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𝐃𝐃𝐋𝐆 - Yandere! Sugar Daddy, R. Braun

Chapter 2

"Don't.. say.. a word."

You gulped placing his groceries firmly inside of the bag. Your fingers shook violently as he watched your every move. He slightly lifts up his glasses exposing his hazel nut colored eyes. He hands you a one hundred dollar bill as you gulped taking his from his hand. You could see the ring on his finger signifying he had been married. But on the blogs it states he's single.. if I rat him out I can get money.. and Get my mom her medication.

He noticed your eyes gazing on the golden band around his finger. "I'm not married." He stated firmly placing his Armani glasses back onto his eyes. "Iβ€”I didn't.."

"Sure thing love." He said pulling his phone out as you sighed beginning to give him back the change. He runs a hand through his hair as you rub your eyes. "Have a good day sir."

He leaves the money against the counter while grabbing his groceries walking out of the building. "At least you got a tip." Armin snickered playing a video game on his phone leaning against the counter. You felt pity run across your face as you take the money placing it in your pocket. You couldn't lie but having money being thrown in your face sucks. It showed how broke you look.

You sighed leaning against the wall watching time slowly pass by as you begin to stock some of the shelves. You place your hair in a pony tail beginning to close down the small parts of the shop as Armin does the same. "Hey y/n! Want a sandwich? My treat." He called out looking through the various treats. You sighed placing the key inside your red locker turning the lock. "Sure!" You said out loud slinging your backpack over your shoulder. You take out your cracked broke taking a picture of your check that your boss gave you.

You sighed placing it into your direct deposit enjoying the two hundred dollars which was going to go all towards bills. The two of you met out in the front as you placed your ear bud in wrapping your black scarf over your cold cheeks. "One day I'll end up convincing my mom for a car." Armin said with a slight chuckle at the both of you walked home. Luckily, your home was right behind his.

"One day? You mean never? Your so scared of her." You stated as he sticks out his tongue wrapping the blanket around his face. "I am not scared! Just.. a little.. nervous. Okay maybe I am scared of her. But it's only because I want her to be proud."

You would kill to have a mother like armin's. One that doesn't teach you like a child. "I wish I knew how that felt." You said as the two of you begins to part ways. You head towards your block kicking the leaves noticing a car starting. You turned around slowly as you saw the familiar blonde hair cut from earlier. Smoke slowly fell through his windows as you coughed smelling the intoxicating scent.

A soft classical sound played through the speakers as you continued walking towards your house. You opened the door with a sigh slowly closing the door behind you. Based on the loud snoring you could tell your mother was asleep. You looked at the clock then the open windows seeing that white corvette speed out into the distance. You slammed the gray curtains closed while taking your school backpack out.

You placed your notebooks as you begin to play the bills little by little. You currently had five hundred and three hundred had been going away for the electric and water.

You saved another one hundred for the two phone bills then another hundred for groceries. You finished planning out as you yawned seeing the big red numbers write twelve am. "Shit." You whispered placing your things away while heading upstairs. You peeked in at your mother seeing her slumped against the mattress with cigarette ashes burying through her blankets. You sighed closing the door heading towards your room. It was simple like always.

You had a mattress on the ground with a lap next to it. To the side was your closet which had been filled with four hoodies and three sweat pants. You placed your phone inside your charger as you take off your clothing tossing it to the side.

You take a quick shower while brushing your teeth in the process trying to untangle your hair. You do your best to place it into a simple braid. You placed a thick gray tang top on top of your body letting your breasts breathe.

Finally, after a long day of work you plopped down on the mattress in the corner looking up at the ceiling waiting for someone, anyone, to say you from this overwhelming madness.


"Good Mornin' Y/n." Your co-worker Sasha said with a small wink as you stuffed your face with the sandwich from yesterday. "Sashaaaa." You said wrapping your hands around her body as she winks at Armin. Her hands slowly guide down your hips as you slapped her silly. "You pervert."

"I'm not a pervert you just have a really nice ass." She stated breaking a piece of her baked potato. "Here.. I'll give you half."

You chuckled grabbing it while stuffing the food into your mouth. "You eat like a dog." Armin said adjusting his apron as you rolled your eyes. "And your built like one but I didn't say shit." Sasha said going to her register as you covered your mouth from giggling. The three of you continued to do your shifts as you noticed the man from yesterday come once more.

You observed him intentionally as he grabbed two packs of backwoods. You hand them two him as he stuffed them in his coat pocket. "15 sir." You said as he takes out another one hundred dollar bill he gives it to you as you prepare to take his change out.

"I'll let you keep the change if you let me take you out on a date.."
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