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Dixie Malfoy (Draco Malfoys twin) is going to Hogwarts for her fifth year. Along with the challenge of avoiding her boyfriend, she has to deal with a baby that is growing in her.. She meets many people and makes a lot of friends, along with enemy's. She takes on a lot of challenges while having fun with the Weasley Twins. She is friends with the Golden trio but has a hard time trying to get closer with them considering they are always with Hagrid or making plans to save the Wizarding World. But that's okay. She has Fred and George.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Year 5 Day 1

Before I start this story I dont mean to hate on the character Adrian Pucey. I just always have seen him as the bad person in stories. Also when they are at Hogwarts they are allowed to wear anything they want as long as its school appropriate. I hope you enjoy the story! ⚠️TW⚠️ mentions of r*pe.
I was August 30th 2003, I was starting my fifth year at Hogwarts and I wasn't looking forward to it. Mainly I wasn't looking forward to seeing Adrian Pucey. We were dating for a year until 2 months ago, my parents, my brother, and I went to a meeting but after the meeting there was a get together at the Pucey's house. When no one was looking Adrian grabbed my arm and pulled me into his bedroom locking the door. He r*ped me and didn't use a c*ndom. My being 15 years old, I wasn't on birth control which either way birth control isn't always 100% effective. I didn't think we would be having sex anytime soon and if I did I would think we would use protection since we are too young. About a month ago, I found out I was pregnant and I still haven't told my parents. Hs forced me to stay with him otherwise he would hurt my brother and friends. I coundent let then get hurt so I decided to stay with him.. I've told my brother, Draco, because I know he is good at keeping secrets. Especially from our parents. He has helped me and is continually checking in on me. Even though I got sorted into Gryffendor, my mother made my father let me stay at the manor. But I am planning on telling them that I am pregnant when I come home for Christmas. And if they kick me out I can just live with with Weasley's. Mrs.Weasley was always super nice to me. She would knit me a sweater every year since 2nd year and she still knits me one to this day. She always treated me like her child and they took me to the Quidditch Cup last year. I am in the same year as Ginny Weasley and she is one of my best friends, along with Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger. I heard about what is happening with Harry and the Ministry of Magic. Harry used magic outside of Hogwarts and him being underage he isn't allowed along with all the witches and wizards under the age of 17. But he saved both his and his cousins life when he could have just ran for it anf left his stupid cousin Dudley to the Dementors. And yet his Aunt and Uncle still treat him like shit even though he saved their sons life even after everything Dudley did. Well anyways, I really wanna learn a new song on the piano.

*you got out your portable piano and looked up the cords to the song Tired. You started to play the cords and you sang the song*

(Imagine it's piano chords)

You haven't been good for so long
Is it the sound of your own thoughts
That always keep you up at night?
Maybe it's time to say goodbye
'Cause I'm getting pretty fucking tired

You haven't felt right for days
Is it the fact that you never say
What comes in your mind that day?
Maybe it's time to shut away
'Cause I've never really felt okay

Cause I've been eating less all day
To give my brain some extra space to think
Bout all the things to do to help
Distracted me from the rude to heart
*end of song*
(I know it's short but it's not a completed song)
Draco: Wow, that wa-
Draco: Sorry Dix
Dixie: It's okay Dray. Are you excited to go back to Hogwarts?
Draco: yeah I guess.
Dixie: I'm nervous
Draco: he won't hurt you, I promise.
Dixie: how can be sure about that?
Dixie: because I'm going to tell your friends to stay with you at all times.
Dixie: so George and Fred? Your actually gonna talk to them?
Draco: if it's to keep you safe then yes.
Dixie: thank you Dray.
Draco: of course Dix
Cissy: Draco, Dixie, it's time to go, we don't want to be late.
Draco: coming mother,
*you and Draco grabbed your trunks and walked down stairs to were you mother and father were*
Lucius: finally, lets go.
*you and Draco both held on to one of your parents, apparating to Kings Cross*
Cissy: I love you two, have fun at school and don't cause any trouble. We well see you two at Christmas most likely.
Dixie: I love you too
Draco: I love you too Mum.
Cissy: okay now go on. The train will be leaving soon.
*you and Draco walked onto the train going to find George and Fred*
Fred: hey Dixie, Malfoy
Draco: I need one of you to stay with my sister at all times.
George: why should we listen to you?
Draco: I dont want to say it with the door wide open.
George: okay then come in and close the door.
*you and Draco walk into the compartment and close the door. Draco pulls out his wand to soundproof the compartment*
Draco: muffliato
Fred: okay so why does one of us have to be with her at all times?
Draco: either you or one of your siblings friends
Fred: Okay but why?
Draco: do you want to tell them?
Dixie: sure. Okay so over the summer I got r*ped and now I'm pregnant. The person who did it goes to Hogwarts.
George/Fred: WHAT?! WHO?!
Dixie: Adrian Pucey
George: I will kill him. Do I need to kill him?
Dravo: no
Dixie: You don't need to, he can't hurt me if I'm with someone. At all times.
Fred: okay, we will keep you safe.
Draco: thank you, I'm gonna go now.
*Draco left and you and the twins were talking about the baby and how far along you were. After went felt like minutes the train arrived at Hogwarts. You and the twins got into your own carriage. You watched the sorting ceremony and ate. You went back to the common room and went to the dormitories. You went to bed getting rest before the first day of school*
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