Romeo and Juliet


ADDILYN ROASE had been in love with Amos Diggory for years yet she was always seen as the second choice, even at the sweethearts ball when they went as dates she couldn't help but break apart when she found him and Lily Evans snogging on the dance floor. I guess the same broken feeling rushed through James Potter as he watched his supposed love kiss another man. Now the two have made a secret pack to lose all feelings for their crushes, and in the process gain feelings for one another.

Romance / Drama
esme <3
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Chapter 1

" love your hair, hate your guts. ”

Addilyn smiled brightly at the Hufflepuff that stood in front of her, the black dress she wore complimented her hair and eyes causing a beautiful clash that made her stand out amongst the gold, pink and blue dresses.

Her gown was unlike the others, she was lucky to get her hands on it due to expense of the dress as it came from a muggle shop. She did warn her parents about the cost before they bought it but of course the house of Roase is a rich house, money isn’t an issue.

Amos Diggory smiled at her as he watched the girl twirl beautifully in her gown, yet she could help but feel as if he was a bit off. Of course Addy’s sisters had told her that Amos had only done this because he felt bad and ‘no boy would ever ask you to the dance’.

Mean sisters, you gotta love them.

“You look wonder, Addilyn.” Diggory smiled as his wavy, dirty blonde hair fell into perfectly with no effort. I mean, who wouldn’t love this boy. He’s kind, hot and fit. Although he does lack in the brain department but hopefully their children will inherit the Slytherins brains.

“Thank you, you look handsome too Amos.” Addy smiled as she looked up towards the boy only to see his eyes off in the distance. In a quick judgement Addilyn checked to see where Amos was looking only to see the beautiful boy snap his head back to the girl.

“Hm, oh ya. Me, handsome, thanks.” He continued to look around hardly paying attention to the girl just like how he had been doing for the the past hour, god she should have just stayed in her dorm and read Macbeth. At least he loved his wife, although she did kill herself.

“Hey, how about you go grab us a drink. I gotta go talk to someone.” Before the snowy haired girl could reply the boy was off in the same direction he was staring leaving the girl to just assume she had to get the drinks.

Sighing lightly to herself, Addilyn picked up part of her dress trying to not trip on the material as she walked out of the crowd. The dress wasn’t that long, it definitely picked up off the floor due to her black heels but safety must always be taken seriously . Especially with an expensive dress such as this.

Escaping the crowd of dancing teenagers, the snowy haired girl looked around a the tables. They were beautiful, although most were empty due to everyone dancing, the red roses with pink and white baby blooms bouquets which sat in the middle of the white table made the basic table cloth seem beautiful.

It was beautiful.

The way the hall was decorated in pink, red, white and silver. Everyone was happy and dancing made the whole place feel euphoric, no one was at the sides crying or acting down making it seem all too perfect. I mean at least one thing had to go wrong, not everyone could be happy, right?

Walking down the middle of the tables, Addilyn Roase found herself at the long buffet table which had the same cloth as the tables did. Many deserts were scattered along with cloth, such as tarts and mini cakes, everything seemed appetizing and edible. Yet, she was on a mission to get the punch.

Of course it had to be spiked, everyone damn well knew one of the marauders would have done that. The red liquid had always been tampered with each year, that’s why it was such a fan favourite of the students along with the fact that teachers never seemed to stop or un tamper the substance.

Scooping the drink up into a clear goblet, Addilyn placed the dreidel back into the punch bowl replacing the hand that once held the silver scooper with one of the clear goblets.

The girl turned on her feet, the black gown spinning with her body as she continued to walk down the quiet path towards the dance floor. The loud music overlapped the sounds of her heels clicking on the stone floor - it was quite mesmerising to see all the different teens bunched together.

No arguing or squabbling, no one cared if you were a slytherin or ravenclaw maybe even a hufflepuff. It seemed as if this one night every single person in this gigantic school decided to pause time and enjoy the moment before the war came crashing down on them, the war that was brewing within the magical community due to Voldemort.

Addilyn was one of those people who tried to get her mind away from the war as she found out through letter that she would be marrying a death eater as her father was one, it was funny you know. How quickly her parents forgot that she was only seventeen and in sixth year, It was funny because they had forgotten how young their little girl was yet they still so badly wanted to ship her off to this random boy so that they could profit out of it.

It was daft how they would rather economic and personal gain over their own daughters well being and love.

The white haired girl clicked back to life as she found herself entering the crowd of teenagers once more, the two goblets of red punch held firmly in her grasp. She didn’t want to drop them, or spill them so she multi-tasked, trying to find the dirty blonde boy whilst trying not to trip.

Trying to peer over the groups and mass amounts of couples that danced she saw the boy she had come to this beautiful dance with, the hufflepuff boy who had been her crush for years. Pushing past the hoards of people she finally reached the boy, yet he wasn’t alone.

Snogging his face off was a ginger little bitch, the fury in the slytherin bubbled to the surface. She had just had her heart broken into a million pieces, the hands which one held the red punch dropped to the floor. This red liquid spilt all around, many couples getting distracted and becoming annoyed by the girls actions yet when they had come to realise her date was in fact snogging another girl... I guess they understood.

Her face felt numb, she wanted to murder him. He had led her on, taken her heart then smashed it into a million pieces for the fun of it. He did this for the fun of it. The brown eyes of the boy met hers as a smirk plastered across his face, he planned this.

The feeling of sadness overwhelmed the girl as the tears started to build up in her eyes, she would soon be crying a river but for now she must get out of there. Crying is a weakness, and god forbid she showed any sign of emotion that may make her seem weak.

Her heels soon found their way off her feet, as she continued running down the dark halls. The moon danced its way into the dark halls giving a sort of light form, making it so she knew where she may be.

Tripping on the last black heel to slip of her feet, she almost fell to the floor only to be saved by her hand grasping the wall. This was when her eyes gave in, the tears pouring out as she clambered her way down this last hallway.

She had only stopped when she found herself on a balcony hundreds off feet of the ground, her body shifting towards the edge of this new place. The night truly was beautiful, how euphoric it felt to be crying under the stars.

It looked like a scene out of a sad fairytale, her dress peacefully fallen around her as she sat down near the end. This balcony must have been made years ago due to the fact that the railing was so low that she could place her arms and head on it as she sat on the floor. That is where she tucked her head away sobbing.

Her arms neatly folded on the stone railing, with the girls head tucked in it letting whimpers and sounds of quiet despair randomly. That was the only thing she focused on, the way her body gave into the crying. How it shook and weeped with her as the thoughts of the two kissing filled her brain. Her sister’s were right, he only wanted to do this to break her heart.

No one would ever care for her, she’s disgusting and ugly. They were right, they were all fucking right. All the name calling when she was a child, telling her how she looked like a pig and should stop eating. They were all right. She didn’t deserve to live, not in this world at least.

In an act of despair the girl picked herself up, quickly taking a step up onto the railing. She looked around with her blurred vision, the tears still flooding out of her eyes. She couldn’t do this anymore, she didn’t want to do this anymore.

“Good Bye.”

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