Energy (bakugo x fem black y/n )


A girl and her family from America decides to make a big move to Musutafu, Japan for a change. The reason they moved is because early in the year girls from their neighborhood would get kidnapped out of nowhere without a trace.

Romance / Drama
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Y/n facts:
Siblings: 3 brothers
Parents: dad is unknown
Quirk: Intoxication(she can bacically make anyone she holds eye contact with intoxicated when her quirk is activated. Symptoms are nausea dizziness and blurry vision.)

Her moms quirk: Hallucinations (she can make anyone hallucinate anything when she makes eye contact when she has her quirk activated)
Y/n has a streak of white hair that was genetic because her mom has the same thing (in this story you can have any hair type it really does not matter)

You and your mom have also always had a special connection where you both can feel eachothers emotions from any distance.this is important for later in the story

Backstory: Y/n and her family decided to move because unknown men have been kidnapping girls in her neighborhood. Her mom made a big decision to move so she won't loose her daughter. She has three brothers that are all older than her and one is her twin. Her twins name is Yuri and his quirk is emotions (he can send out a wave of emotions that will effect anyone within the distance of the waves) Lastly she is developed 🧍🏾‍♀️

Talents: Y/n is a great cook but she hates to wash dishes. She also plays video games and likes to do makeup. Her and her brothers combat skills are immaculate. She also has no filter (only around her mom).

A/n: I know the story is just getting started but right now I need a little time to get a project finished or I am not graduating. I thought it was due today because the teacher told us that but turns out it was due yesterday at 11:59. I am so tired of school right now HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO A WHOLE "COMMUNITY PROJECT" WHEN WE ARE IN A FAWKING PANDEMIC WITH THE SECOND WAVE OF MISS RONA COMING. THEY GOT THE NERVE TO SAY IT IS "THE PERFECT TIME" BECAUSE PEOPLE NEED HELP. I CAN'T WITH THIS WACK ASS SCHOOL THEY NEED TO GET IT TOGETHER. N E ways thank you for reading this story and this is my first story so give me some feedback and request for different chapters.

I do not own any of the characters from My Hero Acadamia and this is my own story/spinoff of it.

Sorry if I have any spelling errors my small chubby hands can't handle the grind 😔✌

Byeee love you guys and I hope you all have a wonderful day make sure you all drink some water and eat today and remember you can talk to me if you need to 😘😊😉🙂😁💖💗💓💕😙✌

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