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Claws & Quirks- a MHA x Warriors AU


In a world of wild cats, what happens when quirks come into the mix? Flarepaw and Mossypaw, two Goldenclan apprentices are practically at each others throats in rivalry, but a odd shared vision one night sends them spiraling down a path of traitors, underground rouges, kittypet gangs, corrupt leaders and so, so much more.

Adventure / Action
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Chapter 1

Claws and Quirks

A warrior cats and My Hero academia crossover/AU

Chapter 1:

Flarepaw swiped at his opponent, Rockpaw stumbled back failing to avoid the swipe, nearly falling before he found his grounding. He bounced back with a fiery attack, he clawed at Flarepaws face and turned, tail now rock solid slamming Flarepaw in the muzzle. Flarepaw stumbled back and rubbed his paw against his hurting face, blonde fur glistening in the afternoon night. He gave Rockpaw a fiery glare, smiling as small sparks lit below his paws like a small fire finally taking to its kindle, he launched at Rockpaw, not tackling him this time but letting his paw just barely graze Rockpaw’s flank, a burst of flame and smoke exploded and Rockpaw was launched back, nearly missing a tree while Flarepaw lept out, he didn’t hesitate and fired back again, launching while Rockpaw was still stunned, this time letting both paws explode. The boom shook leaves off of the nearby trees, Flarepaw ran, the explosion nipping at his tail as he barely evaded his own explosion. He landed hard and tumbled back into the sandy hollow, sitting back up and finding himself again with a shake of his head. Rockpaw, now covered in smoke and hauling a few new scars wobbled out of the smoke and collapsed across from Flarepaw. The two stood in silence. After a few seconds a yowl was heard and Flarepaw puffed his chest to see Silenteyes hop down from his watching tree, he nudged Rockpaw to make sure he was awake, he was, and gave Flarepaw a nod of approval. Rockpaw wobbled up and Silenteyes helped him back to the brush where all of Goldenclan’s apprentices were sat whispering about the fight. “You ok Rockpaw?” Tenyapaw whispered, Rockpaw gave a tail shake of approval, he turned to his belly and gave the group a smile, letting them all heave sighs of relief.

Silenteyes turned to Mossypaw who was pawing a bushel of grass. “Your next Mossypaw!” Ikukupaw lept up and padded into the arena where Kacchanpaw sat, lciking his chest. He glared at the small green cat, amber eyes shining with contempt. Good luck, this is the last fight of the evening, so you better give it your all.” He exited the ring and gave them a nod to start. Ikukupaw lept out of Flarepaws immediate attack and ran steadfast up a tree, Flarepaw followed in suit, he wasn’t hestiting this time, paws already smoking slightly. He swiped at Ikukupaw’s tail, which had it been any longer would have been caught. Ikukupaw glanced down to see Flarepaw in close pursuit and gulped, he gave a few analyzing glances and just as Flarepaw was about to grab his leg he lept off, Flarepaw gave a curse of surprise, on the way down though Mossypaw gave a back kick, energy concentrated in his legs Flarepaw was slammed against the tree, they fell at the same time, Mossypaw on his feet, and Flarepaw to the ground with a hardy thump. Flarepaw gave a growl of anger and immediately lept up, not letting the fall phase him. He launched himself at Ikuku, explosions flaring, The class yelped as booms erupted through the forest, some returned by Mossypaw who was visibly limping now. In between the smoke there was a sudden, sharp yowl, much more intense than any before. Mossypaw lept suddenly out of the smoke, staring back into it. Flarepaw suddenly lept out in return, heaving heavily with raspy breaths that could be heard even over the ruckus. They tackled, screeching and yowling, more explosions bouncing off of every movement. Finally Silenteyes yowled for an end, the yell fell on deaf ears, Silenteyes gave a sigh and ran into the fight, suddenly, both explosions stopped, left only by exasperated grunts as both cats tried to use their quirks to no avail. “Come on, fights over you two.” Silenteyes let his fluffed tail smack both of them in the face. Both spat angrily and hobbled out of eachothers grip, Mossypaw had multiple patches of burnt fur and scars, His back leg and front two paws were bruised and twisted, he had to be helped along by Silenteyes to walk back to the group. Flarepaw was limping badly, his front leg twisted and tail completely scarred and burnt, equally covered in scratches. Silenteyes sighed and waved his tail to signal the class back to camp. Sensing his bubbling anger the class followed in silent pursuit.

When they finally made it back to camp Silenteyes motioned the class off, but as Flarepaw and Mossypaw started to limp back to the den he stopped them, “No, you two, with me.” Ikuku winced and turned to follow him. Flarepaw stumbled along as well. They came to the left back of the camp and Silenteyes gave a long heave before speaking. The fur on his neck spiking up. “I’m not asking you to stop fighting so rough, training is training after all, but if you two can’t stop taking these fights so personally I’ll have to find some way around it.” he slinked in close to the two, “that means expelling one- or both of you mousebrains.” Mossypaw gave a slight gasp but Kachhanpaw just murmured a grunt of annoyance. Silenteyes let his hair slick back down and began to pad off. “Go see Healheart and get yourselves healed up, he gave a final tail flick and jumped off. Flarepaw gave Mossypaw a dismissive tail whack and began to limp off. “This is all your fault, Deku.” Mossypaw stayed silent as Flarepaw wobbled off, he stopped, right before he was out of earshot. “Ugh, stop being such a wimp Deku, we all know Strongstar wouldn’t let Silenteyes expel you, dummy.” Before Mossypaw could respond Flarepaw was out of sight. Mossypaw let himself sit in silent thoughts for a few seconds more before he heaved himself up along with a sigh, and followed in his path, they both slumped into the medicine den floor. Only a few moments later Healheart turned a corner, half muddled in conversation with Sugarpaw to see the two cats, she stopped her conversation and gave an exasperated, but not surprised sigh. Giving them an earful as she began to gather cobwebs to ease their wounds.

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