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Invite me (Erwin Smith x black fem reader)


It was the day you finally decided to cut Eren off. You walked up to him and said "IM LEAVING!"

Before you could walk out the threshold of the door he yanked you to your feet. You tried to escape but his grip was tighter than ever.

He made you feel scared. He pulled you to him and said "Where did you think you were going?"

He raised his hand and Slapped you causing you to have a red print on your face. You still had to go to class but you needed to cover all your scratches and black eye.

You run down the hall before you are late to class and you bump into someone. You look up to see a tall white man with nice blonde hair.

He had a pro-folio in his hand. Everything you had dropped from the sunglasses on your face to the smudged make up on your cheek.

He looks up but before he could get your name you dash away from him. You sit in your class and it was time to take a pop quiz.

Your professor noticed your sunglasses and and asked you to take them off. You said no and mouthed to talk to her outside the class.

She stepped out the door as you followed and she asked what was wrong. You took off your glasses and she saw a huge black eye on your face and pulled you in for a hug.

As you tucked your head in her neck crying you look up to see that the stranger saw everything...

Thank you for reading <3

Published: 2/8/2021
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