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Lame - Suna Rintaro


❝if you let me spike your ass like a volleyball, would it invert? ❞ ❝oh god why are you like this? ❞ In which suna takes a liking in trying to find a way to befriend and embarrass the schools quiet girl. (sunas a bit toxic & manipulative) -lowercase intended! -a lot of grammatical errors!

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narrators pov 🎍

IT'S ALMOST FEELS EUPHORIC. Being in highschool, finally being able to be called a teenager who is able to live their lives and have fun the way they want, right? but, that's only if you're popular.

inarizaki high. a powerhouse school, an amazing volleyball team, hot boys, hot girls. who wouldn't want to go to inarizaki ? after all THE miya twins go there, along with THE suna rintaro.

Y/N L/N, inarizakis "quiet girl" of course y/n being the amazing student she was, she always had top markings on all her assessments and assignments, all in all a very smart girl. many students that had her in their classes didn't even know who she was or that she was in their class. she was grateful for this, after all she hated attention, it made her anxiety rise.

everyone except suna had known little to nothing about the h/c haired girl. he had taken a liking in trying to fluster or just make the poor girl mad. after all he found it quite amusing the way her nose would scrunch up in annoyance and the way her eyes would squint as she glared daggers at the tall male.

third person pov 🎍

"l/n do you know the answer to this question?" the older male questioned as the small girl squeaked in surprise. she wasn't paying attention, not because she didn't want to but because of him. of course, every class he had with her he had to try to find a way to annoy or distract the girl. he liked the way she huffed in anger as she answered the question in a quiet voice.

suna had pitied the poor girl seeing how she fiddled with her hands as tears welled at the corner of her eyes slightly as the teacher stared at her waiting for her answer, he felt bad. his only option was to get the attention on him by doing something out of pocket to get the teacher to yell at him.

"you owe me for this." he grumbled as the girl averted her attention to the boy in surprise as he picked up a stack of papers on his desk and threw them in the air causing the class to all look at the boy and start laughing. everyone had forgotten about y/n and their attention averted to suna.

it wasn't abnormal for the boy to do stuff like this, after all whenever the teacher would hold him back for class he would always find a way to leave before the teacher could get ahold of him. you'd think the principal would punish him by suspending him from the volleyball team but they could've cared less.

he was a core member of the volleyball team, so they couldn't just suspend him, it would damage the volleyball team and inarizakis reputation.

"SUNA RINTARO! STAY AFTER CLASS!" the older male yelled at the brown haired boy who averted his eyes to the teacher and sarcastically smiled. "gotcha" he replied before sitting back down in his seat, "ya know you owe me one for that" he whispered as he slightly pulled the girls hair making her slap his hands away and slump her your seat.

"i don't owe you anything, you chose to do that" she said as her eyes never left the front of the class. "yeah i chose, but if i didn't you would've cried and embarrassed yourself in front of the whole class" he replied while snickering as the girl turned red from embarrassment and slammed her head on her desk.

"a pack of chuppets, thanks" the boy said before laying his head down on his desk and falling asleep.

at last the bell rang as she gathered up her stuff and tried walking out of the classroom before suna made her buy him chuupets by dragging her to the convenience store in front of inarizaki.

"y/n" suna grabbed the girls backpack pulling her back before she could walk out the door, "come on don't leave me here" he whined as y/n kinda just stared at him while blinking. "oh come on aren't you going to atleast feel an ounce of sympathy for me?" he questioned as the girl shook her head vigorously.

"suna. stay." the teacher said as suna groaned while the girl slightly shuffled away in silence. "i'm not staying here, ya know?" he said as she tilted her head. "and how are you going to do- why am i even talking to you?!" the girl sputtered while storming out the door. "hey y/n! wait for me!" he yelled as the teacher got up.

"mr. suna. sit down and stop yelling." the teacher said as the boy sighed grabbing his bag. "sorry i got to go" he said before making his way to the window and jumping out. "SUNA !" the teacher yelled as the boy ran down the path.

"and i was like "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YER MAD AT ME- suna ?" the blond boy questioned as osamu and kita looked at the boy who looked as if he was going to drop dead from exhaustion. "i need a nap." the boy say on the table putting his head down as the boys continued talking.

─── βˆ™ ~Ρïз~ βˆ™ ───

"okay, y/n just give him the chuupets and walk away, maybe he'll leave you alone? aw damn it i cant do this." the girl said as she paced back and forth trying to build up the confidence to give the boy his chuupets and walk away.

"i'm not doing that. but what if he leaves me alone? no i can't the volleyball team is scary. so are atsumu's fan girls" the girl shuddered at the thought of the attention on her. "i give up" the girl said walking out to the front of the school where the benches were located in the garden.

pulling out her book she began had gotten a few days ago, opening the bag of chuupets she sighed and ate one. "hm, i can see why that idiot likes these." she whispered to herself.

─── βˆ™ ~Ρïз~ βˆ™ ───

back to suna 🎍

"hey suna are ye' good?" the grey haired twin said as he poked sunas face in curiosity. "hands off" the tired boy lazily swatted his hands away before getting up sluggishly. "hey sunarin! guess what" the faux blond coaxed at the boy who's eyes darted to the sound of the voice. "hm?" he huffed as atsumu snickered.

"we have to stay longer today for volleyball practice" the boy cooed while putting his hands on his face and sticking his tongue out. "yer playin? he's playin right kita?" the grey haired twin asked as suna snatched one of the boys onigiri resulting in osamu glaring at him.

"unfortunately not" kita said as he sighed making osamu whine while atsumu smacked the back of his brothers back making suna's eyes fling open. before atsumu had realized how hard he smacked osamus back he had he already gotten smacked in the back of the head.

"yer a prick" atsumu whined as kita shot him a glare making osamu and aran chuckle. "i want chuupets" suna complained as atsumu flung out of his seat. "let's go to the convenience store pleaseee! ya' can get yer chuupets and i can get some pocky" he said.

"mmm....fine" suna said as he stood up, posture slouched. "let's go ramen hair" he said as he walked past atsumu toward the front of the school. "sunaaa!!" atsumu complain before patting his hair down. "ya' know i hate yer guts" he complained as he caught up with suna while osamu trailed behind snickering.

as suna walked past the school garden he seen y/n's figure from his peripheral vision, he slightly looked her way seeing her sitting on a bench with a chuppet in her mouth while having a book in her hand. "who's she?" atsumu had seen the boy staring and decided to ask. as suna scoffed "i don't know" he said as atsumu nodded before returning to bug osamu.

"i have to go to the restroom go buy me chuupets while i go to the restroom real quick." suna said as osamu grabbed the money too involved in arguing with atsumu they continued walking to the store while the brown haired boy ran in the opposite direction.

"hey- hey" the brown haired boy huffed out as he was out of breath from running. "what" y/n said not taking her eyes away from the book. "give it" suna said as he snatched the book from the girls hands as she jolted. "give it back suna" she said as the boy looked through the book.

"how do you know what these words are?" he questioned as the girl scoffed. "because i'm smart. and you aren't. can i have my book back now?" she said as he shook his head before sitting on the bench. "i didn't invite you to sit with me you know?" the girl said as suna looked through the book ignoring her.

"come on suna give it back" she groaned as he yanked a tiny piece of her hair. "shhh" he said trying to focus on the words. "what does kalon even mean?! that's not a word!" he said as he gave the girl the book back.

"it means beauty that is more than skin deep. you'd know that if you payed attention." he scoffed and rolled his eyes, "you know that's great word to describe you" he said as y/n scrunched her nose up in embarrassment, "yuck" was all she said "you're ugly." he said deadpanning. as the girl looked at him with her mouth agape "just kidding" he said before walking away with his hands in his pockets.

"god i hate him" the girl sighed before packing up her stuff, "wait,,,,where'd the chuppets go?" she whispered before realizing suna had taken them. "god i hate him so much" she complained before stuffing the book in her backpack walking away.


so here's this, it's not edited but here's the new story plot :')
i hope you guys like it, don't forget to vote :))
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