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Truth Or Dare // Drarry


In which Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy unravel their complicated relationship for one another in a house game of truth or dare.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

Harry Potter was widely known as the boy who lived.

He never knew the world would figure it out, that in fact he was gay. Rita Skeeter even came out with an article "Boy who Lived, Gay?" It was rather shocking to the wizard world. He had expected that their would be shock, but what Harry didn't expect was year 6, the ultimate house rival game of truth or dare held in the room of requirement.

Harry sat across from Draco malfoy, the room of requirement littered with students. Seamus and his boyfriend Theodore Nott, spread the word about the houses coming together and starting a game of truth or dare. It was something to take their minds off the upcoming war that the children wanted no part of. The room was now decorated as a common room, couches spaced around the room to create a large floor in the middle. The house banners hung from the ceiling, the room was lit by lanterns and lights.

Harry's eyes landed on the alcohol that was on a table in the corner, a few students already had their cups filled. He couldn't help but feel that maybe he indeed also need a cup. Shuffling a bit, he stood and went over to the table, he poured himself a large cup of whisky. Sniffing it slightly, he scowled but took a sip anyway.

"Bloody fuck that's gross." He mumbled and walked back to Ron and Hermione,

Of course, Harry didn't expect any of the Slytherins to show up. Nonetheless Draco. He was shocked when the brooding boy walked into the room, along with his posy of Pansy, Blaise, Goyle and Crabbe. He scoffed and rolled his eyes, but his heart fluttered when they landed on Draco. Of course Harry would never admit how truly fucked he was, for crushing on the git. A git who happened to be straight.

"Alright everyone! Shut the fuck up!" Seamus stood on the table in the corner, and Harry looked at him. He was currently wedged between Ron and Hermione. A wicked smile played on Seamus's lips and Theodore was gleaming at the crowd.

Almost all of the 6th years showed, not quiet but almost. Around 25 students littered the large room, all cornered with their houses. Harry watched the Slytherins as they conversed on the green couch, glaring at Draco.

"Tonight, and for the next while, we play the ultimate game of truth or dare!" Seamus cheered happily and Harry rolled his eyes. Bloody Seamus. A few students cheered and Ron snorted.

"The rules? There are none-" Seamus gleamed with a smirk on his face "-it can be as dirty, cruel and sexual as we want. Just no death." He finished.

"Actually-" his boyfriend piped up "-there is one rule." Groans left the lips of some students and Harry let out a small chuckle at the horny students.

"-you can't ask anyone from your own house."

"Oh bloody hell." Ron spit beside Harry, a groan leaving his lips. Harry's eyes darted to Draco, who was already glaring at him. His heart sped up just a bit as he took in his glorious appearance.

"First house up, Hufflepuff! Give us your best shot." Seamus jumped down from the table, and sat beside Theodore who took his hand fondly.

The Hufflepuff's were unsure of who should go first, but finally the quiet voice of Susan Bones spoke up, "Hermione, truth or dare?"

Harry let out a barking laugh, he couldn't help it. Before the game began, Hermione was whining about how nobody would surely ask her. Hermione's cheeks turned a light shade of pink,


"Oh come on!!" Seamus called with a laugh, "-pussy" he muttered. Hermione flushed deeper, as Susan pursed her lips.

"Alright...have you and Ron snogged?"

Oh this was good. Really good. Hermione let out a horrified gasp, "oh" Harry nudged Ron a bit, knowing damn well they hadn't but that they both wanted too.

From across the room, Theodore spoke up "you have to answer or do a dare Granger."

Hermione sat silently for a moment before muttering a quiet "no" and the room let out a chorus of ooooo's. Harry wasn't shocked, and Hermione cleared her throat. Her eyes darted around the room, before mischievously landing on Draco.

"Draco" she began, her voice picking up an octave. "Truth or dare?"

Draco raised his eyebrows at her, muttering a quick something to Crabbe who let out a laugh. Harry pondered over what the boy could of said, probably an insult to Hermione. "Dare"

"Hmm-" Hermione picked at her fingers a bit, eyes now landing on Pansy. Pansy was sitting beside Draco, legs dangled over his thighs. She was twirling her hair, looking rather bored. Her eyes were trained on Hermione.

"I dare you to make out with Pansy."

Harry instantly felt jealousy. He cursed himself for feeling that way towards bloody fucking Malfoy and almost yanked Hermione's hair for even suggesting Draco do such a thing. His jealousy grew even further as Draco turned towards Pansy, grabbed her chin, and pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

The tips of his ears turned red, but he couldn't take his eyes off the couple. It burned fury inside of him. Finally, Draco pulled away and Pansy had a disgusted look on her face. He watched as Draco's grey eyes wondered over the room before landing on Harry, his scowl turning into a grin.

"Harry" he began, and Harry's heart sunk. This was not going to be good. "Truth or dare?"

Harry couldn't chose, no matter what he said or did he had to do one of them. Which one would be worse? Probably dare, but he didn't want to seem like a coward for saying truth.

"Dare" he bravely spoke, challenging the Slytherin. A coy smirk played on Draco's lips, pink tongue farting out and wetting his lips.

"I dare you to strip" oh bloody fuck. Bloody fucking fuck. From beside him, Ron let out an annoying laugh and Harry pulled his hair to get him to shut up. Harry couldn't possibly strip, no fucking way.

"Awe come on Harry give us a show!" Dean called from beside Seamus and Harry scowled at the dark boy. He wondered if he could possibly turn it to truth.

"Can I do truth instead?"

"Potter for fuck sakes..." Draco began, "can he do that?" He turned his attention to Theodore who just shrugged.

"Fuck fine," Draco sighed, running a hand through his hair. He leaned forward and placed his elbows on his knees and stared at Harry. Harry could feel his pink face, and uncomfortably shifted under the blondes intense stare.

"Is it true you're gay, Potter?"

What a stupid question. "Yes" Harry instantly replied.

Hermione let out a small giggle from beside him, Harry couldn't help but smile too and send a wink to Seamus who was clapping his hands,

"Right let's move on." Harry cleared his throat. He wondered who he should ask next, his green eyes running around the room. They finally landed on a fellow Ravenclaw, one Parvarti had a crush on and an idea ran to his head.

"Jacob!" He called to the Ravenclaw who's eyebrows shot up. "Truth or dare?"

"Erm-" the Ravenclaw shuffled on his feet, "dare because I don't want to be a pussy like you potter." He smiled teasingly at Harry and Harry began,

"I dare you to do seven minutes in heaven with Pavarti" a chorus of ooos floated around the room again and Harry sat back, taking a sip from his drink.

Feeling brave, he chugged back the whisky and it instantly filled again. He watched as Jacob strutted towards the girl and pulled her towards a closet in the corner.

By the end of the night, half the students were in undergarments, Hermione kissed Ron, several students had done seven minutes in heaven, and Harry found out a Slytherin was gay. The body of students were drunk, very drunk, over half had already turned in for the night.

It was finally Pansy's turn and she was gleaming at Harry. With a wink she asked, "Harry, truth or dare? Since this is our last one we might as well ask the chosen one ya?"

Harry scoffed at the raven haired girl, hiccuping. "Dare!" He called to her, leaning forward. Hermione and Ron had retired for the night, leaving Harry by his lonesome. He was far too into the game to leave now. With only ten or so students left, he was feeling brave.

"I dare you to make out with Draco."

Oh my Merlin..

Harry couldn't even register his body standing up and the fuck no's leaving Draco's lips. He didn't care, he wanted to kiss Malfoy. "No!" Draco was calling as Harry stood in front of the Slytherin.

"Awe come on dragon" he cooed, "scared, Malfoy?" He teased. Draco scoffed and shifted uncomfortably.

"Come on Drac." Pansy teased from beside him.

Feeling brave, Harry pulled on Draco's tie. Draco stood, forcing himself up. He towered over the raven haired boy a bit, eyes glaring down at him. Harry tilted his head up, feeling the effects of the alcohol in his system. "Come on already! I'm tired!" Seamus called from the side and Draco flipped him off.

Harry's heart was pounding inside his chest, as he leaned up on his toes and kissed the side of Draco's mouth. Draco jerked back instantly, sputtering. "Don't make me!" He pleaded and Pansy only laughed.

"Pussy" Harry shrugged and stepped back. Instantly Draco's face turned red. With a growl, he yanked on Harry collar and pulled his lips to his.

Instantly, Harry melted into it. Draco's lips were hard, wet, and angry. He tried to keep up with the fast pace, teeth clashing against his. His heart was beating a mile a minute, but Merlin did he feel good. Steading himself, he placed his hands on Draco's hard chest and turned his head further to the side.

It was over a before it even started and Harry actually whined when Draco pulled away. Disgusted, Draco wiped his mouth. "Fuck" he cursed.

Harry took a step back; realizing everyone just saw him make out with Draco and like it. His face was hot, pants uncomfortably tight.

"Well, that's all folks!" Seamus cleared his throat and Harry watched as Draco growled and left the room. He was storming off, and slammed the large door.

"That was brilliant," Pansy slapped Harry on the shoulder and strutted out with a wink.

"Next Friday everyone! Tell your friends!" Theodore giggled and kissed Seamus on the lips.

When Harry retired to his room that night, his hand found his erection. He jerked himself off to the kiss, embarrassed by just his turned on he was by bloody Draco Malfoy.
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