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NEREID || Tamaki Amajiki


꧁" Aki, take off your shirt." " W-w-what?" " You heard me. Strip."꧂ [Before you read this, do note that It's an X reader. BUT! I actually gave you a first name. in short I don't know if this can be called an X reader anymore. Probably half and half x oc. Anyway, just a heads up.] ✤Mature readers only! ✤Almost half of the book contents are for mature audiences only. ✤Proceed with caution! ✤ More details inside

Age Rating:

Read me! [Info: Quirk and Background]


✤Amateur Author
✤Slow updates since I have other fanfictions too to update.
✤No Hate comments! If you don’t like the book, drop it.
✤I’m not good at writing illicit scenes, but I do like reading some /wink/ So yeah. Hope I’ll improve as time goes by.

About the book:

In this book, you’re a stripper.


✤Tamaki x Reader. BUT! I won’t be using Y/n. Instead, your name is going to be LUNA. And I’ll be using ′You′ instead of She. Gomen!
✤Will have tons of singing, its a part of her quirk
✤ Mature scenes
✤Fluff scenes
✤Will follow some events in the Bnha


✤Your family lives in America.

✤ You wanted to become a hero and chose U.A. Aside from being ranked high school for heroics and is considered as the top Hero Academy in Japan, you chose U.A because of your childhood friend, Tamaki Amajiki.

✤You and Tamaki went to the same school in your third grade, in which you also met Mirio.

✤During fifth grade, your family decided to live in America. You were separated from Tamaki and Mirio for a few years. But you and Tamaki always communicate with each other through emails, texts and video calls. ( Though you would end up talking a lot because he’s too shy to speak)

✤During your first year, you confessed your feelings for him and you were ready to accept his rejection but you couldn’t believe he felt the same way too!

✤Now, You and Tamaki are in a Long Distance Relationship! for a year since yeah you’re in America.

✤ You came back to Japan during your 2nd year and went to U.A. Now at 3rd year, it has been a couple of years of a happy relationship.


✤Hero name: Nereid

✤ You’re a pervert.

✤You’re a very flirty person and doesn’t care about skinship since you’re used to it in America

✤You like biting Tamaki’s ears. Not to mention his neck... oh its one of your weaknesses...

✤You like everything about him! Except for his lack of confidence, whenever he would feel insecure you would always cheer him up and tried your best to help him gain back his confidence.

✤You’re kind of like a sadist. Your Sadist side comes up when you’re in a battle. But you hate seeing Tamaki hurt tho.

✤ And a masochist too.


✤ Blood weaver: The ability to use your blood and shape them according to your will. In short, you can manipulate blood at will. [ Inspired by Mirai from Beyond The Boundary] You can only manipulate your own blood. You’re still training in manipulating other people’s blood but so far, there’s no progress.


-shallow breathing
-weak pulse and loss of consciousness
- Death [Cause of too much blood loss]

✤Your overall skills ( Jumping, speed, etc) increases if you’re wet. If you’re skin’s damp. You cannot manipulate water though.

Drawback(s): At least half of your body is damp or else it won’t work.
: Fatigue and cramps

✤Scale Armored Skin: Resistant to attacks, harm, or pain. Acts as a physical defense. When activated, scales cover half of your body. Only your right side. You can cover your whole body with it but in doing so, you won’t be able to use your other quirk: Blood Weaver.

The best you could do was to cover your right side while using your other quirk. By doing so, your speed would only decrease a little.

:You’re not completely INVISIBLE. There’s LIMIT of attack or impact you can withstand. There are Quirks that are capable of bypassing your scale armor. Such as All Might’s ( Your quirk isn’t shocked absorber. You’ll take damage)
: When in use, speed decreases. You’d feel your body heavier.
: Fire. When in contact with high temperature. Your armor’s defense decreases.
: Your left side would be vulnerable and a weakness.

✤You’re 1/4 succubus! You don’t need sexual energy to survive but by absorbing sexual energy, this enhances your strength and gives you additional energy. (Reserved Energy)

Drawback(s): NONE? The more you absorb the stronger you get. But since you’re not fully a succubus, if you absorb too much then you’d get drunk and feel high.

Siren’s Lure: Just like a siren in myth. Your voice enchants the listener and hypnotized to do your bidding.


: You can only use this against two targets only. Max. (If you’re hypnotizing them)
: It won’t work if they can’t hear you and see you.

- This Quirk is also a support-type. You can increase your allies’ physical skills’ as long as they are within the hearing range. You can trigger their emotions, depends on which emotion you want them to feel.

For example, you can make them calm down, relax, feel hype, sad, and etc.

More Drawback(s):

: You cannot use your other Quirks easily.
: Physical skills decrease. (As your allies’ Physical skills increase temporarily)You’ll be vulnerable and cannot move easily.
: Drains your strength. Since you are ‘transferring’ your energy to your allies.
: The time limit depends on your strength/energy

> You got multiple quirks coz Y not?
> More drawbacks will be revealed as you progress in the story. We cannot make you too OP tho. But on second thought... Maybe...
> Hope I explained the Quirks well.
>Your Quirk will improve as the story progress.


✤ Nothing much to say. YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL. That’s it.

A little background about Neired or known as Sea Nymphs:

Physical Description

Like the nymphs of freshwater and land, Nereids are exquisitely beautiful maidens with rosy skin and long, flowing hair. No two Nereids look exactly the same, but they can always be identified because they wear tokens of their oceanic home: a comb of red coral holding back their curls or a starfish clinging to their robes.

The daughters of the ocean are friendly with all its creatures; more often than not, you will find them riding dolphins or cuddling with hippocamps. Occasionally, the maidens themselves are seen with graceful, fish-like tails.

Special Abilities

Generally, Nereids are as sweet-tempered as they are beautiful. All fifty of them are renowned for their silky-smooth singing voices and for their light-footed dancing, and they will happily entertain a weary traveler in their silver and gold palace under the sea. However, they’re not as dangerous as the sirens are. Rather than seducing and trapping sailors, they guide ships and calm the seas.

Source: Online. #copypaste

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