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NEREID || Tamaki Amajiki

🦋❀1❀🦋: Itadakimasu



Your lips curled into a smile as your hand wanders inside his shirt, feeling his toned chest. You could feel him froze under your touch. You nuzzled your head on his neck and bit his pale skin lightly.

“D-don’t.” His voice came out more breathless and deeper. You felt hot just by hearing his voice. Your hand ran along his sculpted specs. Damn, his training did him good.


“Don’t stop, or should I stop?” You whispered. Sticking out your tongue, you lick his neck and sucked on it greedily. Knowing that it would leave a red spot on his neck later turns you on even more.

You did not turn on the lights inside the storage room but you could still clearly see his blushing face. You could feel him sweating.

The storage room was cramped but its big enough for the both of you to have fun...

You heard him groan when you bit his neck roughly. “Relax...″ You pushed him on the wall and leaned over to kiss him. His mouth was soft and hot. You nipped and sucked his soft lips, exploring his wet cavern.

There was a string of saliva when both of your lips parted. “W-we shouldn’t b-be doing t-t-this h-here.” His voice was low and strained. His breathing was uneven. You giggled. Tracing his swollen lips with your finger.

He was so red, redder than the crabs he eats before he engages in battle. You flashed a feral smile. “You want me to stop? Are you sure?”

Your hand dived down to squeeze his firm ass. Tamaki squirmed on the spot and your smile widened. He was just too cute!

Your hand trailed dangerously on his zipper. Tamaki stopped your hand from pulling his zipper down. His palms were sweaty and he was trembling as he held you. “W-wait.“′ His breath fanned your head as he looked down on you. You were slightly crouching and face downward.

“Hmm? Why?”



“Nana! Wake up...” You heard your name being called. The next second, someone shook your shoulder violently. You opened your eyes and angrily looked up at your classmate. You were getting in the good part and she just had to ruin your daydreaming!

“What?” You grumbled and brushed your hair with your fingers. You were still in the classroom. You just had your lunch already and since you still have an hour of free time, you decided to sleep on your table and daydream. Usually, you would stay at their classroom till the time runs out but Tamaki, Mirio, and Nejire aren’t at the school right now, saying they’re called for a meeting.

You pick up your notebook and fan yourself with it. You were feeling feverish because of your daydreaming. Well, you can’t help it anyway, you seldom see your smol shy bean this month. He was getting busy with his hero in training with Fatgum.

You heard Nayu, your classmate and the only friend female friend you have ever since you transferred in U.A, aside from Nejire, played a music. You were quite popular with the males due to you exuding a ‘Cool’ and ′badass:′ aura. You’re quite the boyish type. You’re also close with the Big Three.

Maybe that’s why some of the girls hate you. But you don’t care anyway. Nayu’s the only one whom you like in your classroom. She was honest, speaks what’s on her mind and her sharp tongue hurt like a bitch. What comes out of her mouth was always correct though so you cannot refute it. But even she can be a sweet girl sometimes. Some...times.

You leaned back on your chair. It’s so boring and you were sleepy. You haven’t got the time to sleep yesterday ’cause you were up all night watching anime. Supposedly, you would go to your boyfriend’s living quarters and spent the rest of the night with him but you knew he was very busy doing his training and he’s with Fatgum. So you decided to watch anime instead of bothering him.

You and her are the only ones in the classroom yet.

You’re just a soul that blends into the crowd

I hear you so loud no one else hears a soundYou reach out your hand no one else feels a thingAnd I’m just a stranger who could be a friend

You could have been so greatI won’t let you slip awayIs there any hope for us leftEven a ghost needs a friendYou could have been someoneBut you let them into your head

I want you to know this instead

That I see the light in your chest

You stood up once the music ended. At the same time, your classmates began filling the room.

You sling your bag on your shoulder and head out, but before you could turn away, you hear your name being called again. ” Nana, where are you going? Class is about to start.”

“I’m ditching.”


“You heard me. Wanna join?”

Nayu shook her head. “No thank you. Unlike you, I have to study hard to maintain my rank or better, to surpass it.”

You shrugged and slide the door closed. Not to boast, but you were always ranked first in your room after the results of the exams. You’re good at academics and when it comes to fighting, your skills are considered top notch. Unbeknownst to you, you were considered as the fourth student who stands on top of the entire student body.

The big 3, are known as the strongest three hero students in all of Japan. Knowing that Tamaki’s one of the big 3, you cannot help but feel proud of him. You wanted to tell the world how proud you are to have a boyfriend like him. Although his personality holds him back but no one could deny how much potential he has with his quirk, its versatility and power.

You arrived at the rooftop. Your favorite place. It was windy and the breeze calmed you. You opened your bag and pulled out a dark blanket. You placed the blanket on the ground and you removed your shoes. You’ve done this a lot of times already.

Ditching then sleeping on the rooftop.

You let out a sigh as you lay down, feeling the cold ground. You used your bag as a pillow and covered your eyes using your arms.


It was almost 7 pm when you woke up. You were confused when you felt the air around you was lower than usual. It was cold and you were still in your uniform. Your bare legs were freezing. You stood up as fast as you could when you realized you slept for too long.

You quickly folded your blanket and shove it inside your bag. You opened your phone and saw tons of missed calls and messages, from your boyfriend, Mirio’s and Nejire. Even Nayu’s.

💗🍀: Where are you?

💗🍀: Where are you? Answer my calls.

💗🍀: Please...

💗🍀: Bunny?

You scanned through the messages. There was even Hawk’s message. You were having your sidekick internship at his agency. You thought Tamaki must have asked him about your whereabouts.

You were about to reply when your phone turned off. Great. You bit your lips. You could picture out your boyfriend panicking. The battery’s dead so you tossed your phone inside your bag.

You looked down on the ground. You decided to jump over the rooftop since it's faster that way and the door’s probably locked.

[Note: Let’s say they’re staying in a dorm for 3rd years]
When you arrived at the dorm, you saw the three in the lobby. You were surprised when you did not see your boyfriend pressing his head on the wall. Instead, he was tapping his phone furiously
.“Yow” You called them. Their heads snapped at you immediately.

“Luna! I was so worried!” Nejire was the first one to jump at you. Encasing her arms around. “You did not answer your phone and then we couldn’t contact you!”

“We contacted your classmate, Nayu, but she said you ditched and she didn’t see you after that,” Mirio said. You heard him sigh as he ruffled your hair. “I thought you were kidnapped by your fans.” He teased.

Fans. That’s what he calls to the girls who hate you.

“Gomen. I fell asleep on the rooftop and my phone’s battery run out. I wasn’t able to recharge it yesterday.” You explained.

“Naruhodo. (I see.)” Nejire said. “We thought something bad happened to you. You see, earlier, there was an invasion. It was a level three security. Thankfully, they’re only some reporters who trespassed, looking for All Might. Instead of villains.”

Nejire was already in her PJ’s and so as Mirio. While Tamaki was still wearing his Hero Costume. Looking sexy and cool as hell. Tamaki forgot to change his costume when he realized you were missing. You would always update him wherever you go, that’s why he couldn’t help but panic when he received nothing from you.

“Really?! Wow. I must have been very tired. I didn’t even wake up while the alarm was ringing.” You wondered.

Your eyes met your boyfriend’s indigo orb when you peekd behind Nejire.


You smiled sweetly at Tamaki when he called you by your nickname.

“Alright then. We’ll go ahead. Comfort your sweetheart, he’s anxious. He thinks you’re angry at him that’s why you didn’t talk to him yesterday. And even this morning.” Nejire whispered. You nodded at her.

“Oyasumi!” Mirio said.

“Oyasuminasai!” You waved at the two. Mirio gave you a thumbs up while Nejire grinned at you as they walked towards the hallway. Giving you both some privacy.

You stared at your boyfriend who was still standing in the middle of the lobby.

“Aki. Why are you just standing there? Where’s my hug?” You spread your arms waiting for him to come forward. You saw his forehead relaxed and he embraced you.

“Bunny...” He softly said.“I’m g-glad you’re okay.”


Note: Anyway, I’m a beginner in writing illicit scenes. Bare with me :(

Just wanna paste this here again for the last time,


✤Amateur Author
✤Slow updates since I have other fanfictions too to update.

✤No Hate comments! If you don’t like the book, drop it.

✤I’m not good at writing illicit scenes, but I do like reading some /wink/ So yeah. Hope I’ll improve as time goes by.

✤IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE WAY I WRITE. You can leave quietly and do not comment harshly. I’m already aware of how bad my books are. No need to rub it on my face. Thank you.

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