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practice with the homies


"Y/N WAKE YOUR ASS UP" your dad yelled at you from downstairs.

you woke up and went to the bathroom, you just stood there looking at your self in the mirror yawning. few minutes of looking at your self you finally decide to wake up and go get dressed.

when u were done getting ready for school, you ate your breakfast on the way out of the house and walked to school, you plugged in your head phones and listened to your favorite song, as u were walking u walked pasted by kuroo and kenma's house's, yes ofc they joined you had walked to school.




you felt a tap in your shoulder, while you were walking and you took out your head phones and looked at the two boys who were looking at u.

"yea?" you said as they just looked at you.

"so what time is your volleyball practice?" kuroo asked with excitement, while kenma was just on his switch not listening one bit to what anyone said, and as for me i just looked at him and deadpanned and told him it was after school.

~time skip to the end of the day~

as the bell rang you heard yelling from the halls and look out the class door to see kuroo running down the hall screaming in excitement coming towards you and kenma who are right out the class door

"WOOHOOO Y/N- CHAN LETS GO TO YOUR PRACTICE WOOHOO" Kuroo said running towards you in such excitement.

"yea, yea let's get going" you looked at him in a deadpan and sighed, and walked to your practice.

~time skip to your practice gym~

as u were walking towards the gym you and your team practices at you looked back at kuroo and kenma only to see them further back away looking at the huge gym in such shock. You walked over to them and asked if they are going to go in already.

"hey kuroo , kenma are u gusting coming or what?" you said and looked at them.

"wow, Japan National VolleyBall League" kuroo and kenma said in a low voice in sync.

"yea? and now come on slow pokes before i go without you guys" you said grabbing there wrists and walking towards the gym entrance.

as you guys walked inside the gym and signed in to get to the gym, they made kuroo and kenma wear guess passes while you wore your volleyball membership badge for your volleyball team.

you guys walked into the gym and see your team in 2 lines practicing your back row shots.

you turned to kuroo and kenma telling them to sit on the benches and just watch and learn. while u went to the lockers to go change into your uniform.

you finished up changing and head out of the locker rooms and run 2 laps around the gym and stretch. while you got finished stretching the coaches called everyone and made 4 teams to play a 5 v 5, soon after you and your team grabbed the practice jerseys and put them on and headed to the court.


the game began, your team mate ami had to serve first.

kuroo and kenma payed attention and watched her serve the ball.

ami took 4 steps back from where was standing and she tossed the ball in the air and at the perfect timing she ran then jumped, she hit the ball with 75% of force and slammed the ball to the other side of the court really fast.


"AWWWWW that wasn't good enoughhh" ami whined and looked at you with puppy eyes and ran and hugged/ squeezed you shaking you.

"ok ami calm down u did good enough, you did get us a point" you said gasping for air and patting her to let you down.

as she let you down she asked you a question.

"hey y/n...who are those boys you brought with u?..." ami said as she was blushing looking at kuroo.

"oh those kids are just some friends"

"oh ok, are you by chance dating anyone of those boys?..." she said blushing even harder looking at the floor.

"oh hell no, those boys aren't my type and plus they are little shit heads" you said with a cold tone and had a dead pan on your face.

"oh ok...d-do y-you think...maybe y-you could hook me up with...the bed head one?..." she said with a tomato face looking at the floor fidgeting with he fingers.

"sure" you said and continued the game.

you guys got back to the game and ami served the ball, lai (the libero on the other team) received the ball, tamako ( wing spiker on team 2/ the other team) passed the ball to the setter, as the setter set the ball to tamako spiked the ball to the other side but team 1's libero received the ball, ami took 1 step from her original position and lowered herself and kneed down and set the ball to you and she set the ball so fast, you spiked the ball to the other side so fast as well. you guys called that move the "super fast quick spike" also known as S.F.Q.S.

as you spiked that ball everyone watching your practice were shocked.

"ami !"


they both looked at each other and both said in sync
"that wasn't good enough" they both whined and pouted knowing that the next one will be better.

kuroo and kenma were chatting about the game talking about how good you guys were and just watched you play, and when they saw that SFQS
they were shocked and looked at u shocked even though you hadn't payed attention to them at all.

~time skip to the end of practice~

time: 10:32pm

kuroo checked the time and waited for you.

"kenma, we have been here for such a long time, it's 10:32"

"oh wow kuroo, i haven't noticed that" he said shocked.

you came out of the locker room, dead as always. you guys walked out the gym and went home, kuroo and kenma dropped you at your house. Before you could go they asked you if u were able to go to the volleyball training camp. you honestly didn't care, so u said u would go.

"so when is the training camp?" you asked

"tomorrow.." kuroo said

"ok, well i'll be there, what time do u want me to wake up?"

"well we will be going to the camp tomorrow morning 1 hour before school starts, me and kenma will come and pick u in the morning don't worry about it"


you guys exchanged goodbyes and you watched them leave till they were gone from your sight.

as you walked in your house you felt all alone like always, your dad was barely home and the twins were with your mom for the rest of the month. You walked to your room and fell straight asleep.


u woke up 2 hours earlier than u were supposed to leave and got your stuff ready for the training camp, not that you cared so much about it, you just wanted to sleep. you were basically ready to leave but u had 30 minutes more till kuroo and kenma were on there way. You went up to your dads room to him sound asleep, you smile a little bit and go down stairs and wait a little.

a few moments later, kuroo and kenma came and picked you up, you guys walked to the school and boarded the bus to the training camp, it wasn't such a long ride it was only a 1 hour.

~short TIME skiiiiip~

you guys had arrived to the camp and you were greeted by Fukurōdani's team captain and coach. You weren't really paying attention nor did you actually care you just wanted to go sleep. sooner or later you guys arrived to the place your guys would be sleeping at and when you saw the room you fell on the ground and slept away.

*the team is in the door way of the room and you are right in front of everyone*


everyone looked at you and started to laugh.

kenma looked at you and kicked your head asking you if your ok, he soon than just sat on your back playing his game.

everyone laughed harder taking pictures of you and kenma.

~time skip-



"WHAT DO YOU WANT IM TRYING TO SLEEP" you said in a angry and loud voice.

you soon than heard laughter and got even more mad. you gave them a 'you're dead' look to them. they were all scared and took small steps backwards.
you got up and charged at them soon jumping on them making them all fall to the ground. you were punching and smacking all of them. kenma was in the corner playing his game.

you got off of all the boys and walked towards kenma and patted his head, you looked at the time and say it was only 10am and the practice matches begin at 12 when everyone arrives. everyone was waiting for karasunos team, inarizaki, and itachiyamas teams. they said karasuno and the other team will be arriving any minute now. you decided to go down to one of the gyms in your volleyball uniform from your world league team. you went down to the gym and noticed some of Fukurōdani and some of Nekomas players practicing a little, you didn't bother but to go and watch for a little. As you walked in the gym you saw them working on the blocks and spikes. when you were walking in the spiker spiked the ball and it slammed on the floor and they all looked at you. you just stood there in a deadpan looking at them back.

"HEY HEY HEY what is someone like you doing in this gym managers aren't supposed to be the ones practicing, or are you here to help us out little girl" the loud owl head guy said to me

"oh my bad, just came here to practice to you know and watch you guys play a little" you death stared at him and than slowly smiled at him and walked away. "hey kuroo and other people i don't know, mind if i help you guys out?"

"yea sure" kuroo said and gave you a smile, this was the first time kuroo saw you being social and joining strangers.

"ok, and btw the name is l/n y/n"

"i'm akaashi keiji"

"nice to meet you akaashi, ima call you pretty boy" you deadpanned again

"ok than, y/n.." akaashi said to you.

"HEY HEY HEY i'm bokuto kōtarō"

"cool, i'll call you owl man" you said and stocked your tongue out to him and threw the ball at his face.

"ow" bokuto said just standing there taking the pain.

it was silent for a moment than bokuto started to whine.

"akaashiiiiβ€” sh-she hurt me" he said crying to akaashi.

~time skip kind of~

you guys began to play a 3v3 it was:

team 1

team 2

you guys began and it was your serve.

"cover your head kenma" kuroo said

kenma did as he said and waited.

you did your amazing jump serve but with less force so the ball wouldn't pop. the serve was crazy intense nobody saw you hit the ball. yaku tried to receive the ball but failed. they were left in shock.

after a few of your serves they managed to receive the ball, akaashi set the ball to bokuto, kuroo tried to block the ball but it was about to hit the floor till they all saw how fast i received the ball, it went high up and kenma gave me the look and he set the ball extremely fast to me and within the fast set i slammed the ball to the ground pretty fast causing us to get a point.

once again the other team looked shock.

~time skip~

the 3v3 was over and we all got a drink of water, we had news that the rest of the school had arrived. we walked towards the front gate where the teams were, as we were walking bokuto and akaashi asked me questions.

"so y/n i suppose you play volleyball too since how good you are, what part do you play?" akaashi asked

"oh i play wing spiker and yea i do play, i play for a world wide league"

"HEY HEY HEY that's cool, if you're a wing spiker how come you are so good at receives and setting, and blocking?" bokuto asked

"oh because i used to play those positions and plus on my team we all have to learn how to play every position, my team is like having 20 aces on one team working hard to be the best."

"oh i see than, that's really cool no wonder your so good at the game" akaashi said with a small smile on his face.

i gave him a small smile back and went back to my cold stone face.

we than arrived at the front gate and saw all the other teams, of course since karasuno is here that means my dad is to. We walked up to go and greet them and all i hear is my dad yelling at me saying i should put some clothes on. i looked at him than looked at everyone else looking at me with a slight blush. i then look down at myself to realize what i'm wearing i was wearing my knee pads, spandex, and a sports bra with my hair up in a pony tail with a few strands out and my glasses on. i looked back at my dad and apologized and i apologized to everyone else as well

"sorry dad, and sorry to everyone else as well, i was just really hot in the gym i took off my shirt, i'm kinda used to doing that..." you apologized to everyone.

"it's ok" everyone said back.

i then stood behind akaashi and bokuto as they were greeting everyone to the training camp. i look at all the players and notice one player that catches my eye, he had dark brown hair that was split in the middle, his eyes were a pretty green color and he was tall and was just staring at his phone, you also noticed that he was...really...cute...


"y/n" akaashi spoke to you trying to snap you back to the real world

"huh? what is it?"

"sorry but u were gripping onto my shirt really tightly, and you were spaced out drooling a little bit staring at one of inarizakis players...are you ok?"

"oh yea no worry's"

"oh ok, well karasuno, itachiyama, and inarizaki, this is..." akaashi points at you

"l/n y/n" you said in a kind of low voice looking at he ground still kind of behind akaashi

"y/n will be showing you to your rooms please follow her" akaashi said to me pushing me in front of him, laughing at you a little bit and than smiling.

"uh...what the fuck akaashi" you said in an angry tone and than turned to him and jumped on him, which made him fall to the ground, you were than having one knee kneeing on his stomach as you punched him in the chest and face.

everyone was just looking at you guys and laughing. one of them made a comment about you.

"who knew such a tiny person like you would be so mean and scary" the guy said

you heard the laughing and got up from akaashi and looked at the guy who said the comment and you noticed he had fake blond hair and looked like a the main character from the bee movie, you gave him a scary look and punched the guy in the stomach and stuck your tongue out, you than made a comment about him as well

"that's right you stupid bee looking bitch, when you talk you sound like you have a dick in your mouth you penis praiser" you said back to him and slapped the back of his head since he was bent down covering his stomach.

after saying that they all laughed at him and what just happened and you than looked at all of them in a angry and scary way. they were all scared and worried. you than smiled and told them to follow you to there sleeping places.

you than showed them to there rooms and had one more team to show their rooms too, of course it was inarizakis team, the whole time you were showing them around all you heard was the loud bee look alike be loud and obnoxious.

as you showed Inarizakis room, they all entered and chose where they were sleeping, you walked away and make your way to Nekomas room, intel you felt a someone grab your wrist. when you felt the grab you turned really quickly grabbed there arm and fliped them on their stomach, you then put your foot on the back of their neck like you were kind of standing on it and held both of their arms up pushing there head down and pulling their arms upward.

"WAIT WAIT" the person shouted

"what you filthy human" you said in a mad and disgusting tone

"i just came to ask you about something" the guy said

you could barely see them because the hall way was kind of dark, but soon than your realized who he was and it was that bee looking guy. you than heard room doors opening up and inarizakis team came up to you guys to see what happened. they were all shocked and worried and just stared at him trying to not to laugh at the same time. till a oreo head guy pops out of no where and asks me to let him go.

"hi ma'am can you let my teammate go?" he said in a soft voice

i than let go of the guy and let him have a moment to stand up.

"sorry about doing that to you i didn't mean to, just an instinct i have" i said showing a fake worried smile.

they all just looked at me in fear and hatred i think. i just look down at my feet and beofre the oreo guy said anything i apologized again and ran to nekomas room. they just watched me run away and helped the bee man up.

oreo mans POV

she just stood there looking at her feet, i looked at everyone else and all i could see is anger and hatred towards her. i soon than saw a drop of water come from her face.

"i-i'm...so...s-sorry for that..." she said

as i was about to say something she ran off a room and shut it behind her, i than looked at my teammates and see them help out atsumu( the bee man).

after that they were just talking about how disrespectful the girl was and how they didn't like what happened.

i just sat there on my phone listen to what they said.


i ran off crying? i think and entered the nekoma room and slam the door shut, and when i look up all i can see is everyone worried about me and wondering why i was crying, i wondered the exact same thing.

i told them what happened and they all felt bad at me and tried to comfort me, they all knew how i was... i was sensitive about getting yelled at and being disowned and stuff like that because of middle school and my past life before high school, and how i hate human interaction or known as socializing, and my anxiety when people are crowding me looking at me, and so much more. nekoma was pretty upset at what happened.

~time skip~

it was the next day and we had practices all the teams met at the gym and played rounds together. inarizaki kept looking at me, they were despising me for what happened i tried my best to ignore it but no matter how hard i tried i kept feel down about it.

in a matter of time it was our turn to play inarizaki and they were a tough challenge but we managed to get the first set. the second set was pretty hard because our wing spiker jumped and landed to hard on their ankle.

we saw coach nekomata and inarizakis coach talk about something during the time out and when they were done they switched out wing spiker out for me... i dont know why but they did.

as i got switched with the wings spiker i had to serve.. i was kind of nervous because they hated me but i took all my feelings out on the court, currently before i was about to serve my head was towards the ground and all and can feel is guilt and ppl staring at me when i looked up i had me serious face on and there were tears on my face. i threw the ball up and used 85% of my force on the ball making it slam on the inside of their side of the court.

as i threw the ball up i took a deep breaths be got serious, at the perfect time i jumped and used 85% of my force on the ball slamming it on the other side of the court really fast.

as the ball hit the ground the whistle blew giving us the point. inarizakis team were shocked and just looked at me in such shock to what just happened.

3rd person

after the match with inarizaki, inarizaki apologized to y/n and continued on with their days at the camp, every team got closer and more strong within time. after the training camp y/n got the green boys number.

even tho they got each other's numbers, they never really texted, within the year they all forgot about it and each other and went on with life.


hi again but i will be making a request page so if h want request anything please either comment your request.


but anyways yea!!
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