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Our euphoria Jean x black reader


Setting~ College/University y/n~ Black female "Everything you do makes me crave every bit of you" A/N~ I havent seen a lot of attack on titan fanfics that go with POC and jean is my fav male character so here we go. โš ๏ธWARNINGSโš ๏ธ NSFW SMOKING DRINKING CUSSING Art creds for cover:@pwkj_cos

Romance / Drama
Dira Lee <3
Age Rating:


Your lost in your thoughts at a college party. Your body sways as the music takes control.

As your dancing you feel a man's member press up behind you. You turn around shocked at who it was it was Floch.

He grips your waist pressing against you. You try to fight him off but you suddenly feel weak and fall. As you fade away about to be passed out you catch a glimpse of a man with cream skin and long hair with an undercut.

In little glimpses you can see him get Floch off of you as he was about to assault you. He gets floch and punches him in the face causing his nose to bleed.

As the stranger is protecting you, you feel lifted from the ground and is placed on something soft like a couch. Your body starts to heat up and you start taking off your clothes.

As Sasha walks past the room she can see you stripping and you hear the stranger tell her to get a blanket to cover you up. She brought the blanket and brought a lot of ice to try and cool you down.

Your illness gets worse and worse you look to the side to see the man who saved you inspect your drink and he says "Ma'am you were roufeed by the man that tried to assault you."

Barely conscious you say "Rouf-" and pass out again. A headache runs through your head as the rush of being in a vehicle makes you dizzy.

You can tell the man is worried about you.

Did you know him?

Does he know me?

Why does he care?

That's it thank you for ready luvs

Dont forget to vote and have a nice night.
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