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Lame - Suna Rintaro


7:42 am
somewhere outside
inarizaki high🎍

IT HAD BEEN A WEEK SINCE the girls encounter with the boy, he still managed to distract her in class and bother her.

as the cold winter air pricked the h/c haired girls s/c skin as she huffed out a breath of air. making her way down the road. looking down at her phone she accidentally bumped into a telephone pole. "ow, damn it" she said rubbing her forehead. "holy shit i really caught that on camera" a voice said as her eyes practically flew out of her head. "SUNA! DELETE IT!"

"no" the boy deadpanned at the girl. "what?! what do you mean no?! delete it!" she yelled as the boy cackled walking past her. "suna!" the girl yelled grabbing his backpack pulling him. "what?" he asked as looked at the girl with an innocent expression. "please delete it, please i'll pay you just please delete it if you want i'll do your homework for the res of the month just please delete it!" the girl cried out.

"hmmm, for a month?" he said as the h/c haired girl frantically nodded her head. "deal" he said as he deleted the video. "thank you" the girl huffed out as suna put his hand on her head. "mhm..." he said as she walked away from him.

─── βˆ™ ~Ρïз~ βˆ™ ───
─── βˆ™ ~Ρïз~ βˆ™ ───

9:57 am
in class 🎍

y/n caught sight of the boy as she peered at him in disgust as he drooled on his desk, the boy had fallen asleep not even making it through the first few minutes of the lesson. shaking her head the girl averted her attention back to the front of the class. "l/n, please wake up your desk mate" the teacher said as the girl slightly jumped in her seat. nodding her head she prodded at suna trying to wake him up.

"stopp" the boy groan as he slapped her hand away turning his head the other way. "suna wake up please" she asked as she poked at his head. "no" he said as the girl internally groaned. "suna wake up" she said as she shoved him. "ow what the hell" he groaned as he seen the girl he yanked a bit of her hair.

"ow why the hell did you do that!?" the girl whisper yelled grabbing her hair from the boy who just laughed at her useless attempt to get him to stop. "i hate you" she mumbled as the boy groaned.

"class dismissed" the teacher said as y/n packed up her stuff walking out of the class toward her locker, "hey y/n" suna said as he trailed behind her. "suna, please don't follow me i don't want the unwanted attention" the girl said as suna groaned.

"what is it with you and attention" he rolled his eyes grabbing the strap of her backpack. "i...i just don't like it" the girl shrugged as she grabbed a book from her locker.

"HEY SUNARIN!" the blond haired setter screamed as y/n's head flew toward the voice. "atsumu fucking miya" the girl internally groaned before slipping away. "hey sunarin what're ya doin?" atsumu said as osamu trailed behind him.

"oh i'm just here with-" he stopped as his eyebrow perked up, y/n had slipped away before he could've seen. "hm, i'm just waiting here" he shrugged as osamu spoke up. "we should get going to our next class." he said as suna put his hands in his pocket trailing behind the twins walking down the hallways.

─── βˆ™ ~Ρïз~ βˆ™ ───

11:26 pm
sunas classroom 🎍

as the twins snickered behind suna he shot them a deadly glare, "suna-kun your hands are so nice" the light blonde haired girl gawked as she examined his hands. "your nails and rings! omg you're so cool" the girl whined as suna nodded his head at the petite girl.

"mhm.." he said as he examined the girl, slightly disgusted with the contact but it didn't bother him that much. "can i paint your nails at lunch suna-kun?" she asked as he hesitated a bit. "depends" he said as atsumu joined in, "i'll pay you 20 bucks if you paint them pink" the blond said as osamu snickered

"piss off tsumu" suna scowled as atsumu stuck his tongue out. suna scoffed before putting his head down. "i'm gunna take a nap if that's okay with you." he told the girl as she nodded.

as the boy slowly started dozing off he felt fingers stroking his hair making his jolt a bit. "sorry, didn't mean to scare you" the girl said giggling. "it's fine" he said as he fell asleep again.

"you guys are dismissed to go to lunch" the teacher spoke to the class as the black haired girl rubbed suna's head. "come on wake up suna" the girl whispered in his ear making him wake up. "yeah..let's go he said standing up"

"ya know, i've always seen you around school i was just a bit too scared to talk to you" the black haired girl said while laughing a bit. "i don't think i've seen you around before, and i never got your name" suna replied while staring at the girl.

"maiko yamashita" she smiled as she continued skipping. from the corner of suna's eye he had seen the familiar h/c haired girl speed walking through the halls toward the front of the school where the benches were located. taking his chance since maiko was distracted he ran toward the other girl.

his shoes squeaking on the hall floors caught the attention of the black haired girl who followed behind him like a lost puppy. "hey y/n!" he yelled as she spun around curious as of to who was calling her . "wh- huh?" her curiosity soon disappeared as a scowl placed her face. "what?"

running closer to her he huffed out a breath before placing his body weight on her back. "ow that hurts" she deadpanned as suna slightly smacked her. "shut up i'm tired i ran over here" he replied dryly. "i didn't ask you to come annoy me, that was your choice" the girl said shaking him off her.

"oh shut up you know you love my presence." he whined as he laid on the bench. "hey suna who's she?" the black haired girl appeared out of nowhere. "holy shit you scared me" y/n mumbled out before avoiding eye contact with her. "is she your girlfriend suna?" the girl said while giggling as suna scoffed.

"as if i'd date her" he replied making y/n gasp and smack him. "shut up nobody even likes you and your oily hair" she spat at him before looking down at her phone that was in her hand. "i'm- y/n that was mean" he sighed before getting up and wrapping his arm around maiko. "cya later y/n"

"bye y/n it was nice meeting you!" she replied before flashing you a smile. waving at the both of them watching them walk away you sighed in relief that suna was gone.

"hey you, girl" a voice said as y/n whipped her head around. "huh?" she answered as the boy showed himself. "ya know where suna went? i swear i seen him come over here with maiko" the grey haired boy said. "that way" y/n uttered pointing toward the way suna went.

"thanks, i've never seen you around, have a nice one though" he waved as he sprinted toward the direction suna went.

─── βˆ™ ~Ρïз~ βˆ™ ───

suna 🎍

"come on just give me your hand!" yelled the girl at suna who refused to give her his hand. "i'm not letting you paint my nails yellow, i don't want my nails matching atsumus piss colored hair" he said with a deadpan expression. "TAKE THAT BACK!" the blond yelled as osamu laughed.

"fine i'll paint them pink pleasee!" she whined as suna gave her his hand.

"LOOK AT YOUR NAILS! THEY'RE SO PRETTY!" she swooned at the nails, the boy had originally wanted her to do only pink but she had added some yellow flowers on his ring finger. "wow suna, look at you" atsumu said while snorting trying to contain contain his laughter. "tsumu-" osamu said as atsumu and him looked eachother in the eye bursting out laughing.

"you guys are so stupid oh my god" suna scoffed as maiko joined in laughing with the twins. catching her breath she heaved out. "hey- hey suna, what happens to that girl you were talking to?" she questioned as he looked at her.

"nothing. she's probably sitting over there." he said shrugging pointing toward the benches at y/n who was sitting there with her airpods in listening to music. "she's alone" maiko frowned. "how come she doesn't hang out with you?" she question as suna sighed.

"not really sure, she genuinely doesn't like me. atleast i think so. it's fine though but she demands being alone" she said sarcastically as the bell rang. "come on suna we have our next period together!" maiko shouted as she grabbed his hand running.

"jesus you have so much energy wow" suna said as he laid his head on his desk as the black haired girl sighed. "you should invite that girl to eat with you at lunch. she's probably lonely" she stated as suna shrugged. "she wouldn't accept" he said while laughing. "you don't know if she would, you've never asked her" she retorted.

"i'll ask her tomorrow, she's not going to come i already know her." he said as he closed his eyes. the black haired girl hummed in response as she averted her eyes down to her nails.

whoever posted my book on tiktok ily. and ty for 4k reads, sorry it took me so long to get this chapter out my homeschooling teacher dropped me so now i have to get on zoom everyday πŸ™„βœ‹ n e way. i hope you guys slept well and pls drink water ily :))

(not proofread)
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