Narrator POV
As the Slytherin 6 sat together, the wind blew by as it owned the world, the snow howled as loud as wolf
Mia’s POV
I wish we were at hogwarts maybe I should run off to the bathroom- “MIA”Mixin shouted “oh-um ya”
“Girl you are never paying attention” “whatever Melody” “ Anyways do you want to go to the library with us😉” oh Mixin “ Mixin if you want to have a party just say so” I said as I rolled my eyes “ ya ya so are you coming or not” as much as I want to if I don’t keep my grades up my parents will kill me “ Of course you should know how much I love party’s” and with that the train ride was over.
“Am starving” “Flint your always hungry” Dracos rude remark cause the rest of us to fall into a fit of laughing “Well am not so I’ll meet you guys in the common room after dinner” I said as ran to my dorm I could still hear them ask each other questions like “what’s wrong with her” or “what happened to her over the summer” and even “ Someone woke up one the wrong side of the bed” ugh whatever they don’t know what’s going inside my head as I rush into the bathroom I wonder if am making the right choice (TW⚠️AHEAD) I grab my blade and turn on the shower but before I got in I added to lines of cuts on thighs
“Miaaaa are you done the boys are waiting” gosh if Melody sees my leg she might never stop asking questions
Melody’s POV
Fuck this girl always has her mind somewhere else “HELLOO?!?! ARE YOU IN THERE” ugh this girl
“Sorry Melody can you grab me some clothes” she’s lucky I hear her over that hair dryer, what should I grab. Oooo what a nice green plaid skirt, oooo this shirt is last year but she’ll make do. “ make sure you get me pants” she can deal with fish nets, wait they have a huge hole in the thigh it’s ok she’ll make do
HERE MEET US IN THE COMMON ROOM IN 5 MINUTES” I said as I ran towards the common room
“Hey she’s coming she took a shower” I said and they nodded and went back to their conversation as we waited for Mia to come down
Ok so I hope anyone likes this I do soo I guess that’s all that matters , how do you think Miss Mia is going to get her way out of her friends asking question about her legs?
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