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My secret


My secret is a story about the obstacles that come in the relationship of Y/n and tom riddle and her secrets that she keeps from every one.

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Cedar wood

Smut warning

I was walking to my common room when someone tap me on my shoulder. I turned around and I saw Cedric. "Hey babe!" I said hugging him.

"How's my little Slytherin?"Cedric said hugging me back.

"I'm good, how are you?" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm a little stressed I just had a perfect meeting" he said tucking my hair back behind my ear.

"Well want to come back to my dorm?" I said touching his hair.

"Yes I would love to!" He replied, whilst talking my hand and leading me to the Slytherin's common room "I'm not listening" Cedric said giggling

"Ok." I said laughing with him. As we came up on the common room door, I mumbled the password. As it opened I lead him up the stairs to my dorm. I had my own dorm because one of my parents are tied up really well with the school. I opened my dorm door and pushed Cedric on my bed. As I climbed on top of him "what are you doing" Cedric asked confused.

"I want to make out you know relieve that stress you have" I said winking. He kissed me passionately I started to unbutton his shirt.

"Hey, you said we were just going to make out, not have sex." Cedric said rolling his hand down my back.

"Why do you care? Do you not want to?" I said with my puppy eyes.

"What? Of course I want to, but not right now. We're moving too fast we started dating a month ago and you haven't met my parents and I never met your parents either." Cedric explained. I got off his lap and sat on my bed.

"What, now you don't want to make out?" Cedric said annoyed.

"You and me both know that it will end up us having sex if we make out in here." i said to Cedric making him more annoyed.

" I think I can handle myself " Cedric said giggling.

"I doubt you can I mean look at me" I said giggling with him.

" I mean, you are stunning" Cedric said.

"ok now your being to cheesy" I said giggling.

"What I'm not allowed to be cheesy?" Cedric said looking at me very serious.

"Nope not when I'm trying to turn you on" I said touching his abs.

"Well I'm going to go because soon you're going to succeed at turning me on and I can't have that" Cedric said lifting himself up from my bed.

"Oh your not going yet" I said while grabbing his wrist and pulling him close to me, kissing him on the lips, very passionately. He kissed back I soon back up to the bed and he did to I laid on it and he hovered over me while I was taking my shirt off. I saw him look at my chest he smiled. I lifted his chin making him look at my face "my eyes are up here" I said giggling.

"Oh I know" Cedric said. He started to kiss my neck I let out a little moan.

Then I realized someone was knocking on my door. "Stop" I whispered.

" Why did I hurt you" Cedric said with a worried look on his face.

"No someone knocking on the door" I said he quickly got off of me and grab his shirt and started to button it back up. I grabbed my shirt off the ground and put it on as I did someone opened the door. It was Draco and Sheila " Draco I could have been changing" I yelled at him.

" well I got annoyed by this little Hufflepuff knocking on your door so I opened it up for her" Draco said looking around my room. "Oh I see why you didn't open the door you were fucking Cedric" Draco said smiling about calling me out.

"Well that's not your damn business Draco so go away" I said giving him a glare, trying to hide my obvious embarrassment. He gave me a wink before walking away.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt you guys" Sheila said looking nervous.

"It's fine Sheila but what did you need" I said in a calm voice.

"I was going to ask if you wanted to study in the library" she said looking down at her feet.

"Sure but how did you get in here?" I asked.

"Oh Um Crabbe let me in" she responded with a nervous look.

"Okay" I said while I walked out of my dorm with Sheila and Cedric followed. Cedric held my hand and Shelia walked beside me. I walked Cedric back to the Hufflepuff common room. Shelia grabbed her books and we walked to the library as we sat down at the back of library. We started to study but sometimes we get distracted by funny things we did.

We kept getting shushed by the librarian because we were laughing so hard. Soon after we got kicked out. We went back to our common rooms a little pissed. I walked in my common room every one sitting on the couches. I looked at everyone not seeing Tom riddle but I thought nothing of it because he usually didn't hang out in the common room he usually was in the library or in his dorm. I walk up the stairs to my dorm I opened my door and walked in. Right when I walked in the room I smelt a strong smell of cedar wood cologne I was confused why I smelt that because only Cedric been in here and he does not smell like cedar wood. I looked around a little nervous I saw no one so I decided to take a shower I grab my shower robe and went in to my bathroom and got undressed and turn the water on I waited for it to become the perfect temperature.

I hopped in the shower i garb my loofah off the shower rack I grab my vanilla bean soap and put some on the loofah I put it on my body scrubbing slowly when I was done I wash the soap off the loofah then off me I put my mint shampoo in my hair as I did I felt something on my back I jumped. I instantly turned around to see the one and only Tom riddle "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN HERE"I shouted.

He smiled "I'm here to do something little old Cedric could not do" He said touching my hips.

"and what is that Mr.Riddle" I said moving his hand up to my waist.

"This" he said as he lifted me up around his waist and he slammed me against the shower wall while he was kissing my neck I moaned as he was sucking hard on my neck I knew there were going to be lots of hickeys after we're done.

As Tom went down on me I could feel my body shaking form the pleasure. I did not even think about Cedric i was to caught up on how he was really good at this. The only place Cedric kissed me was my neck and my lips.

"Cum for me you little slut" Tom said while stopping and lifting himself off the ground.

"Your such a tease" I said while putting my body close to his.

"Am I now" he said looking me up and down.

"Yes you are now get back to work" I said waiting for him to grabbed me by throat and telling me not to tell me what to do but sadly he didn't.

"No I have something else in mind" he said while pushing his hard dick close to my stomach.

"Oh what do you have in mind" I said while winking.

"I think you know what I have in mind" he said while smiling he lifted me up my back being supported by the shower wall. He slid his hard dick in me I moaned loudly not expecting him to do that then he started pounding into me hard. I arch my back and I threw my head back moaning loudly Tom covered my mouth I felt the water get cold as body was submerged in it I reached for the knob but Tom stop me and grabbed my wrists and held them above my head while uncovering my mouth

"Play-ing ro-ugh I see" I said stopping in the middle of my words to take breaths.

"Yeah you like that you little slut" he said speeding his paced up I moaned.

"Ye-ah I d-do" I said letting him calling me a little slut I really liked it. He kissed me roughly I kissed him back I felt him touch my hair and pull it I threw my head back and he kissed my neck. I was moaning loudly as I had a orgasm so did Tom I felt him climax into me he slowed his paced and and stopped take himself out of me. He let me out of his grasp I finally turned the water hotter so I can finish showering at this point my shampoo was out so I put my conditioner in when I did I felt Tom's hands in my hair massaging my head then his hands moved down to my neck he grabbed my neck and chocked me he made me look at him.

Me and him kissed aggressively. When we stopped I wash my mint conditioner out of my hair. I turned off the water while me and Tom got out of the shower. I grabbed my towel and dried me off I gave Tom a extra towel I had he took it from my hands and wrapped it around his waist.

He whispered in my ear "I had fun with my little slut"

"I bet you did" I said whispering back to him. I grabbed my robe and put it on I walked out of the bathroom Tom followed me I got dressed into a Corp top green shirt, a cute lace green bra, green laced underwear, and little black shorts that had my ass hanging out. I laid in my bed with Tom arm around my shoulder with my head on his chest he was shirtless and he had grey sweatpants on. He started to play with my hair "haven't you done that enough today" I said looking up at him.

"What I like your soft hair" he said looking at me in the eyes.

"You never felt my hair dry" I giggled he giggled with me.

"Nope I have not maybe in the morning" he said kissing me on the forehead. My heart fluttered at the thought of him being there right when I wake up. As I slowly fell asleep on his chest.
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