M is for Maestro 2: Someplace Else


"Leave, or I'll make you leave.", he growled.

Horror / Other
Age Rating:


This book is the sequel to M is for Maestro. In order to understand some of the stuff that happens in this book, you have to go read that one. Im sorry.

In this book, Bronxville will be portrayed as a fairly normal village. I have no idea if this is true in real life, but if it is not, and you are offended by it, please DM me about it.

Just as i said in the last book, this book is not meant to offend Michael or his fans. Please, if you habe a problem with anything in this book, dm me and we can work something out.

This book belongs to me. Any reproduction of this books without my permission is strictly prohibited. If anyone steald this book or attempts to, there will be consequences.

Please respect the people reading this book. Any form of hate will be removed immediately and you will be blocked.

If you do not like MJ or his fans, i advise you to leave. No one needs your negativity.

i hope you all enjoy the book.

Copyright © 2021 by -ONLYDARKNESS-. All rights reserved.

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