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❝ And just like that... ❞

everything changed.



IN SHIGANSHINA ORPHANAGE, a young girl around the age of 10 was lying on her bed, lost in thought until someone called out to her,


She recognized the voice to be one of her younger siblings; Aya. A 9-year-old who always seemed to cling to her. Though Ivara wasn’t uncomfortable with it, in fact, she quite enjoyed the younger girl’s presence and considered Aya her favorite among the children.

“Yes?” She responded softly

“Sister Hannah wants you to go to the market to buy some vegetables!” Aya said enthusiastically, hugging her older sister’s side as she stood. Ivara nodded and patted her head lightly, earning a grin from the younger. She then walked into the kitchen where Sister Hannah was and gave a soft smile before turning to the door. Ivara grabbed a basket and was about to leave when Hannah spoke.

“Ivara dear, please wait for a moment,” Ivara looked at the sister, who was now holding a small wooden box in front of her. She raised her eyebrow questionably. Hannah, sensing her confusion, was quick to continue.

“It’s a gift, for your 11th birthday” She smiled, making the girl’s eyes widen slightly. She had completely forgotten about her own birthday! Ivara gently grabbed the box from the sister’s hands and opened it, revealing a sparkling jade necklace. She gently brought it up to the light, inspecting it in awe.

Her eyes watered before she quickly tied it around her neck and wrapped her arms around the Sister as a sign of thanks. Sister Hannah chuckled and patted her head before sending her off into the market.

⊱ ────── {⋆⌘⋆} ────── ⊰

After Ivara finished collecting the vegetables, she placed them in the basket, handed the shopkeeper some money and was about to walk home when the ground suddenly started to shake, making her trip over her own feet.

‘What was that?!’ She thought before noticing people running towards the town’s center. In a hurry, Ivara followed behind three children and but paused when they stopped suddenly. She turned to see what they were all staring at and the sight made her cerulean eyes widen in horror.

A giant, skinless head loomed over the wall, peering at everyone underneath.

Ivara stood frozen as the titan broke down the wall effortlessly. Screams and crashes were all that could be heard as people ran away in hopes of getting to safety.

A large piece of debris flew over her head and crashed into a nearby building, making her instinctively turn to look at where it had landed. She noticed the familiar sign of the orphanage on the ground, and visibly paled. Fear washed over her body as she dashed towards her home, praying her family was safe.

When she arrived, her heart shattered and tears welled up in her eyes. The orphanage had been crushed and she couldn’t see any of her siblings or Sister Hannah anywhere.

′T-They’re safe, right? There’s no way they’re dead...′ Ivara thought to herself as she looked around, mentally praying to see Aya and her other siblings running up to her like they usually would.

She was about to break down when something caught her eye; movement.

Someone was alive! Her breath hitched before she ran towards the destroyed building and started to dig around frantically. After a few moments, she saw a familiar 9 year old on the ground, half of her body crushed by the rubble.

“AYA!” She gasped before tugging her small hands, trying to pull her out.

“I-Ivara...” The girl whispered lightly, her voice hoarse

“Yeah! It’s me! I’m here, don’t worry I’ll get you out soon, okay?”

“N-no... You have t-to get out of here!”

“I can’t leave you here!”

“Ivara, l-listen to me. You have to go! Don’t worry about me, get to safety!”


“I-Ivara, you have to live... and be free! Remember, from the bottom of my heart, I love you” Aya smiled softly before she closed her eyes for the last time.

“N-No, you’re joking right? Aya, c’mon wake up now. It isn’t funny!” Ivara said as she pulled out her younger sister’s dead body and started shaking it lightly.

“A-Aya...” She whispered, her blonde bangs shadowing her eyes as she cried silently.

‘I promise, I will live. Live for you all.’

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