A group of teens at hogwarts in there 6th year (Mia, Mixin, Melody, Lila, Draco, Blaise, Marcus) faced with the problems of life will they all make it out side by side as they started.

Drama / Erotica
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Mia the perfect girl that comes from a pureblood Slytherin family luckily the line of Slytherins will not end with her! Her silk shoulder length wavy black hair and blue eyes makes all fall at her feet.
Mixin the glue of the group with a perfect pureblood family of Hufflepuff luckily his family was perfectly ok with him being a Slytherin! His soft curly brown hair and cinnamon eyes that you stare into for hours that’s filled with secrets.
Melody the emotionally strongest person of the group with her courageous and ambitious attitude that’s scares people away. Her pin straight golden hair and green eyes that tell her story of halfblood Slytherin.
Lila the smartest person of the group who doesn’t take time to meet new people her family is proud that she is a Slytherin and unlike the rest of the family is not a Ravenclaw. Her smooth brown hair and green eyes that pull people in but she only lets a few enjoy the ride she calls life.
Draco the perfect boy from a rich pureblood Slytherin family his strong physical appearance keeps from messing with him and his friends which he he now calls he family instead of he’s toxic family that none know enough about to help! His icy blonde hair match’s his blue eyes that hides his feelings as he feels there none important.
Blaise a perfect dark skinned man that has a perfect life even though his father left him as child and since his mother has been dating rich men which gave them their fortune. His dark hair and his dark eyes that you can see through many think his Pureblood life gives him a well planned future but he knows otherwise.
Marcus gives his life into the game quidditch and he wants to become a real quidditch player. He’s black gelled hair and green eyes that make you feel his pain.
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