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𝘞𝘩𝘒𝘡 π˜ͺ𝘧 𝘸𝘦 𝘫𝘢𝘴𝘡 𝘧𝘦𝘭𝘭 π˜ͺ𝘯 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘫𝘢𝘴𝘡 𝘡𝘩π˜ͺ𝘴 𝘰𝘯𝘀𝘦. y/n ukai and her stupid self, got caught up in a tangled situation. what will she do now? y/n is a volleyball player who plays for an international team, she soon than transfers from Nekoma to Inarizaki high. she starts off kinda basic but meets the volleyball team again, and within time she starts to get close to mr. middle blocker. what happens when one of them catches feelings? does the other have feelings to? what happens if the other doesn't want them back? what if they are just getting played with? what happened next? ⚠️smut⚠️ ⚠️triggering scenes⚠️ ⚠️ and other stuff idk yet⚠️ lol i started this on : december 23 i update this really fast btw! suna x reader

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

y/n first day as a first year

y/n pov

* let's take u back to last year*

*alarm sounds go off*

"ughh why does it have to be so early in the morninggggaaa"

today was the day i start my first day at this new school called "Nekoma ". to be honest i wasn't so excited as most people would be i was calm and just didn't care.

as i got up from bed i start to stretch and make the loudest yawn anyone can hear and as i do all i hear is my dad and siblings barge in my room and throw pillows at me telling me to shut up, as i fell on the floor i couldn't help but just stay down on the ground for 5 minutes.

after 5 minutes past i got up and did my normal routine for the morning and got dressed in the uniform for school and had my ass out the door running cause i wasn't and most definitely not late for school...

~ time skip ~

as i got into class on time surprisingly. I walk up to the teacher and introduce myself to the class.

"class can i have your attention?" she said to the class

as the class looked at her wondering what she wanted.

"today we have a new student joining us from miyagi prefectu-"

*big yawn, loud enough to interrupt the teacher*

as i yawned and stretched in front of the class my shirt lifted up a little bit catching everyone's attention including the teachers, since u did cut them off from there speech...

there was a big silence after i yawned, but soon than the teacher broke the silence with a small laugh and continuing on with her speech, u introduced yourself and sat down next to this anti social kid who seemed just like you, you didn't mind too much of him but you seem to get mood and more curious about him.

~time skip to 30 minutes before class ended ~

"hey, your name is Kenma, right?" you said to the part blonde boy next to you.

"yea... that's my name..." he said back in such a low and shy voice

"well it's nice to meet you, i'm y/n" you said while giving him a smile reaching out your hand to him.

he looked at you with a small smile and shook your hand, "nice to meet you".

the rest of the 30 minutes of class you guys talked and laughed together, he invited you to practice, of course you agreed to watch.

~time skip to kenma's practice~

you walked in the gym and the first thing you saw was a volleyball straight to your face, the first thing you did was block it from hitting you.

as the ball hit the floor and you hear ppl whispering about you and how u blocked it so fast. All you did was block the ball. As u were walking towards Kenma you hear a familiar voice call out your full name. you turn around to see old grandpa ukai's great buddy ol' pall. you were embarrassed by him saying your full name and shocked how he remembered it so well. you walk towards the old man and greet him since it's been a while.

"it's been a while y/n ukai, how have u been?" the old coach nekomata laughs a little.

"i've been ok, how's ur back old man?" you say laughing a little

"no need to be disrespectful about my back you child" he says back in a little laugh

"i may be a child but i have a great back and as well as my grandfather still...surprisingly" you and him both laugh.

you felt stares and confusion all around you in the gym as you and the old geezer were chatting. you than decided to sit next to him and watch the practice and help out a while. Kenma then came up to you and asked what you what happened and you explained, coach laughed and the poor guy.

Coach yelled at his team for a little introduction for me it was kinda weird for a little bit but u introduced yourself to the team.

"hey i'm y/n ukai, in the daughter of keishin ukai and granddaughter of ikkei ukai, and yes i mean karasunos old geezer coach, i am a pro world wide national volleyball player...anyways i would like to get to know you guys, i mean i might be manager so who knows" you said and smiled at the boys.

"i'm taketora yamamoto, Nekoma's ace, nice to meet you gorgeous" he said as he winked at you.

"uh..thanks and nice to meet you" you said with a bit of awkwardness in your voice.

"i'm morisuke yaku, i'm a libero, nice to meet you"

"i'm tetsuro kuroo, nice to meet you"

~little time skip after introduction~

"alright team time for practice" coach nekomata said.

the volleyball team then went on to the court and began practice.

a few moments later they took a short break and asked me if i found any mistakes. i then showed them what they did wrong and helped them improve.

a few moments later the old geezer told me to go and play in the game with them to help, and so i agreed and joined in.

coach called the boys and swapped yamamoto out of the game with me, i did a little stretch's and joined in the game, it was my turn to serve. they all underestimated me.

the practice perspective~

i spinner the ball in my hand, took a deep breath in and tossed the ball in the air and all eyes were focused on me and paying attention watching my movements and with one blink of an eye...



"wow what the fuck was that i didn't even see her hit the ball to the ground" kuroo said in shock.

all eyes were on me and everyone was confused and shocked by what i just did.

it was a short silence till someone started to talk about the volleyball.

one of team 1s players turned around and looked at the ball and in shock he yelled at everyone to look at the ball and the ground. Everyone goes to see what happened and all they can see is a black smeared ball mark on the floor inside the volleyball court, and with the ball it wasn't so far outside the court, but all u can hear was gasps and whispers about what just happened. You looked confused and walked over to see what was there and you see the ball popped and destroyed and than a black smear on the ground from the ball.

they all looked at you in shock and asked you so many questions, and was concerned for you, you couldn't help but laugh at everything they said. After a few minutes you can hear coach nekomata yell at everyone to get back in the game. Once the game resumed everyone was scared and more cautious about you.

~time skip~

practice was over and everyone went home, the volleyball team kept coming after you and asking you so many questions and were curious about you, and all you could do was laugh and invite them to your practices with your volleyball league team.

HIIII ITS THE AUTHOR OF THIS STORYYYYY AND I JUST WANNA SAY LMAOOAOAKAOAO SORRY THIS FIRST PART WAS KJNDA BORING...BUT I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED THIS BUT THIS IS THE FIRST CHAPTER, IT WAS JUST A PART OF Y/NS FIRST YEAR AND WTV BUT YEAAAAA hope you liked it, the next part will be about the training camp during y/n's first year and how she saw suna rintarooooo and the inarizaki teammm but yea

this is β€’ unedited β€’
word count: 1315
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