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YOU WANDERED AIMLESSLY DOWN THE LONG HALLS OF YUUEI, DESPERATELY SEARCHING FOR YOUR CLASSROOM. The map you was given barely made any sense as you still couldn't read kanji. The eyes of many was what you could feel on the back of your neck as you hurried down the corridors. It was normal for people to stare, so it didn't concern you in the slightest. The school blazer you had worn was tightened around your waist, as you lightly jogged, careful as to not trip on the ends of your baggy school pants.

You ran up a few steps, zipped around some corners, slid down a banister when you was certain nobody was watching you, but it was all useless. You were lost. All out of ideas on what you should do, you figured you should stop one of the students and ask for help.

"Yo." you tapped one of them on the shoulder. The young boy turned around. His hair was half red, half white,a perfect split down the middle. His right eye bore a large mark. He looked familiar. Suddenly you remembered him to be Endeavor's kid Shoto, thinking back to when you met him at your mother's meet. You'd be lying to yourself if you said that he wasn't attractive. But, an internal slap on the back of your brain reminded you to focus on the task at hand. Clearing your throat, you began to speak. "I'm lost. Know where Class... class... 1A -if that's what it says- is?"

His face remained expression as he gave his answer. "I'm actually on my way there myself. Want to walk with me?" The [H/C] curls on your head bounced up and down as you nodded your head, following him at your heels.

═ ∘♡༉∘ ═

"Well, my name is [Y/N] [L/N]," you had confidently introduced to the class, as everyone began to settle themselves in. Your charming smile helped break the ice a bit as you made your impression.

"Well, [Y/N]," a girl with brown hair and round cheeks had started, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. "Welcome to the hero course! I'm Ochako Uraraka! Over there's Izuku, Todoroki, Mina, Kaminari, Sero, Tsuyu, Momo, Hagakure, Iida..."

You nodded and absent-mindedly listened as she named all the students within the classroom. Your head was empty, the only thought there was were how much you wanted to squish her chubby cheeks. Most of them greeted you with their warming smiles. One of them who barely looked old enough to be in highschool gave you a smirk which creeped you out slightly. He opened his mouth to speak, but having already guessed the words to be coming out you silenced him.

"Hey bab-"

"Listen buddy," you spoke in a firm tone of voice. "I finna tell what you about to so I suggest keeping that lil' mouth of yours shut before I start roasting your ass. I'm taken, aight?" You gave a menacing smile, half expecting to have the kana for it floating behind you in bold symbols. The boy didn't seem convinced at the 'taken' part.

"I bet he doesn't appreciate those thunderous thig-" You grew irritated of his comment and 'lightly' kicked him out the way and into a desk and chair with just enough force for it to shatter and splinter a leg. A small "oops" escaped your lips, as you accidentally used your quirk.

The green-haired girl who you was told to be Tsuyu had started laughing at this, placing a soft hand upon your shoulder. "I think we're gonna get along just fine, [Y/N]-san."

As you started making conversation with them, telling them about your time living in London, you noticed a pair of crimson eyes glaring at you. They pratically burned a hole through you, but you only ignored it.

"Sorry to interrupt your little chit-chat," a tired voice said from behind you. "But class is starting."

They all turned towards the man who said it. He was stood wearing an outfit all black, and a silver scarf wrapped around his neck. His hair was messy and unkempt as if he had just rolled out of bed. A sleeping bag was carried on his shoulder and you felt your theory was proven.

"[Y/N]?" he pointed to an empty seat. "Since you've already aquainted yourself with tye rest of the class, you might as well take your seat. The space he pointed towards was next to the boy who had his eyes glued to you. "Next to Bakugo."

You shrugged your shoulders and threw your stuff down under your desk.

"Tch, just another random extra to add to this class."

Your hand rested on your chin as you turned to face him, a smirk on your face. "Honey, you must be talking about yourself. I'm the main character. If anything, you're the extra." Your snapped back your response without missing a beat.

"Shut the hell up," he growled at you. Your eyes rolled with a healthy dose of attitude.

"Don't try and act all tough, Mr I'm-An-Edgelord. I can tell you're a soft boy."

He looked at you, ruby hues glaring at you. "What the fuck did you say?"

Unpacking your stuff, you smirked at him. "You heard exactly what I said... whatever-your-name-is."

He gave you a look as he pondered upin the dicision of revealing his name to you. He chuckled. "Tch. Bakugo Katsuki. Future Number 1 hero. You better remember that damn name, ya idiot."

A loud scoff escaped your mouth. "Sure you will, pomeraimian, sure."

He opened to give his comeback but the bell for class rang, and all attention was drawn to the front. A smile crept onto your face as you removed your focus from him.

'I totally wasn't agressively flirting with that obnoxious dumbass on the first day. Totally."

═ ∘♡༉∘ ═

You stabbed at your eraser as your homeroom teacher began to explain the day's lessons. You flicked broken bits at the Bakugo who you neighbored, managing for it to fly under your seemingly observant teacher, Mr Aizawa's, radar. He looked as if he was about to blow a fuse, trying to dodge them. Suddenly All Might had come bursting through the door with his signature catchphrase.


Whilst everyone marvled at his sudden intrusion and cheered, you was sat in your seat, wondering if you was having a sort of fever dream instead.

'Did I smoke some shit or did I inhale some of next door's weed again.'
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