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Fruits Basket+1

The House

Emiko POV

“Emi! Emiko!” said Tohru as she shook me awake. “It’s time to wake up!”

“Hai...” I said.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Emiko Honda and I have an older sister named Tohru Honda. We live in a tent and my sister is in her first year in Kaibara High School and is very clumsy and ditzy. She is average height with long brown hair with bangs. I have brown shoulder length hair. I’m in my first year at Kaibara Junior High and to say so myself, the more mature one. I am 12 years old and my sister is 16. We bear a curse.

“I wanted to wake you up earlier so we could explore the area,” explained Tohru.

“Cool!” I said, “Let me put on my clothes and we can go.”

After some time, I said, “C’mon let’s go! I’m ready!”

“Yay!” said Tohru.

As we walked higher we reached the highest point and then Tohru said, “Doesn’t the breeze feel nice?”

“It does!” I replied.

“Ooh! Look! A house!” said Tohru.

“Hmm?” I asked but she was already heading down the hill. As I got closer to the house, I saw that my sister was looking at some animal figurines.

“It’s another set without the cat,” I hear her say.

“So they’re zodiac figurines?” I asked.

“Yup! They are,” said an unfamiliar voice.

“Who are you?” I said with a note of hostility in my voice.

“I’m Shigure,” said Shigure. “I painted those figurines.”

“And it’s another set without the cat,” said Tohru sadly.

“Cat?” asked Shigure.

“You see, our mother often told us the story about the cat and 12 zodiac animals. My sister wanted to be the ‘year’ of the cat and quit being the year of the dog,” I explained.

“What a coincidence! I am also the year of the dog! Though I wonder what the cat would say if he heard that,” he mused aloud. “What year are you then?”

“Rabbit,” I answered, “C’mon sis. We’ve got to go.”

“Oh! I am so sorry Shigure-san. I just realized we trespassed onto your property!” said Tohru.

“It’s fine... What are you ladies doing here anyway?” he asked. “We live around here.” said Tohru.

“I see...Ow!” he suddenly said. When we looked back we saw that he was clutching his head and there was a figure behind him.

“Sohma-san!” my sister exclaimed.

“You know him?” I asked her.

“Not personally though he is in my class,” she explained.

“Honda-san, he didn’t do anything inappropriate did he?” said Sohma.

“No... ! Anyway! This is my younger sister Emiko!” she said.

“Nice to meet you,” I bowed.

“Same,” replied Sohma. “This here is my cousin Shigure Sohma. I am Yuki Sohma.” I nodded in response and said, “C’mon sis. We have to go now,” and grabbed her hand.

“Wait! Since we’re here, let’s walk to school together,” said Yuki.

“Fine with me,” I shrugged.

“Sure!” said Tohru. As we walked, my sister kept chatting and that boy Yuki just kept nodding and stuff. Soon we arrived at my school.

“See you later sis!” I said.

“Bye!” she replied.

~At Tohru's School~

Tohru POV

“Well, it was a pleasure walking with you!” I said.

“Same here!” replied Yuki. And we walked off in different directions. Suddenly, I was confronted by some girls.

“What were you doing with Prince Yuki?” one of them said.

“Prince Yuki?” I asked confused.

“Yes, Prince Yuki,” they said with flourish. “We are the Prince Yuki Fanclub. We-” they were interrupted when my best friends Uo and Hana appeared.

“What’s going on here?” asked Uo.

“No-nothing,” one of them stammered.

“Good,” replied Hana.

“We-well see you later,” they stammered.

“Are you okay Tohru?” Uo asked.

“I’m fine,” I said.

“How unfortunate for you to encounter them,” said Uo.

“Yeah. Very unfortunate,” added Hana.

“Well, let’s get to class now!” I said.

“Yeah,” said Uo.

~Cooking Class~

“Why were you with the ‘Prince’ anyway?” asked Uo.

“We met each other on the way to school,” I replied.

“Oh, by the way, how is Emi?” asked Hana.

“She is doing fine,” I said. “Thank you!”

“No problem,” replied Hana.

“How is Megumi?” I asked.

“Doing fine as well,” said Hana.

“Ladies, quit chit chatting,” said the teacher.

“But we’re already done,” replied Uo.

“Honda-san made it all,” said the teacher.

“The rice is done,” said Hana as if the teacher wasn’t there.

“Whatever,” muttered the teacher walking off.

“Itadakimasu!” we exclaimed and started eating. ”

Tohru, you should eat more, you do have to work later right?” asked Uo.

“Yup, I do have work later but don’t worry, I am eating enough!” I said.

“Really...” said Hana.

“Really!” I replied.

“But, saying that you would pay the school fees for you and your sister was really brave of you,” said Uo.

“Yeah, it was,” agreed Hana.

“Are you still living with your grandfather?” asked Uo.

“Yeah!” I said nervously. If I told them I lived in a tent they would freak.

“They are treating you well right?” asked Hana.

“Yeah, they are!” I replied.

“Alright then...” said Uo.

Emiko POV

‘Ah, school is so boring,’ I thought. ‘If I hadn’t made that promise with mom, I wouldn’t have chosen to go to school. I would rather work but I can’t. Cause I have school.’

“Honda-san, can you read the next 3 sentences aloud?” asked sensei. I stood up and started reading in English, “The bluebird chirped happily as it flew through the air. ‘Chirp, Chirp’ it went. As I watched it I wished I could be as free as it could be.”

“Alright what about you next,” said the teacher. “Hai,” said the student.

Tohru POV

~After School~

“Ah! Sohma-kun!” I said.

“Hello,” said Sohma-kun. “What did you and Shigure talk about?”

“We talked about the story with the cat and the 12 animal zodiacs because I saw his figurines. There was no cat though,” I said sadly.

“Well, the cat is an idiot,” replied Yuki.

“Why?” I asked. “Oh! I have to get to work now. Later!”

“Bye,” replied Sohma-kun. I quickly rushed to work. It wouldn’t be fair to burden my younger sister.

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