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The Cat


"The Cat" is about a 9-year-old boy that begins having dreams about a strange-looking cat but then learns that the dream is a sign of what's to come

Horror / Drama
Anthony Richmond
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The Cat

You ever had a nightmare that felt so real, You wake up in full sweat looking around confused in afraid. Well, this story is about Jimmy, An 9-year-old boy free from the craziness of the world and carefree. Jimmy lives with both parents but only had a good relationship with his mom, Jimmy loves video games, and enjoys watching the news.
On day one Jimmy had a dream, and in this dream, He was walking down a dark alley behind his house. Down the alley, there was only one alley light showing it was so bright that it hurts his eyes when he glances at it but something was standing under the bright light.
The figure jimmy saw looked like a cat, Jimmy slowly walked over to the cat, and that's when the cat turned its head fast staring at Jimmy with its big black eyes. When Jimmy woke up, He released a scream that woke his parents up and While jimmy was standing there frozen his mother came in hugged him every child needs comfort when they feel scared or lonely but the father just stood by the door with this disappointing look on his face.
On day two Jimmy walks downstairs expecting to get his breakfast before heading to school but notices his father is arguing with his mother about him. While his parents were arguing, Jimmy looked over at the tv in saw that his favorite news channel was on and The reporter announced that a man wearing a deformed mask is breaking into people's homes stealing things, and kills his victims.
As Jimmy's parents were still arguing, He hears the bus coming in leaves the house with a teardrop, 8 hours later Jimmy got into his pajamas in went to sleep then that's when he had the same dream again only this time the cat wasn't there but a man. It was hard for young Jimmy to describe this mysterious man but Jimmy saw that he looked six feet tall with dark hair but he couldn't get his face because it was only showing his back.
While Jimmy was looking at this person, The mysterious man turned his head fast to reveal that he has that cat's face, and again jimmy wakes up crying out to his parents. On day three Jimmy walks downstairs to see that his mom was making his lunch and his father on the couch watching the news. Before jimmy was about to leave, the news reporter announces that everyone should stay indoors because the man in the deformed mask is still roaming around killing people.
Jimmy starts thinking about that nightmare he keeps having, Thinking if it's trying to tell him something. 8 hours later jimmy got into bed slowly falling asleep, jimmy then catches sight of the cat but not the man. He stands up straight, and asks the cat with a demanding voice "what is this what are you trying to tell me". This time the cat turned its head slowly in peels its face from its flesh to reveal something so terrifying, It had an adult male face with black eyes and says something to jimmy "HE'S HERE".
Young Jimmy wakes to hear glass being broken in the kitchen, He walks out of his room over to his parent's room to wake them but then stops because he didn't want his parents to argue anymore so he decided to go alone. As he was walking downstairs, he could hear the intruder walking all over the house, and so jimmy crawled on the floor to reach the house phone which was near the kitchen so he could call the cops. While he was crawling, the man walked right near the sink where the knives are placed.
Jimmy slowly reaches for the phone, He slowly looks up to see the man looking at him then jimmy realized something, The man is not wearing a mask but human skin. Jimmy was a little confused but then starts putting two in two together but didn't want to believe it, That's when the man slowly removes his mask and reveal that his face is mix with both human in a cat. Jimmy screamed in ran upstairs and all of sudden he feels sharp nails digging into his right leg, Jimmy scream so loud his parents came by the stairs seeing this creature on their child.
The father grabs his shotgun in points at the creature "get your fucking hands off my son" and shoots the creature blowing its head off. Jimmy ran upstairs and hugged his parents shaking in fear, Moments later the police had left and jimmy slept in his parent's room every night.
Well, my friends sometimes there comes a point when dreams become reality and reality become dreams, the question is do you believe it.


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