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Bakugou x Chubby Black reader Oneshot💓


This for all my black queens

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💓 bakugou x reader

It's one of them days where your not feeling the best. You have insecurities about your body but you dont show them. So you went to the kitchen gave your ( f/s) and back up stairs soon you feel asleep.

One hour later

You woke up to see 5 messages from your boyfriend Bakugou and 2 calls.

boom boom boi: Teddy bear

Boom boom boi: Answer me

Boom boom boi: ANSWER ME GOD DAMN IT

Boom boom boi: you okay

Boom boom boi: I coming to your house

You didn't want to answer so you left him on seen. Since the messages woke you up tou went to the bathroom. As you walk pass the mirror you stop and look at yourself you took off your shirt . As tears run down your face you see Bakugou in the mirror looking at you. As he walked away towards you and wrap his arm around he asked "why the fuck you didn't answer my calls?"

You being a emotional wreck you tell him everything about your insecurities. He turns you around and whispers in your ear " Do you want me to show how beautiful you are?" You paused and look at him. Bakugou starts kissing your neck whispering " I love your skin its always so soft." He picks you up and sat you on the sink. Then you kisses the stretch marks on you hips and thighs and whispers " I love your stretch marks."

As he puts bite marks in your inner thighs you moan alitte. He looks up at you. You look at him. " tonight is going to be fun he said chuckling.

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