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The Emotional Support Person


Sato Aki is childhood friends with Kozume Kenma and Tetsuro Kuro. She is the self appointed 'Emotional Support' person for the Nekoma High Volleyball Team. Kenmaxoc ~Disclaimer~ I don't own the manga or anime Haikyu...Unfortunately (T⌓T) I only own my ocs.

Adventure / Romance
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Sato Aki POV (Sato is her last name)

I was playing on my phone with Kenma sitting kind of next to me, since we both got lost while running. Suddenly a voice said, “What are you guys doing?” Kenma looked up from his phone. “Eh... Um...” stuttered Kenma. “We’re lost...” I said for him raising my head. I saw a boy with orange hair wearing a Kurasuno High School t-shirt. Orange Hair kept talking, “You guys from out of town?”

“Yeah.” answered Kenma looking back to his phone. Then Orange Hair asked, “Is that thing fun?” Kenma answered, “Not really. I’m just passing time.” “What about you?” asked Orange Hair. “I only download fun games. If they aren’t I delete them.” I replied. “Huh...” he replied. “AH! Are you a volleyball player?” he asked Kenma. “Huh?” Kenma replied. “Those are volleyball shoes!” Orange Hair replied excitedly. “Oh. Yeah,” said Kenma.

“I’m in volleyball club too. I’m Hinata Shoyo.” “Kozume...” said Kenma trailing off. “Kozume? Is that your name?” asked Hinata-san. “Kozume...” said Kenma looking up then down again. “...Kenma.” “So you’re Kenma,” said Hinata-san. Then he looked at me. “What’s your name?” “My name is Sato Aki...” I said shyly. “Are you guys in High School?” Hinata-san asked. “Yeah,” said Kenma. “What year?” asked Hinata-san. “I’m a first-year.” “We’re second-years,” I said. “Crap.” said Hinata-san looking stiff. “You guys are older than me. Pardon me.”

“Don’t worry,” said Kenma. “I don’t really like that status stuff in athletics.” “Oh. Is that so.” said Hinata-san. “So, do you like volleyball?” “Not particularly. I kind of just do it.” replied Kenma. “I don’t dislike it, but I don’t like getting tired. But my friends play and they probably can’t do without me.” “Ohhh. I think it’ll be more fun if you get to like it.” said Hinata-san.

“I don’t really care,” replied Kenma. “It’s only while I’m in high school anyway.” “What about you?” asked Hinata-san. I looked up. “I suppose. It looks cool,” I replied. “You don’t play?” asked Hinata-san. “Nope!” I said. “I’m more like a cheer leader... I call myself... The Emotional Support Person. So, if you have any troubles, feel free to contact me!” “I wish we had that in our school.” “What position do you play then Kenma?” “Setter,” replied Kenma. “Really? You’re a little different from our setter. Our setter is a little more... intense.”

“Wow...” said Kenma. “Well, I’m middle blocker.“”Do you think it’s weird? It’s a position for tall guys.” “Not really,” I said. While Kenma said, “I guess... But I don’t really think that. I get told a lot of stuff when I go to matches. They say: ‘The setter position is for the most talented player, so why him?’ Because I’m not really athletic to begin with.”

“Ohh... Is your team good?” asked Hinata-san. “Well, I heard that we were good a long time ago,” replied Kenma. “But we fell in decline. Recently though, I think we’re pretty good.” “What’s your-” said Hinata-san but he was cut off by Kuro saying, “Kenma. Aki,” “Oh, Kuro,” said Kenma putting his phone away. I got up and did the same. “Bye,” I said waving to Hinata-san, smiling a little.

Then I turned around. “Bye,” said Kenma. “See you soon, Shoyo,” Hinata-san waved looking lost. “Don’t go wander off by yourselves,” said Kuro. “Sorry...” I said. “Sorry,” said Kenma. “We’re strangers in this place. You have to be careful,” said Kuro. “Aww, are you worried about us?” I said teasing him. “I’m worried about Kenma. He is our setter, but you, I could care less about you,” replied Kuro. “That’s just sad,” I said pouting. “You’re not very nice. and I am the Emotional Support person for your team.” “Too bad. It’s not like we really need you.” said Kuro. “That’s just mean!” I exclaimed, fake crying.

~Timeskip to Later in the Evening~

“About our destined opponent, Karasuno... Do they have a female manager or not?” asked Yamamoto-san very seriously. “I bet yakisoba bread they don’t.” “Whaat? I’d prefer that they did, so my bet is that they do,” said Inuoka-san. “Me too!” said Shibiyama-san. “Idiots. We don’t, so won’t it make you mad if they do?” countered Yamamoto-san. “We have Sato-senpai,” said Inuoka-san. I looked up at the mention of my name and raised my eyebrow. ‘Really?’ I thought. ‘They’re betting if Karasuno having a female manager or not? Lame.’ Then I to continued play the game on my phone. Then I felt somebody play with my braid. I looked back and saw Kenma fingering it. I looked back to my game and smiled slightly. “But, she isn’t a manager,” argued Yamamoto-san. “She talks with us and is pretty cute,” said Shibiyama-san.

“Anyway, what if they had a beauty for a manager?” Yamamoto-san started crying. “I won’t forgive them if they do! I won’t forgive them! I never will!” He got up and opened the window. “And if that’s the case, you’d better watch out Karasuno!” he yelled out. Then Kuro got mad. “Shut up Yamamoto!” he yelled. “Hey, Kenma. What do you think?” Yamamoto-san asked normally. He looked up at the game he was playing on the phone. “I don’t care either way.” he said. Then Yamamoto-san tched, “I knew you’d say that.” “But...” Kenma continued, smiling.

“I’m kind of looking forward to it. Our match against Karasuno.” Everybody gasped. “Kenma who has no will to play is looking forward to a match?!” exclaimed Yamamoto-san. Then Kuro spoke up, “Yamamoto, you seem full of energy. You can practice double the amount if you’d like.” “S-sorry.” stuttered Yamamoto-san. “What about you, Aki?” he asked. “I guess I’m a little excited for the match. I cant’ wait to see if we would win or they... After all, I heard that they played Aoba Johsai and won.” I said. “Really? Now I’m getting a little pumped up.” said Kuro.

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