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"My story isn't about two people falling in love slowly, my story isn't about gaining power nor is it about losing it. My story is about me, my life, my heartbreaks, my lows and my highs. This story isn't about any more people than me, but it does contain my family which, like a wise man once said, doesn't just end with blood." Book One of the Everything series

Horror / Fantasy
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My story isn’t about two people falling in love slowly, my story isn’t about gaining power nor is it about losing it. My story is about me, my life, my heartbreaks, my lows and my highs. This story isn’t about any more people than me, but it does contain my family which, like a wise man once said, doesn’t just end with blood.

I guess this story should start when I first met the boys, the two people I never thought would change my life in so many ways. If I wanted to start my story right it would probably have to start about 700 years ago, but then where is the fun of starting from the beginning, well beginning ish.

There have been very few times when I’ve been woken abruptly, mostly because people are scared to do so, but I guess I should be happy that I decided to go downstairs once I was woken up because it’s where everything begins.

“I was in the middle of a really good sleep so whoever the poor sucker, I mean suckers, are then they better be worth it,” I grumbled noticing two boys tied up blood soaking their faces.
“It’s two in the afternoon, I think you’ve slept enough.” My brother Kol chided.

“I was tired! Which isn’t surprising with last nights events.” I declared pouting. “Anyway, who’s unlucky this time?” I asked.

“We don’t know, they’re not speaking, but they had these,” Nik said throwing me a wooden stake.

“Let’s not forget about these,” Kol said holding up two machetes.

“So what, they wanted to kill us. Why?.” “What did you do?” I accused turning to Kol.

“Why do you think it was me, it could have easily been Nik.”

“Nik doesn’t leave bodies just lying in the street, at least he hasn’t recently,” I said as Nik looked over at me looking offended. “Well since I’m not needed I will be going back to bed, or at least get changed it’s cold down here,” I added.

“We were hoping you would work some magic and get some answers out of them before you know...” Kol hoped.

“What drink them dry just to satisfy you for five minutes,” I said rolling my eyes, to which Nik laughed.

“I told you she’s too weak to do it, you should’ve known better, she’s just not capable of it,” Nik smirked.

I sighed and I glared at both of my brothers before I stood in front of the two boys. Their faces were pretty messed up, but the only distinction between them was their hair, one had short brown cropped hair and the other had shaggy brown hair.

I chose the one who had shorter hair and knelt in front of him so that I could see his hazel-green eyes. My eyes searched his face but I wasn’t picking up anything. “What’s your name?” I asked, but I didn’t get an answer. I smirked saying “You’re going to be a difficult one.” I looked over to the other boy and said: “I have a way of getting people to talk, but I’ll be nice and allow which of you will be the one to talk.” The two boys looked at each other then looked back at me without saying anything.

“All right then I’ll decide since I’m here why don’t I make you talk,” I said looking at the one with short hair.

“Wait.” The other one said urgently.

“Shut up.” The short-haired one whispered.

I looked behind me to see Kol and Nik smirking behind me, they knew what I was going to do or what I wasn’t going to do. “Well we now know that you two care about each other, that’s a step closer.” I smiled at the two boys. “Let’s get down business.”

I leant in closer to the short-haired one so that our noses were almost touching and whispered:

“Your gonna want to cut your rope a bit more quietly if you don’t want them to notice.” Even though all the blood I could see the confused look on his face.

“Jess maybe you should step back,” Kol said nervously.

“I’m fine, anyway I have all the information I need. Their brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, they came here, like I said, because Kol is messy, and I’m pretty sure they have no idea what we are. However, that one was kind of obvious because of the stakes.” I informed my brothers as I walked behind the Winchesters. I looked down to Sam’s hand, he, unfortunately, didn’t have anything he could cut his rope with.

As Kol and Nik began talking and joking around as usual I went to fix myself a drink, sliding a letter opener into my hand as I did so.

“So I guess I’m done here. Will you be letting them go, alive?” I asked walking slowly behind Sam.

“Oh dear sister, do you know anything about us?” Nik chuckled, I dropped the letter opener into Sam’s hand, he flinched but he quickly got the message.

“You should go upstairs, it’s going to get bloody,” Kol said walking towards Dean, who had just cut his ties but I could tell he was waiting for the right time to go, and I was about to give him one.

“Kol steps away from him,” I warned.

Sighing Kol said, “Come on Jess, just because you don’t have any fun doesn’t mean we can’t have our fun.” Sam was free.

I smirked and said, “What makes you think I don’t have fun.” I flicked my hand and Kol went flying across the room. I turned to Nik and asked, “Am I going to have to do the same for you?”

Because he’s not stupid he backed away leaving me to face Sam and Dean still sitting in the chairs. “So what are you waiting for? Go!” I told them.

Sam and Dean stood up and grabbed their things, they both looked at me and just as they were about to leave Kol super speed over to dean and stuck his fangs into his neck. Anger filled my body and just like before I flicked my wrist, but this time his neck broke. Sam and Dean ran off leaving me with one ‘dead’ brother and an angry Hybrid.

“Oh don’t look at me like that, their innocent you know I couldn’t let you kill them,” I said rolling my eyes.

“They tried to kill us,” Nik growled.

“They brought normal wooden stakes, you are being dramatic!” I shouted.

“I’m being dramatic! You chose two strangers over your family. Your the one being dramatic!” He yelled walking towards me.

“I haven’t felt part of this ‘family’ in a long time so don’t give me that crap.” I spat. “At least Kol comes back when he wants, and not when his idiotic half-brother feels when necessary to take the bloody dagger out of him!”

At this point Kol gasped awake and just as he was about to come towards me, and probably do something idiotic, I started to walk to the door.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” Kol asked, but I ignored him and carried on walking, this was the last I saw them for about one year. I do regret what I said about them not being my family but them and many others, who I never would have met if I hadn’t walked out that door, are now apart of my family. And that is the end of the first chapter of my story, you might want to get comfortable, it’s going to be a long one.

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