hearing the voice Is coming from Grandma"explained cliff

"What!"yelled Ruby

"That explains your dreams"said Ruby

"I can help find where the voice is coming from"Said Sunny kindly

"Ok thank you sunny"said Cliff

"Come on I'll show you where I heard the voice"shoulder Cliff

Cliff took sunny to the hallway where he heard the voice

"So what happened when you heard the voice"Sunny asked

"The windows and doors were opening and closing over and over again"

"Ok we'll wait here till you hear the voice again"sunny said

They have been waiting for hours still nothing

"Wait Sunny I hear it again "said cliff

The doors and windows were opening and closing over and over again

"I don't hear it"said Sunny confused

"Only you can hear it my dear grandson"whispered Scarlet's ( Grandma) voice

"The voice said only I can hear it"said Cliff

"That explains a lot"said Sunny

"Do you think you can tell the voice to stop"sunny asked

"I can try"said Cliff

"Hello voice can you please stop talk to me"cliff asked the voice

"No"The voice screamed

"There was a ring fire around cliff and sunny.

"What are we going to do"Cliff Asked

"We could always run through the fire but that wouldn't be safe"said Sunny

"Ok"said Cliff confused

As Cliff ran through the fire when he got to the other side of the fire his left wing was burned

"Ow"said Cliff in pain

"Are you ok"asked Sunny

"I burned my wing"said Cliff sadly

"Quick go get your Mom"asked Sunny

"Ok"said Cliff

Cliff ran to find Ruby

"Mommy HELP!"yelled cliff

Ruby came flying

"What do you need "Ruby asked

"Sunny is traped in fire"said Cliff fastly

Cliff brought Ruby over to sunny then Ruby got sunny out of the fire quickly

"Are you ok"asked Ruby

"Yes it's just my leg that's burned"said Sunny in pain

"Let me get you something for your leg"said Ruby

"Thank you"said Sunny nicely

"Mommy I burned my wing to"said Cliff

"Oh no come on let me help you "said Ruby

"How did the fire get there"Ruby asked

"I asked the voice to stop and it screamed no and put fire around us"explained cliff

After a little while cliff was sitting alone in the hallway then he saw another dragon the dragon said come with me

So cliff followed the dragon.

"Where are we going"ask cliff

"Who are you"asked cliff

"Why are you wearing a creepy cape"cliff asked

The dragon wouldn't answer

The dragon took cliff to a place in the palace cliff has never been before, it was a tunnel under the palace.

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