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You're my only Hope


"What do you know about having sex? Rather than lowering your boxers and drilling the first hole that you see?" her voice demanding and her eyes burning to know his reply.... The female lead Molly (Y/N) has been lovestruck upon seeing Jhope dance and his body swirl to the beat, but she doesn't date nor do the love thing and approaches him with a proposal to teach her to dance. While dancing isn't the only proposal she has to offer him. She can have anyone at her disposal if so she chooses then why him? What does Hope do? Will he take this chance? Not impersonating or degrading anyone! Just letting my imagination run wild.

Erotica / Romance
Age Rating:

You're my only Hope

Five! six! five! six! seven! eight!

jump, one two three four;

mirror, one two three four;

bring the pain oh yea...

five six seven eight stop!

"That's good and will be all for today" said a huffing jhope as he dabbed his slender neck n ears with a spare towel.
He sat onto the floor as the hall emptied. he saw an unfamiliar figure walk up to him, alien to this place sure, but still intimidating. As she heaved her steps towards him, a cold aura blooming around her

"That's the newest" member called a tired but fresh looking Jin as he walked behind her. "I've made her familiar with the drill exercise and everything."

Jhope scrunching his forehead and realising "ahh the personal training one. It almost slipped my mind…"

"hello I'm Jung Hoseok, everybody calls me Jhope around here."

"Hello I'm Molly, and i would like you to teach me how to dance over the course of the next two months.
You're my only Hope to learn dance at this age" an eerie calmness in her voice as she shooked his hand firmly.

"well she was not here when i came in? where were you? i didn't see u." he enquired almost piercingly in her direction

"i was late, I'm sorry." she apologized.

"apology accepted but i hate laziness so you are supposed to clean this hall with me." He announced.

Jin suddenly went cold as he looked back n forth between both of them.

"alright I'll do it as long as I'm not alone doing it." She huffed almost chuckling.

Jin was sweating as no words came out of his mouth. he asked to borrow Hope n cornered him. While she started gathering the spare towels, bottles from the floor. Jin wiped his sweaty palms as his forehead shined with sweat, Hope still looking at him enquiringly.

"You do know whom u played at? or do u want us both to be thrown out!!!" he said in a whispery tone his eyes widening. Hope still unaware of this revelation. "She's the Millionaire who brought this whole complex last week! and the audacity of you to ask her to clean ur studio are you barking mad?"

Before he could reply the commotion in the studio got their attention as men clothed in tuxedo marched in rushing towards Molly, she motioned them to stop and continued to work.

A diplomatic looking guy hurried towards them.
"Hello I'm Namjoon we talked on the cellphone" he shook hands with Jin and Jin hurriedly introduced us.

"This is Jung Hoseok, The owner of Hope World, Jhope; and Hope this is Mr Kim, Miss Molly's secretary."

Namjoon pleaded "You realise that mam isn't supposed to this work and i suggest you ask her to quit if u want this place up and running."

Seeing Jin concerned and Namjoon frustrated and the stifling army like mob behind them he walked to her and motioned her to stop and said "I'm sorry Miss Molly you can rest easy."

Dropping the broom she cracked her neck blinking her eyes cursingly.

"You see i was busy checking and tearing down the various studios in this complex making it fit for my new venture. If i wasn't enrolled here, I would have loved to get my hands on here too"

she said walking up to him barely reaching his nose

"and instead of cleaning it tear it out"

Pausing and replying after what seemed like a really long time

"Rest assured Jhope-Jung Hoseok i won't lay a finger on Hope world studio for another two months...
and i would like to see both of you tomorrow in my office",

Namjoon quickly handed them a card as she swirled her bag on her back bowed to both n left the room.

"That was close" Namjoon n Jin breathed almost at the same time.

"Be on time else I'm sure you both will be polishing her office tomorrow" breathed a relieved namjoon as both Jin and Jhope were left alone in the studio now.

Grabbing his cellphone Jin smacked Jhope's head and showed him the latest news section.

"Woah! She's something" Jhope almost screamed scrolling the screen, jin nodded.
"You know Hope she has bought this whole complex and emptied every one of them except for ours and the foodcourt in A wing"

"only two in 10 whole wings? Jin that's really bad"

"I know but we are safe for now. Let's head out and eat we have to reach her office at 9 am tomorrow or we have to polish her office" joked Jin mimicking Namjoon.

"Alrighty." Said jhope

As they both stepped out and reached the foodcourt a matte black car followed.
The tinted windows of the car rolled down. Molly looked out at them intently.
The car then rolled out of the complex as Molly still looked over at Jhope. Him unaware of the fact that she was there at all.

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