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The Perfect Shot

Palm of my hands


Today is the last day you get to see your boys. The last time you will be able to kiss Akaashi's lips. But you knew this was for the best even though you were moving to a different country. You knew that long distance was going to be hard on both you and Keiji but you were both willing to give it a chance because who knew what the future could hold.

Finally arriving at the airport with your parents and the boys by your side. "(y/n) i'm going to miss you so much," bokuto said. "Me too bokuto but you do know you can call me anytime" you laughed. "Yeah I know but school is going to have us both busy". " Yeah you're right but don't hesitate to call okay" "Okay"

Next were your parents "(y/n) darling don't hesitate to call us if you need anything". "We are so proud of you never ever give up on your dreams no matter how crazy they are you hear me". "Will do" is all you could say since you were already holding back tears. Your parents are supportive but they have never told you that they were proud of you. Their "praise" only consisted of them buying your favorite cleats, or getting you your favorite players jersey things like that.

Finally there was Keji. The only thing you did was hug him; he hugged you back immediately. "(y/n) look at me" he said. "I love you, since the first day we met, you mean the world to me and seeing you get to live your dream makes me the happiest guy in the whole world. I am going to miss you so much." He leaned towards you and placed a passionate but soft kiss on your lips. "I love you Keji".

"Flight 58 is Boarding"

"There's my cue", you said and hugged them one last time. You headed towards the sign that told you where your flight was. You turned around it was so cheesy something straight out of a movie and saw them one more time. You saw Keji's smile, the biggest one. The one you loved the one he always tried to hide from you. Turning back around you were scared. Scared that you would just end up having the mind set you had the one that you worked hard to get rid of.

Getting on the plane you already felt tired. Next thing you knew your eyes were closed fast asleep.

12 hours later
''Plane is now landing at LAX please be careful". You woke up. It wasn't a shocker that you slept the whole plane ride there. After getting off the plane, you called an Uber not really sure how you managed but you did.

"Im here". Realizing that your dreams were in the palm of your hands and all you had to do was close them.
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