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Our euphoria Jean x black reader


You wake up in a hospital bed looking around you to see the stranger that saved you waiting on you. You turn and look at him and can tell he was sleep you think to yourself...

Did he stay all night to make sure i was fine?

Was he the one that saved me?

The mans eyes widen as he could see you staring at him. You ask him "Umm... so what's your name?"

He nervously says "Ohh me my name is Jean, What's your name and how are you feeling?"

You reply "Oh me umm my name is y/n." He looks at you in amazement as he remembers you from a club. He asks "Your the president of the inner me club, right."

You nod and he says " I love that club and how you can calm everyone in a room from anxiety and more like a self love and care club."

*Inner me club is like a spirituality club where people can go to when they feel anxious and need help with reforming themselves*

You look at him and say "Ohh your that fine ass yt boy with the problems with your anger." He is shocked that one you called him fine and two that you remembered what he was struggling with.

As the doctor says that you need to take a break for 3 days of going to in person classes Jean volunteers to take care of you and for you to stay at his loft. You stop by your dorm to get your spend the night bag ready.

As he waits for you in his car he takes you to his loft as you open the doors you are amazed of how beautiful it looks.

He takes your bags and sets them in his room. You sit at the corner of the couch waiting on him he goes into the kitchen and asks "Y/n what would you like to eat?"

You reply "If you don't mind chicken alfredo?" He looks you in the eyes as a smile appears on his face as your words drifted from your lips.

He asks what spice level you wanted you reply "hot as you." with a smirk across your face. You look at him and can see his face turn red.

You walk up behind him and give him a hug as he is making you some handmade noodles and alfredo sauce. You hand him some Tony's cerole seasoning or Slap ya mama seasoning.

He turns around to see you making some breadsticks like the ones from olive garden. You help set up the table and he looks in your eyes as you take the first bite, with a smile and how how you can taste the sensations of the flavors in each bite.

You think to yourself.

Jean is so fuine!

This yt boy can season food?

This food makes my ushygushy throb!

Is this the start to a new begining?

Thank you for reading <3

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Have a nice day or evening ;)
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