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The Difficulties of Love


Though love can be hard, this couple wants to be happy. Together. Chapters are gonna be hella short..

Dala Martinez
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The Beggining of The Story.

Love. A four letter word. This small word can mean grand things. It can bring out the worst in society, or the best. This love story, is a true love story. A book with pain and happiness. Further ado the love story of Jimin and Jungkook.

Jungkook grew up knowing everybody, in every place. You can say he had connections, friends. He knew that him being friends meant a whole less trouble for him, cause if everyone knew he was their trusted friend, he would get everyone secrets and wouldn’t be on anyones bad side. Though through living like this and having everyone be friends and not choosing sides, he ended up not choosing anyone to be closets with, which meant he had nobody to rely on.

Jimin you could say was the exact opposite but in some ways the same. He didn’t really communicate with anyone, didn’t have any friends. Only went to school cause it was forced, only talked when he was asked, nobody really knew anything about him. Nobody wanted to. Jimin had so much personality, but not the need to show it.

This barrier between the two came crashing down as one day when Jungkook was opening the school door he managed to hit Jimin hard enough for him to fall down on his butt.

“The fuck?” Jimin said just as he feel down, wondering who the ass was.

“Yo, I’m sorry man! I didn’t see you through the door” Jungkook rushed when he he head Jimin.

Once Jimin looked up to see who the person was, Jeon Jungkook. Aka the most popular guy in the small city.

“Hello? Are you okay? I hope I didn’t knock you down that hard.” Jungkook had told the Jimin worringly.

“Yeah, no. Im okay, but I’ve got to get to my home, just be careful not to hit anyone else.”
Jimin said rushingly, not wanting Jungkook to worry or possibly create a bigger problem.

Before Jimin could manage to get up and start walking, “Wait if you want I could drive you home, or maybe know your name?” Jungkook asked sweetly.

“Well my name is Jimin, Park Jimin. Also you can pay me back another time right now I just wanna go home. You still owe me though.” Jimin had said gaining confidence out of nowhere.

“Yeah! I’ll just ask you when I can cash in what I owe you.” Jungkook said telling Jimin.

Once Jimin and Jungkook got to their own homes, they couldn’t stop thinking about the other. This was weird for them. Jungkook never had anyone stay in his mind for a whole day. Jimin soft lips, honey voice, sharp eyes, and his addicting personality, couldn’t get out of his mind. While Jimin couldn’t get Jungkook out of his mind, Jeon Jungkook why did he talk to Jimin, the most perfect guy ever. Perfect hairstyle, perfect voice, perfect arms, perfect legs, just everything was perfect about Jungkook. Jimin and Jungkook knew that this feeling, was something different, but curious on what it could become.

A long life friendship, or something else?

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