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The Rest of Us


"Maybe we're soulmates... but just in another lifetime." She hides the truth about her childhood, hoping it'll go away if she ignores it. Y/N never had the normal childhood others thankfully had. Years after, she and her brother were blessed enough to escape their troubles but is stuck with reoccurring dreams that seemingly haunt her. Moving back to their hometown, the siblings attend UA High making new people but nostalgia hits her with a certain hotheaded blonde. Storyline roughly follows MHA anime/manga with a twist. #1 - bakugou #1 - MHA #1 - Katsuki #328 out of 1.2M - fanfic ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/16uCjdNbfcyzIVGv4Y0SmX?si=zIADvt6iR0OkJ562p8WjlA Disclaimer: I do not own any of the MHA characters not claim rights to them. Art used for the cover was not illustrated by myself and rights go to its rightful owner who can message me if usage is not permitted. Additional characters added to the story are of my possession.

Romance / Action
Age Rating:

(1) The beginning

(I know weird start but trust me it gets better)

Prologue 🌙

“You okay?”

“Hmm?” I wondered, turning to lazily look at my boyfriend next to me.

“You doze off again.” Ren pointed out, wrapping his arm around me and pulling me into his side. I sighed and laid down on the grass with my head on his lap.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to,” I mumbled watching the clouds float by minimally.

“Same dreams again keeping you up?” He wondered, messing with the lighter colored hair that framed around my face. His cold hands electrified my warm skin.

“Yeah, same annoying ones.” I sighed throwing my arm over my eyes. “I don’t get it. Why do they keep repeating? And something new shows up almost every time.” I ranted extinguishing my frustration as I spoke.

“What was new this time?” He questioned looking down at me. He lifted my arm and took a peek at me, giving me a warm smile to calm my stress.

I sat up pulling my hat off to run my hands through my hair, stuck with my thoughts. “I dunno if I should tell you.”

He stood quiet for a moment. “Why?”

I sighed and turned to sit on my knees to look directly at him. The sunlight danced across his black roots and the silver straight body of it.

There was no hiding that he was the sun’s favorite despite his shadowed features.

“A guy showed up.” I began, messing with the hem of my skirt.

“A guy?” He repeated, processing the words himself.

“Mhm~” I nodded feeling the slight raise of jealously in him for the small mentioning of another male.

“And what happened?”

It was hard to say since I hadn’t figured out exactly what had happened either.

“Same as usual...” I started, looking at the school as I spoke. “It was back when I lived in Musutafu with my mom and Senya. We were playing with these two little boys and then out of nowhere that disappears and it shows just chaos. But like I mentioned, there was a guy there and we looked at each other.” I explained, swaying my head to each side with each word.

“What did he look like?” Ren scooted closer noticing my voice soften as I finished my sentence.

“That’s the thing. Like he was there and we both knew that it was a dream but I couldn’t see his face. It was blurred or blocked off.” My fingers played with the grass below us as I spoke. I could feel Ren’s state from where he was.

Most of the time I felt like he thought I was going crazy.

“Ah~” He sighed letting out a deep sigh. “You and your strange caster dreams”

“But they’re not just dreams!” I insisted, letting go of the pile of grass that was in my hand. “It has to be some kind of stupid sign, right?”

“Y/N, I think you just read too many books.” He joked, standing up and wiping his uniform off.

“I swear it’s not that. Have one of your soul spirit things check and I swear I’m telling the truth.” I argued trying to get him to believe me.

Deep inside, I knew there had to be a reason for them. It wasn’t as if dreams naturally continued night after night, leaving off from where they last ended or started from the beginning. I trusted myself enough to know that my brain wasn’t playing tricks on me.

“Maybe.” Ren complied, reaching his hand down to help me stand back up. He dusted off the pieces of grass on my jacket as I took some out of my high socks.

“That means never,” I mumbled under my breath. He shook his head rolling his eyes at my comment.

“Let’s just go to class. I’m sure we have training to focus on or something.” He said grabbing my hand and kissing my forehead under my hat.

“What’s the point? I’m moving back anyway so it won’t be like my last days here matter.” I shrugged, lacing my fingers with his.

“That’s because you’re going UA now and leaving the rest of us Shiketsu people behind.” He mentioned, eyeing me from the corner of his eye.

“You act like I wanted my mom to be moved to a new location for her job.” I laughed, opening the door into the school. “UA is still the same as here.”

“I’m just teasing you. I’ll miss you though. So will Emi and Anya.” He stopped in the hall outside the door of our class. The bell hadn’t rung so we had a few moments to talk more.

“Like those two will miss me.” I chuckled. With people being scared of me most of the time, I hadn’t had many friends. I also have no memory of my childhood from getting in a bad car crash so even if I did have friends I wouldn’t recall them. Those two girls were the last people I’d call my friends.

“They will. We all will.” He trailed off. I pulled his hat down noticing the fall in his happiness. He pushed it back up, looking into my eyes.

“Don’t worry. I’ll come by and visit! It’ll be like I never even left.” I smiled, tapping the tip of his nose. “Who knows maybe I’ll have a custom life-size balloon or something of me that you can take around with you.” I joked, almost seriously considering the idea.

“That would be terrifying.” He laughed, opening the door as the bell rang.

“How about I make it portable! You could deflate it and put it in your backpack.” I thought further, tapping my finger to my chin.

“Y/N, no.” He laughed, sitting across from me at his desk. I grinned back taking in the final moments I had in class with him. After these next two days, he and I would have a distance between us.

I hoped nothing changed.

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