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Truth Or Dare // Drarry

Chapter Two

The entire week, Harry couldn't stop thinking about bloody Draco and that kiss. He cursed the blonde boys name, despite how much he hoped that maybe this week he'd get the same opportunity. Kissing Draco, was unlike anything he'd ever felt before. He anticipated that weeks game, bouncing his leg up and down in class, fidgeting, chewing his lips.

On Friday evening, harry stood in front of the mirror wearing a black jumper and blue jeans. He thought about wearing his school uniform so Draco could tug on his tie, but decided against it. This was a casual outing after all. Making his way to the room of requirement with Ron and Hermione who had absolutely no clue about his kiss with Draco, he finally blurted it out,

"I kissed Draco!" He embarrassingly said and Hermione stopped and laughed.

"Nice one Harry" Ron chuckled, slapping his back.

"No really." Harry stomped his foot, wanting his friends to understand how he felt. Hermione's face formed into a smirk, and Ron's mouth fell open.

"Well finally." Hermione mused. Ron stared at the two of them, before letting out a barking laugh.

"I knew it! But it's Malfoy we're talking about here. I mean come on, Dean would be better don't ya think?"

Harry's cheeks turned red, his best friends were always supportive of him. He had no clue why he had been so nervous to say anything at all. This was Ron and Hermione, they'd never judge or hurt Harry.

"Let's just go" he muttered, embarrassed by their laughter and teasing.

The room of requirement was decorated the same as before, and Harry immediately made his way to the drinks. Pouring himself a heavy cup of whisky, he gulped it back.

"Charming, potter." The cold voice of Draco said from behind him. Harry spun on his heel, his cheeks warm from the alcohol running through his veins.

"Oh-erm-Ya." He said awkwardly, holding the bottle and pouring himself another. He knew he should slow down, but Merlin he needed to drink if he was going to kiss Draco again.

"Do you think they're going to make me kiss you again?" Draco scoffed, shuddering in disgust. Harry felt his heart drop, he was hoping Draco felt the same as him. Of course, this was Draco they were talking about.

"Um-no. I hope not." Harry lied, taking a sip of the whisky again. It burned the back of his throat slightly, an embarrassing cough coming from his throat.

"If they do, I'm not doing it." Draco spit, "it was bloody disgusting. Don't you know how to kiss, Potter?"

Harry burned with embarrassment, of course he knew how to kiss. He kissed plenty of boys, all of whom seemed to enjoy it. He scoffed, "fuck off Malfoy."

Harry shoved past his crush, walking towards his mates and glaring at Seamus for even starting this bloody game. All Harry wanted to do now was leave and go back to his dorm. Sitting down with a huff, he chugged back his whisky again.

"Slow down mate." Ron whispered to him but Harry ignored him. He needed to drink. Draco hurt his feelings, Harry was a bloody good kisser and he knew it.

"Right everyone! Shut up. New rule!" Theodore called from the couch, standing up. "The new rule is sex this week! Everything is sexual. If you refuse, you strip. If you have an issue, get the fuck out!" He pointed towards the door.

Immediately Harry stood, but Hermione grabbed his hand and pulled his back down. "Oh no you don't." She laughed. Fuck.

"I'll go first since I'm the game master." Theo said cockily. Harry rolled his eyes at the Slytherin, but paid attention to him anyways.

"Right. Neville!" Theodore addressed the innocent Gryffindor, and everyone snorted. Harry felt bad for the poor boy.

"Truth or dare?" Theo said teasingly, Nevilles cheeks turned red but surprisingly to everyone, asked for a date.

"Atta boy!" Seamus called with a wolf whistle. Harry chuckled, wondering what the bloody hell Theo could possibly date Neville.

"I dare you to kiss Luna!"

Several dares later, Harry had yet to be asked. Hermione and Ron already did seven minutes in heaven, Pavarti gave Jacob head in front of everyone , and Pansy had to kiss a Ravenclaw boy.
Finally, Pansy was gleaming at Harry. Several students had done body shots, lots of making out, and plenty of students had revealed their sex lives.

"Potter-" she began with a mischievous smile, this was it Harry thought. This was his opportunity. He cleared his throat, 4 drinks deep and drunk.

"I'll do dare" he smiled confidently, wanting to kiss Draco again. He couldn't stop staring at the Slytherin who was shirtless, because he refused to kiss Hermione. He called her a mud-blood and got yelled at it, but nonetheless Harry still wanted to kiss him.

"I dare you to do seven minutes in heaven with Drac" Pansy laughed and Harry's heart sped up. This was his moment. Harry stood without a second thought, feeling a bit dizzy, and approached Draco who's mouth was wide open.

"Cant you strip, Potter?" Draco spit, it bugged Harry a bit that Draco still called his bloody Potter but he wasn't going to complain now.

"No. Let's go. Come on." Harry guided Draco to the closet, who fussed the entire way their. A couple students teased them, but Harry ignored them.

Stepping into the stuffy closet, Harry felt so much excitement he was worried he would burst. Draco slammed the door shut and leaned back against the wood with a sigh.

"I'm not kissing you."

"Why not?" Harry pouted. If he was sober he would of been embarrassed but couldn't find himself at all. He was too drunk. Maybe tipsy. Maybe too drunk..

"Don't tell me you want too?" The Slytherin laughed, mocking him. Okay now Harry was embarrassed.

"Erm-no. Gross." Harry lied and sat on the floor. He hiccuped a bit and Draco stared at him. They had eye contact for a few moments before Draco sat in front of him. Their legs were intertwined in the small space, feet against the wall.

"We have five more minutes." Draco whispered suddenly, "you're a terrible kisser. Let's talk about that."

"I am not a terrible kisser." Harry argued, "plenty of boys think I'm quiet good."

"Plenty?" Draco was shocked, he raised his brows and leaned forward a bit. Crossing his legs, and placing his elbows on his knees. Harry followed the same position so he could feel his hot breath on his face.

Peppermint. His breath smelt like peppermint. Oh Merlin, peppermint was Harry's favourite. "Yes. Let me show you?" Harry said boldly.

The tension grew thick, Harry's eyes fluttering to Draco's chest. His defined abs were clenched in the sitting position and Harry almost began drooling at the sight.

"I bet you won't." Draco dared back. His breath fanning on Harry's face, he felt intoxicated by the scent.

Harry boldly leaned forward to kiss him, but Draco jumped back a bit. He stood suddenly and Harry followed. "I will" he challenged and Draco's cheeks turned red.

Harry leaned in, placing a hand on his defined chest and softly stroking. Draco's eyelids fluttered a bit, his head falling back against the wall as Harry traced the outline of his nipple.

Finally, Harry grabbed the back of his neck and brought his lips to Draco's. Fireworks exploded in his stomach, fiercely kissing him. Warm lips met one another's, groans leaving Draco's lips. Harry relished in the sound, and palmed Draco over his pants so he could hear it again.

Draco spun, and pinned Harry to the wall. He pulled away, panting, staring at Harry in awe before leaning in again and kissing him again. With hands running all over his body, Harry melted. He never wanted the moment to end, he felt complete bliss in the boys arms.

Draco suddenly leapt back, "we-I'm not gay." He panted.

Harry ran a hand through his hair, panting and feeling hot all over. "No?"

"No absolutely not. I-well. No." Draco stumbled, a hard look on his face. "Besides, I hate you. Potter." Harry's heart fell.

"After all this time? You still hate me?" He whispered quietly, shuffling on his feet and feeling embarrassed. He was still drunk, but had sobered up quiet a bit from the kiss.

"This can never happen again." Draco seethed at him.

Before Harry could reply, there was a knock on the door, "seven minutes boys. Come on out!" Seamus called.

"Draco-" Harry began but the door swung open and all he said was,


And Harry was left alone in the closet. Heart on the floor and stomped on.
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