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𝐃𝐃𝐋𝐆 - Yandere! Sugar Daddy, R. Braun

Chapter 3

"H-ha.. sir?" You asked slightly flushed at his sudden words. He placed his phone inside of his pocket leaning over the register. His body towered over yours as you felt your fingers shake with fear. "Ah, come on.. don't be shy.. let me take you out on a date." He chuckled beginning to take out a piece of paper. "But.." You muttered thinking about your mother words.




You grabbed a pen writing your number against the paper handing it back to him. "H-here. Just text me with a date and I'll call off of work." You said as he takes the paper from your fingers. "Sounds good, love." He said with a small chuckle.

Oh god.

The rest of the shift went by slow as your anticipation grew harshly. You felt everything bubbling up inside as you've been dying to check your phone. "Alrighty, I'm here. Now go, get some rest y/n." Armin said placing his backpack on the ground as you nodded removing yourself from the register. You take a moment to silently fangirl before speed walking to your locker. You take the keys from your apron placing them into the lock.

You opened the door of it grabbing your bag placing it over your shoulder. You closed your locker shut making your way out of the grocery store. You open your bag taking out your phone looking down at it. You take a deep breath seeing a random number come across your screen. You groaned to busy frustrated over the cracks that covered it.

Hey, it's Reiner.

You felt your body heat up as you slide your phone open pressing the message icon.


You gulped not knowing how to respond as suddenly a screen of the unknown number pops up causing your phone to vibrate. You pressed the green button propping the phone up to your ear exiting the store and to the parking lot.

"I don't like to message much which is why I called you. What time should I pick you up?"

"Tβ€”time? You mean .. you want to go out on a date.. today?"

"Did I stutter? Yes I do. Now, what time should I pick you up?"

"I don't have nothing to wear."

"I don't care. I'll pick you up at 4."

Before you could protest he hangs up the phone as you groaned looking at the clock. It was 3 which meant you needed to run as fast as you could back home. Your mom is awake.

You groaned knowing for a fact she was going to question your motives. You've been gone since she's been up. Your excuse was always, I went to the park.

But then she gives you forty five minute lectures on not leaving without her. It was at the point where you didn't know if you could handle her anymore. You take in a deep breath walking inside of the house placing your keys in your pocket. However, to your surprise she had been passed out on the couch.

You immediately ran up the stairs removing your clothes off of your body. You throw your phone against the mattress running into the bathroom taking a shower. "Holy shit holy shit. Iβ€”I'm going on a date!" You muttered stomping your feet on the ground excitedly. You begin placing your hair into a simple style while looking through your closet. "Holy.. hoodies and.. sweatpants." You groaned throwing your head back.

You snuck into your mothers room going through her closet of clothes taking out a simple black dress. You placed it over your body as it had been a little tight. You looked at your stomach then turned around seeing it barley cover your ass. "This.. is going to have to work!" You said placing an oversized hoodie over it while placing a pair of your mother's flats. You grabbed your backpack slinging it over your shoulder as you watch the time suddenly go increasingly faster before you knew it.. he was waiting outside.

You gulped opening the door turning off the lights, then closing it behind you. "Okay.. y/n calm down." You whispered turning around seeing him completely decked out. He drove a beautiful white corvette and had a thick black and white tuxedo. Versus you. A hoodie with pumps, because that makes sense.

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't have much.. to wear." You said walking towards him as he grabbed your wrist wrapping his arm around your waist. "You look beautiful just the way you are." He said with a deep chuckle. The strong smell of his cologne filled your nose as he grabbed your hand guiding you towards the passenger seat. Before you can raise your hand he grabbed the door handle opening it for you.

Your legs brush against the khaki colored leather seats as you scoot inside laying your back against the seat. That's when realization hit you.

So, recap. He came into the grocery store. Asked for a date.. you had no say in it. But went regardless to get away from your mother for a day. Not only that but you saw this exact same car at your drive way yesterday.


"Just relax and enjoy the ride." He said pushing the windows down as you leaned forward. It's been years since you've been in a car. Due to the fact that your mother had been ill and work was only a few blocks away. Soft classical music played in the background as your eyes connected with the sky.

"Where are we going?" You asked. "Wall Maria city."

You almost choked on your spit as you chuckled. "Yah, as if I'll fit into a city filled with rich people. The city of trost is were I belong." You stated as he shook his head proceeding to get on the highway. "I highly disagree love."

You felt your cheeks go warm as the drive had been absolutely beautiful. Your hair was getting a little frizzy, however feeling the air against your skin was absolutely breath taking. Within an hour you felt yourself walking into a restaurant that had a line all away to a different block. You gulped as Reiner parked in a private lot opening the door for you.

He held your hand as paparazzi had been instructed to stay ten feet away or else he would eat them all. "Ah, Mr. Reiner! It's a pleasure to see you again."


"Thank you Travor. It's a pleasure to see you. My secretary made a reservation." He said as you had been in awe looking at the beautiful crystal chandeliers hanging on the walls. "Yes, however.. ma'am.. your going to have to remove the hoodie.."

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