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The Difficulties of Love

What is This?

It was a weird day. First thing was, Jimin and Jungkook both were at the school early, then they seemed to be going to the same place: the music room. This has never happened as Jimin has only seen Jungkook around school but not personally, while Jungkook never seen Jimin around at all til yesterday.

“So are you just gonna keep following me, Jungkook?” Jimin asked getting tired of Jungkook who was seemingly following him.

“What! No, I’m not following you. I’m trying to go to the music room!” Jungkook said in a innocent voice because he really wasn't trying to follow Jimin.

“What are you gonna do in there?” Jimin asked in a suspicious voice, since this has been what he has done for the past 3 years and has never ever seen Jungkook here.

“I play guitar and sing. Before you say anything though, I usually come after school but I woke up early today, so.” Jungkook said as if he read every detail of what Jimin was thinking.
“Oh..me too, but I play piano instead.” Jimin said shocked that their hobbies were sorta similar.

Jimin opened the door to the music room they had, which was a bit bigger then other schools because of how much they focused on the artistic aide of students. Without saying anything the they each sat down with their instruments, Jimin at the piano while Jungkook had a guitar across the room on a stool, and started playing their own thing. This was until they both realized that they were playing the same song, ‘Youth’ By Troye Sivan. Jungkook started singing the first line slowly. Though it was short, Jimin was mesmerized.

Soon after Jimin sang the line after,

"What if,

What if we left today?”

Jungkook was addicted to Jimins sweet honey voice.

After the first lines they started adding in their instruments while singing. Soon they sang together with the instruments.

"My youth,

my youth.

My youth is yours. "

They sang looking into each-others eyes, subconsciously longing for something more, something neither of the two knew. The song ended beautifully and both boys knew it.

“Since when could you sing so fucking good?” Jungkook asked while running up to Jimin at the piano.

“Dude, I could be asking you the same thing!” Jimin exclaimed, actually surprised Jungkook hid a secret from his friends.

For a second while the two were talking it felt like the two were childhood friends. They felt a connection that both chose to ignore.

After a ten minute conversation of sharing their love of music and Jungkook finding out Jimin loves dance too, they both parted ways to their own class. Both boys leaving with the thought,

“What is this?”

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