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𝐃𝐃𝐋𝐆 - Yandere! Sugar Daddy, R. Braun


❝ The things I would do to you You and your body Every single portion Send chills up and down your spine Juices flowing down your thigh." - in which a fellow a innocent eighteen year old girl comes in contact with a famous billionaire who slowly becomes obsessed and possessive over her.

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Chapter 1

"Mom, I'm back from work." You stated approaching the doors while darting your head around the room. Everything seemed normal. The rugged brown coach against the couch. The cigarette stains on the ground.

The lamp that stood in the corner was slightly tilted which meant mom was most likely drunk again. You groaned rubbing your eyes before slamming the door closed. You leaned your back against it running a hand through your greasy hair.

Your cheeks were slightly icy then usual due to the freezing weather. Due to the bills increasing you needed to pick up more shifts which meant dropping out of college. Your life was going down hill at the moment as you could feel your mind spiraling heavily. "Hunny, your home." She said with a bright smile. Your watched your mom intensely seeing her tremble around the living room. She falls against the coach before grabbing a cigarette. "Come on dear." She said laying her head against the couch as you sighed making your way to sit next to her.

Her alcoholic breath infiltrated your nostrils as you grimaced. "Lay your head on mommy's lap." She said as you complied with her command. Ever since your father left her for another woman she's told you many things.

Gaslighting her way to your very heart because mother knows best. "Ah, my dear y/n. See? You don't need to leave me. You don't need to have a man to help you. Because I'm here! I'm here.. for you my beautiful child." She said squishing your cheeks as you looked blankly against the ground. That's right.

"Mβ€”men! Tβ€”They aren't but pieces of shit. They just leave you at your worst! Did you know the things your father did to me? Rape me!? Then leave me? He raped me! Got me pregnant with you then forced marriage. When I threatened to kill.. you.. he left. But.. but it's okay! Because mother is here. Mother will take care of you. No matter what?!"

Your mind flashes to those memories of a year ago as you let out a ragged breath. Due to your mother's craziness all she could see you as.. was a child. Even though you were eighteen years old. She continued to dress you in fluffy pink dresses and forced you to sleep in a crib.

But you couldn't do anything because, mother knows best. Deep down you wanted to tell her that this wasn't right. She needed help. But you couldn't. Every time you tried to explain you started getting emotional and fall into a panic attack.

It was currently your senior year in school. The town of trost was run by complete sickos who enjoyed slapping there wives and eating expensive cake. Everything about your world was far from ordinary.

"Come, let's eat." She said as you rubbed your eyes getting up. The woman that you once called mother grabbed your hand stumbling into the kitchen. Your eyes wonder around the thick white walls with cigarette burns in them. A huge yellow stain in the ceiling due to the frequent leaks. You felt the house slowly fall apart as you forced yourself to sit in the high chair.

The woman slowly grabbed the knife from the stand grabbing a crate of strawberries. "Your father loved these." She whispered cutting them slowly as your breath hitched. She's having one of her moments.

You remain a calm and collected composure looking at the frame of you, your mother and father. However, your fathers head had been cut out.

You looked at the clock on top of the counter watching the hands click. You have work in a few hours. You looked at your fingers slowly messing with them while reading the newest headlines in the magazine.


"You know, your father was a Titan. One with a lot of money. However, he can't do shit for his eight year old daughter."

Mom, I'm eighteen.

"All fritz are the same. God dammit!" She said slicing her finger slamming the knife against the counter.

Mom, let it go.

"I have work." You blurred out as she jumped turning around. "Baby, you don't have work. It's time for a bed time story. Your so young, work is the last thing you should be thinking about." She said grabbing your cheeks once more. In the bowl in her hands you can see the strawberries she crushed down.

You sucked in a deep breath feeling the rain of tears showing over your face. Blood dripped inside the bowl as you try your best to hold your ground. "Mβ€”mom I need to leave."

Her facial expressions turn into a deep scowl as her eyes having a slight circular appearance. Scribbles took over her pupils as she tilted her head. Her hand violently grabbed the spoon as she shoved the crushed strawberries into your mouth.

You almost gagged at the taste of blood as you looked down. She grabbed your chin harshly giving you a hard glare. "You keep looking more and more.. like him." She breathed out before grabbing her bottle of alcohol. The hard part is done.

She stumbled up the stairs as you grabbed the bowl throwing it in the trash can. "She's going to be out.. till tomorrow morning." You whispered beginning to clean the clumps of seeds on your shirt. You placed your hair back grabbing your backpack quickly. You exit the door slowly closing your day feeling the cool breeze against your skin.

You adjusted the laces of your sweat pants. You looked down as your dusty shoes as you groaned rubbing your forehead. At least no one would make in front of you for dressing like a homeless woman.

You placed your hands inside your pockets watching the sun slowly fall down. You gulped placing your earbuds inside your ear playing a soft tune. Your head nods to the soft melody as you step into your job.

"Afternoon y/n." The blonde boy stated placing the groceries inside the brown bag. "Afternoon Armin." You said walking to the offices. You removed your outer wear placing them inside a locker.

"Y/n, here." Your boss said handing you box. You arched a brow looking at her then the box. You slowly open it seeing various amounts of food and body care lotions. You smiled looking up at her. "You didn't have to do this.." You said tilting your head as she patted your back. "You deserve it. Now, get out there. Today is a Friday which means we will have more buzz then usual."

You nodded your head placing the box inside the small space. You close it up before placing your uniform shirt on.

She wasn't wrong, the lines were filled with people. You quickly made your way to a register slightly turning your music up. The night went by fast and one after the other your handled each costumer accordingly. During midnight times things got super slow. "I'm so fucking tired." The blue eyed boy said as you sighed. "Your telling me.. my mom had one of those episodes again." You stated as Armin sighed.

"You know you can spend a night or two at my place right? Before your father left my mother was close with yours."

"But now, she's close to cigarettes, treating her daughter like a eight year old, and alcohol." You said rolling your eyes as he shrugged his shoulders. "My offer still standsss.." He half sang as you chuckled beginning to wipe down your area.

A customer slowly approaches as you begin to scan there items. "That would be.. $59.87 sir." You said as he pulled out a wad of cash. "Here." He whispered as you slowly looked down to be met with an intimidating demeanor.

He stood around six feet while you felt like an ant compared to him. "Aβ€”aβ€”armored.. Tβ€”Titan!"
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