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The Perfect Shot


Suzuki (y/n) an athlete who wanted to pursue her career in a different country, and in which she gets the opportunity. She comes back to the country she was raised in, to participate in the Olympics. On her way she runs into Miya Atsumu, a well known athlete. Will they cross paths again or will she go back to the boy that holds a place in her heart. Also sorry if this book is all over the place lol I DO NOT OWN ANY HAIKYUU CHARACTERS

Drama / Romance
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The Letter

Authors note: Do u guys also have an obsession with suits or is just me ? Anyways happy reading :)
Word Count 423 sorry for the short chapter


While you were waiting for the mailman to arrive at your house for possibly one of the biggest letters you would ever receive. All the boys were giving you weird looks, as if you were going insane. You didn't mind though, you were pacing back and forth picking and biting your nails.

"(y/n) if you keep doing that your fingers are going to end up bleeding and I'm not going to help you this time," Akaashi said. "Keji I know but you would do the exact same thing if you were in my place". Before he could reply you heard a knock at your door you sprinted your way there and opened it.

"Hi, is this the Suzuki residence"? "Yes it is". "Here's your mail"."Ah,thank you". You were trying to make it seem as if you weren't waiting the entire day for it. "Have a nice day" they said before you closed the door.

"It's here" you said and the boys came running to where you were standing. "What does it say (y/n)", Kuroo asked. "I don't know I haven't opened it yet". You didn't want to admit even though you were waiting the whole day for this, and now you were scared?. Pathetic you thought.

"(y/n)" bokuto called out. You looked up "are you okay", he asked. "Yeah I'm fine, I just don't want to open it". "Can you do it''? Bokuto's eyes widened "(y/n) you know I can't do that". Before you could ask him again you felt someone take the envelope out of your hand "I'll open it you little shits" kenma said.

All of you were watching Kenma open the envelope that had the fate of your future.He pulled out the letter and began to read with a smile. "Congratulations (y/n) Suzuki you have been accepted to Stanford University with a full ride. In addition you have also been accepted to further your soccer career with our team."

You were in shock. "I got in". "I got in". You jumped up and down while the boys hugged you tears rolled down your face. "We knew you could do it. That's why we pushed you so much and begged you not to quit. You have real talent (y/n)" Akaashi said. "Thank you Keji" he gave you a quick kiss. "Thank you to all of you". You hugged each one of them. "Even though it's cheesy you guys mean the world to me and I love all of you". "We love you too (y/n)".
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