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Y/n Black (Daughter of Regulus Black) has never been outside the perimeter of her castle. But when she meets adventurous Fred Weasley (son of Arthur and Molly Weasley) she goes beyond her fathers rules. Fred Weasley is very fond of y/n but does she feel the same way..? (None of the characters were created by me they were all created by J.K. Rowling)

Fantasy / Romance
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~Chapter One~ the Family Friend

Y/n woke up to the sound of her dad barging in. “Dear wake up some of my close friends and their kids are coming over any minute now.”

You pull the blankets over your head and groan “Dad why so early?” You mumble.

“It’s an important matter, now get ready” he reply’s with.

He walks out shutting the door behind him before you could reply. You sit up and walk over to your closet. You put on a white dress that has a fake bow tied around the waist, and a v neck. You fix up your hair and walk downstairs where you see your dad standing by the door.

“Just in time dear” your father says while looking at you. You walk down the stairs and stand by your dad with your arms behind your back.

“Who exactly are we-“ you get cut off by your dad. “You can open the door” he says to one of the maids. You roll your eyes and stare at the door. The maid opens it and a man followed by a women walk in. The man is tall and has short ginger hair. The women is up to the mans shoulders and has shoulder length ginger hair. They look like some of the nicest people you’ve ever seen. A boy and girl walk in, the boy has freckles all over his face and he also has ginger hair, the girl is stunning she looks quite young but she has ginger hair that’s about shoulder length and has one of the most heart warming smiles. You look at the women and the man. “You have a beautiful fam-“ you get cut off by two boys arguing. You look at the door and see two very tall boys who have ginger hair and freckles. You can’t help but stare you didn’t know what else to do.

“Oi Fred, princess over there is staring at you” One of the boys said.

You quickly look away. “George don’t bother her” the lady said while smacking his arm. “Only joking mum” he said while laughing. You look back at the two boys and lock eyes with one of them. He walks up to you and holds out his hand. “I’m Fred, Fred Weasley” he says.

You look up and shake his hand. “I’m y/n black, pleasure to meet you” You reply with while smiling. He smiles back and walks back over by his family.

After everyone introduces themselves they walk to the dining room for dinner. The food is already on the table and it’s quite a lot of food.

“Woah!” Says Ron while he takes a long look at the food trying to decide what he should eat. The twins laugh and sit down. Ginny sits towards the end of the table. “Y/n come sit over here” she says.You smile at her and go to sit down.

“Your house is very big, it must be nice to live here” Ginny says while taking a bite of mashed potatoes.

“Yea to be honest it gets quite lonely” you reply with while letting out a small laugh.

“Well why don’t you go to hogwarts?” She asks

“My father doesn’t like me going out places.. ever sense my mom died..” you say while staring at her picture that’s placed on the wall behind your fathers dining chair.

Ginny puts down her chicken leg. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bring that up” she says.

You let out a fake laugh so she doesn’t feel bad. “It’s fine it’s in the past now” you smile.

Ginny picks her chicken back up and starts eating again, but you can tell by her face she still feels kinda bad. You feel something touch your foot. You look up and you see fred who’s sitting across from you look up also. You both make eye contact. He laughs and says, “I’m sorry love.” You reply with, “it’s fine” and you look back down at your plate but you can see fred still looking at you. You finish your food and wait to be excused. After everyone finishes your father asks you to show everyone their room. So you take everyone upstairs to a hallway with 5 doors.

“Feel free to pick whichever room, my room is the first one to the left if you need anything just knock” everyone walks off to one of the rooms except for Fred.

“Can I help you” you ask while looking up at him.

“What’s something fun you do around your castle?” He says castle quite sarcastically, but he says it with a smirk which gives you butterflies.

“Erm well there’s a library-“ you say. You didn’t really know what else to say your father doesn’t even let you explore the castle because of some sort of secret.

He repeats what you said with a confused tone “library?”

“That’s what I said isn’t it?” You reply with

“Fred Weasley doesn’t read” he laughs

“Well um you could always go to sle-“ he cuts you off.

“I was joking darling, mind showing me the way to the library” he says with a smile.

“Oh um yea sure” you feel stupid that you didn’t know he was joking, why? Who knows- you never get embarrassed in front of people so why’d you get embarrassed in front of him..?

“So are you gonna show me or not” he laughs breaking your train of thought.

“Oh yea my bad, follow me.” You lead him down the stairs and to the library. “Erm here we are” you scratch the back of your neck. The library has a dark academia look.

“It’s very quiet” he says.

“Yea” You reply with

He turns to you making you two face to face. “Why don’t you go to hogwarts?” He asks.

“Oh my um dad doesn’t want me getting involved with magic..” you say holding a smile.

“And why’s that love?” He asks with a confused look.

“Well my mom was really into magic she was already great at it but she wanted to learn more so she did and... it ended up getting her killed” your smile starts to fade away.

“Oh- erm I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-“ you cut him off.

“It’s fine fred” you say “maybe one day my dad will let me go-“ you get cut off my someone.

“One day I’ll let you go where dear?” You turn and see your dad.

You look at him “um.. hogwarts” you say nervously.

“Actually dear I need to talk to you about that” you look at him with a confused look. Your dad walks into the library and stands in front of you. “Molly and Arthur Weasley have convinced me to let you go to hogwarts” you pause and look at him for a minute. Your father breaks the silence “You’d be in your 4th year, same year as Fred actually” you hug your father “Thank you so much dad!” He hugs you back with a big smile on his face. Your father and Fred make eye contact. Your father mouths the words “Keep her safe for me” to Fred and he nods his head and smiles. Your father pulls away “you should get some sleep your gonna be packing tomorrow” you nod your head and he walks out. You turn to fred with a huge smile on your face. He laughs “someone’s excited” “Yea very actually but we should go to sleep it’s getting late” you say.

You both walk out the library and back up the stairs to the hallway where both your rooms are located. “Goodnight darling” he says, you reply with “Goodnight Freddie” you both walk into your room shutting the door behind you. You change into a shirt and shorts and lay under the covers. You can’t stop thinking about what it’s gonna be like at hogwarts. You turn over and close your eyes, and eventually fall asleep.
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