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A cursed slut (sukuna x black reader)


A one part smut that was for Valentineโ€™s Day

Romance / Fantasy
Dira Lee <3
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Sukunas slut

It was a dark and you were in the middle of a abandoned house. You looked to see something sitting in the corner it was unfamiliar.

It seemed as if you came there before but you couldn't put your finger on it. You picked up a key card and opened the door to a room filled with toys and cuffs.

It was a new location to where you and sakuna usually do it at but you liked the rush. As you walked through the door you looked to try and see sakuna but he didn't arrive yet so you looked on the bed and it said "Put on the lingerie and wait for me."

You left to go to the mini bathroom to put on the clothes but you heard the door open and quickly undressed and laid on the bed. He came in with his arms covered in his black tattoos that covered his body and placed his bag down and walked up to you and pulled you in by your waist and said "tonight is about you don't worry about me." He smirked and started to laugh knowing he was going to demolish you.

You said "Nah your going to go soft on me like last time." You said knowing he was going to mess you up.

He pulled you by your neck and said "Don't test me Y/n"

You smirked ad said "It's not like your going to put me in a wheelchair."

He pulled you into him and you tried to walk a way but he slapped your ass and pulled you into him and said "Don't act so bold and start running away."

He kissed you and bit the bottom of your lip it was as if he was trying to prove something to you that you didn't know why he was.

He moved down your body as he was bitting on your neck and you began to moan his name. He moved his hands down and into your pants and made another mouth in his hand as he became eating you out as he was trailing your body with kisses.

As much as you were trying to hold back your moans the overstimulation caused you to break out of character and you began to moan out loud and begged for him to go easy on you. He flipped you over to see his face while he put you in missionary.

He had one leg on his shoulder as he placed a hand over your boob as it was sucking and licking all around your nipples and you were beginning to have a nipple orgasm as he saw you about to climax he took his hand from your neck causing him to edge you and you became sexually frustrated.

He saw a frown display on your face as he removed his hand from our chest. An evil smirk rose on his face as he picked up the bag he walked in with and took out a clit sucker and he demanded you to place it on your clit as he began to stroke inside you he started off slow because he didn't want you to become numb from him going ruff.

You said to him"I knew you were going soft on me."

You said that too son because before you could finish your statement he began to increase his pace and you had the toy on your clit as he began to go faster your eyes rolled back.

You love it the way he was teasing you and the way he was treating your body was euphoric. He saw you arch your back a bit as he kept on going you moaned "Let me cum please I need to."

He responded in a stern tone "You don't cum until daddy tells you to."

Before he felt your walls tighten up he flipped you over and began to slap your ass and every slap he said "Be a good girl for daddy."

The first slap was for you talking back and the second was for doubting him. As he began to start giving you back shots he placed one of his hands in between your cheeks and you felt a chillin your body as a tongue began to stroke up and down causing you to feel week as your ass was getting eaten while getting back shots.

Sakura demanded as he began too feel your walls clench o his dick he had said "Cum for me Y/n Cum for me!"

You released a huge load of cum and all your juices covered his dick as he came inside you.You tried to walk to the bathroom to pee but you fell as soon as you tried to take your first step.

He laughed and said "I thought I was too soft and could make you still walk after sex."

Thank you for reading my Valentine's Day special :)
Have an amazing day lovely's !
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