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Lilith // Fred Weasley


e·phem·er·al /əˈfem(ə)rəl/ lasting for a very short time. In which Lilith rosier finds herself infatuated with Fred Weasley. • Fred & George are only 1 year older than the trio and Lilith because it's best for the plot. • There will be mature themes such as smut, drinking, drugs, and curse words, suicidal tendencies, mental illnesses and self harm. • I do not own the Harry Potter universe, all rights go to JK rowling other than some of my original characters.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

Lilith-September 1st 1991

The Hogwarts express smelled like shit was the first thing that came to Lilith's head as she stepped foot onto the dusty train. It was musty, and sort of had a tinge of cat piss. Granted, it was hundreds of years old and probably was never cleaned before.

With one foot in front of the other Lilith desperately looked for an empty apartment. No way was she going to get caught sitting with muggle-born, or blood traitors. Maybe she would be able to find her cousins Draco and Iris. Iris was 3 months older than Lilith, born in March of 1980 to Rabastan Lestrange and his ex wife Andromeda Black before she left him for a muggle born. Iris refuses to talk about her mother, she calls her a filthy blood traitor. It disgusted Lilith that such a disgusting thing would happen to the Lestrange Family. Draco Malfoy was born in June of 1980 to Lucious Malfoy and Narcissa Black, and was often described as rude as Lilith. It was no surprise that the cousins were so close, both being spitfires.


Lilith was pulled from her thoughts by Iris, who opened the door and called for her to come sit.

"thank merlin I found you, I was beginning to worry I would have to sit with some blood traitors like the Weasley's."

Draco snorted. "You'd be in big trouble if I found you with a Weasley. I hear Percy Weasley is head boy this year, isn't that disgusting?"

In the Rosier, Malfoy and Lestrange family the Weasleys are dirt on the bottom of their perfectly polished shoes. Growing up Lilith was told stories about how they went against the sacred twenty eight, and didn't believe in blood status and thought muggle-born shared the same magic in our blood. It was an insult really, Lilith knew her blood was clean and would sparkle if spilled.

A comfortable silence filled the carriage as the train chugged along the tracks. "Come on let's get changed while we can, I want a head start to the boats." spoke up Iris.



The hat barely touched Lilith's head only muttering a few words about being cunning, and loyal. Lilith grinned so hard she was sure her lips would chap. Running off the roaring crowd of her fellow house she was immediately greeted by her cousins.

"I'm Lucile" spoke up a tan girl. She was beautiful, with short brown hair and dark brown eyes. Lilith was stricken by her beauty, her face seemed to be utterly flawless, although her hair was messy and untamed of brown waves. "My last names Carrow. Pleased to finally meet the infamous Rosier. Your father is one of-" her voice fell to a whisper "-the dark lords most loyal followers. So is mine."

Lilith was shocked she'd say such a thing in front of her fellow classmates but none of them seemed fazed. She grinned at the girl. "I think we're going to be best friends if you keep up that loud mouth of yours. I've always wanted a friend who can speak her mind."

Lucile grinned back equally as big, "You know, I agree. This is Pansy Parkinson." Lilith hadn't even realized the dark haired girl sitting beside Lucine. She wasn't as gorgeous as Lucine, with a small nose and lips far too big for her face but her hair was glossy, and perfectly straight. Lilith noticed small freckles littered across her face, adorned with the most beautiful eyes she'd ever seen.

"Hello Pansy I'm Lilith. Pleased to meet you"


By the end of the night back in the common room, Lilith made a total of 3 friends, 2 more including her cousins. Theodore Nott was the most attractive boy Lilith had ever seen, olive skin and high cheekbones, with big brown eyes that reminded Lilith of brown quartz. She decided no matter what she was going to marry that boy. Okay maybe not marry but eat least have him as her first kiss. He was witty, and warm with a bit of a pep in his step and a snark in his tone. Lilith found a great liking to Pansy and Lucine, whom she shared a room with as well as Iris.

And so, Draco, Pansy, Iris, Lucile, Theo and Lilith became best of friends that year and for many years to come.

But that didn't mean they would always have each others backs.
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