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Our euphoria Jean x black reader


You've been staying at Jeans loft for a while now. It's like whenever you try to go back you can see how sad he would be without you.

As school started back for you, you walked down the hallways ready for class. Your phone starts to ring and the contact is

You answer and this is the convo

Y/n: What do you want

Jean: I just wondered what you wanted to eat for dinner tonight and please come and wear something nice pajamas because I have a surprise for you.

~Time skip~

You head to your f/s to get yourself a nice set. You pick out a beautiful red satin set of pajamas.

You walk back to Jeans loft and you walk into the door with a hoodie on and some sweats. You ask to go to his bathroom to change and you get out the bathroom to see jean in a black set of satin pajamas as well.

He asks for your help from you and asks can you set up the table. You never told him what you were going to eat on the phone so today's dinner is a mystery for you.

You look into the kitchen and can see that he is making your f/f (favorite food). As the smells went into your nostrils a mouth watering look appeared on your face.

He plates everything ready for y'all to eat together. He finally sits down at the table and y'all eat and he asks how your day was and how you were mentally and physically.

The question you've been longing for an answer from appears in your head again.
After you help clean the dishes he brings you in his room so y'all can lay and watch a movie together.

You lay next to jean and can see how engaged he is in the movie. You nudge him and you take a deep breath and say ...

"We need to talk!"

He gets a little anxiety tick as those words came from your mouth. You take a deep breath and say "Why do you care so much about me and why did you save me in the club?"

He calms down and takes a deep breath and says "Y/n I don't think you've noticed but you play a big part in people's lives, the way you danced and the motions of your body when you were at the party made me see you at peace. To see that Floch interrupted you and not only put his hands on you upsets me. So I took action, when you tried to drink your water to calm yourself down to only find out you were drugged had me anxious. Y/n you passed out and you had a faint breath I was scared you wasn't going to be alive so I had to stay by your side and wait for you to wake up to know you were ok. Plus I love your presence."

As Jean was rambling looking down he finally looks up to you crying. He asks "What's wrong?"

You reply I never knew I meant that much to you. I don't know this feeling but I feel warm and hot.

You look into Jeans hazel eyes you graze your hand against his chiseled beard and before you was about to kiss him. He wraps his hand against your neck as he pulls you in for a wet kiss.

If I made a mistake or error I wrote this at 3am

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