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Mha Boys x Reader Smuts


Short stories of you and you Mha boy doing...interesting...things with each other. Also I do not own MHA/ BNHA or the cover art you see displayed here. This is mature content.

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Tenya x Reader

Name: Y/N Taiyo
Quirk: Sun
(Basically you can do anything the sun can with the cost of passing out from the heat if you use to much of your quirk)
*You are a student who transferred to Class 1-A halfway through the school year
(Also keep in mind this is your identity throughout all the smut stories)
Y/N: Your Name
N/N: Nick Name
E/C: Eye color
H/C: Hair Color

"Beep, beep," your alarm went off. "Ughhhhh," you groaned. "Why do I have to get up now? Can't I get 5 more minutes?" As you were about to let your head rest on your pillow, your mother barged in you room. You could feel the excitement radiating off her body.

"Come on Y/N, you know it's not an everyday thing to get into UA!" Your mom was proud of you. You getting into a school like UA? That was music to her ears. Reluctant, you decided to get up and get dressed. After brushing your teeth, combing through your hair, and all the other good stuff, you put on your uniform. Just seeing yourself in it made you blush.

Sometimes you felt emotion, your quirk showed through your hair. It shined brightly, but not bright enough to cause blindness to anyone. It was just beautiful to look at. After calming down you rushed downstairs to eat breakfast, left out the door, and headed straight for UA.

*At UA*

Well, there you were. Right outside Class 1-A's door. The huge door make you weak to your knees. You heard someone coming. Frightened you tried not to look to see who it was, but you can tell they called out for you.

"Hey, you outside Class 1-A's door, what are you doing." Whoever it was sound sleep deprived and depressed they had to be here. You did muster up a few words because you didn't want to get interrogated by anymore people.

"My name is Y/N Taiyo. This is my first day here from my old school. I'm pretty sure this is my class."

"Mmmh, let me check," He whipped out his phone and scrolled. "Ahhh yes, you are here and I am your teacher, Shota Aizawa. Now come on, you have to get inside."

You walked inside. Head faced down as you went to your desk. At first everyone was joyous and talking. Now they went down to quiet whispers and confusion. From embarrassment, you could feel yourself get quesy. Then the room got brighter. "Oh no, did my quirk go off? Can people see my hair," you thought to yourself.

Mr. Aizawa walked up to the podium. "As you can see class, we have a new student. Can you please come to the front of the class?"

You raised your head, walked to the podium were Mr. Aizawa was previously standing, but he stepped to the side to give it to you.

"My n-name is Y/N Taiyo. If you c-couldn't already tell, my q-quirk is Sun."

You stuttered a lot. It only made you even more nervous because you thought everyone was judging you. Someone stood up from their seat.

"Excuse me ma'am, what is the cause of your quirk showing in your hair?" As you were just about to answer, Mr. Aizawa spoke as you had just opened your mouth.

"Tenya, it's not nice to ask questions without saying hello first. Anywas Y/N, you can sit down and we can get started with class."

*After school, in the dorms*

Relieved that school was over, you head to your dorm. Luckily, you had fixed up your dorm during the weekend so nobody would see you. It was still day so you decided to put on some casual clothing. You picked out a pastel yellow crop top with white shorts and sum sunflower designed vans. You wanted to get to know some of your classmates, so you head to the lounge area to everyone you could meet.

There were 3 girls sitting on the couches talking to one another. They signaled you to come over. You happily joined.

"Hey Y/N. Meet us. I'm Momo Yaoyorozuo. She is Ochaco Uraraka. And she's Kyoka Jirou. There are more of us but I just don't know where they are."

"It's fine." You said. "I'm glad I could meet you guys. I hope we can become friends."

"We already are friends silly." Ochaco giggled.

"Yeah we are happy you came to our school." Jirou stated.

You went to the dining hall were you found a few boys, including the dude from class earlier. The one that asked you about your quirk. Still happy from the talk with the girls, you decided to go talk to the guys.

"Hey guys. Remember me from class?"

"Of course we do Y/N. I'm Tenya Iida." He karate chopped the air with scared you a little, causing your quirk to set off. The guys stood in awe.

"I'm Izuku Midoriya."

"I'm Eijiro Kirishima."

"And I'm Denki Kaminari."

They were frozen as they just watched your hair shine. It lasted for 4 minutes. You began to become a little hot. Tenya broke out of his stance and spoke.

"Umm Y/N, you can come to my dorm to see how I decorated it."

"Sure Tenya, I'd love to come." He gave off a a little smile and directed you to his dorm. As you walked of you could here the guys talking.

"I dont know guys. Her quirk is amazing. And she's hot herself."

*in Tenya's dorm*

"Wowww Tenya. Your dorm is awesome. It's so cool. Your desk, your bed. I really liked the design."

"I'm glad you do. Please, sit on my bed if you want. I dont mind."

You did just as he said. Humming and observing you looked at his room even more. All of a sudden you here a *click*. Shocked you look at Tenya.

"Um Tenya, did you lock the door?"

"Yes I did Y/N" He turned off the light and slowly walked up to you. You wanted to move but you couldn't. You couldn't deny it. Tenya was hot. His rippling abs, wide shoulders, those sexy muscles. You got a wet just thinking about him. Nervous that he would notice these rush of emotions, you looked away but your h/c hair turned into a little sun.

"Don't be shy. I haven't even got started yet."

He cupped your face in his hand and turned you towards him. You both locked eyes with each other.

"Oh Y/N. Your e/c eyes make me melt. I can't contain myself around you." Before you could say anything. He kissed you. That made you even more wet. He stopped. You wanted more but didn't want to say anything.

"Dont worry Y/N. I'm not gonna leave you like this." He began to take off his clothes. You say everything. From his huge abs all the way to his hard erection. Now you extremely wet. "Take off your clothes babygirl." Without a second thought you did just that.

*.....yeah...just read*

Tenya picked up your naked body and placed you on his bed. He got on top of you and began to kiss you. You kissed him back on his face and neck and he did the same. Covering each other with hickeys. You felt for Tenya's erection and she began to jerk him off. He let out slight moans.

"Dammit Y/N uhhh." You shut him up with a kiss and continued to please him. He became red in the face. He then moved your hand and pinned you so both of your hands couldn't move. "You shouldn't have done that Y/N. Now you're gonna get it."

"Please give it to me Tenya. Please fuck me." Y/N said in a begging tone. He slipped himself in you and you both moaned out.

"Y/N, you feel so good." He started to fuck you slowly. You couldn't help but moan.

"Ohhh Tenya. Please go faster. You feel soo good uhhh."

Without a moments notice. He speeds up. Now pounding you, you moaned out even louder than before. "Fuuckkkkk Tenyaaaaa. You f-feel s-so g-good." He shuts you up with kisses. Tenya didn't want the others to know that he was having sex with you in his room.

Your hair was glowing out of control. Your temperature began to rise from her quirk and from the good sex you was having with Tenya.

"T-T-T-Tenya. I'm a-a-about to cummmm." Once Y/N said that, Tenya stopped and pulled out. Y/N got up and said "But why Tenya, I was about to cum."

Tenya brought his head down to your private. "This is why." He smirked and then began to eat you out. You laid back down and moaned in pleasure. Sweat trickled down your forehead but you didn't mind. You looked at Tenya and only saw eyes that were to innocent for what he was doing. While he ate her out he jerked himself off.

"Omgggg. I'm gonna cummm," Y/N said as she felt herself coming to her climax. Tenya began to eat her out fast than before. His tongue circling her clit and she began to squirm. "Fuuuckkkkkk. Please, I'm almost there." Tenya moaned into her and that caused her to cum. You were astonished at what the smart boy had done to you. Tenya came right after you and released himself on to your stomach.

You both cleaned yourselves up and put back on your clothes. Tenya saw that you were still burning up. "Y/N, are you ok?" Before you could say anything, you became dizzy and fell into his arms. That intense sex made you use your quirk a lot. Tenya turned on the fans and lowered the AC temperature so you could cool off faster. He then placed you in his bed and got right next to you and kissed you. "I love you Y/N." And he covered himself with a blanket and fell asleep right next to you.


Ok I hoped you guys enjoyed. This is my first one so sorry if it's bad. I will continue to make more. Comment on who you wanna be with next. Kk bye

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