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Lame - Suna Rintaro


"COME ON Y/N, PLEASE?" suna begged as she shook her head. "no thank you." she stated as she spun of her heels turning around. "you know i'm not leaving you alone till you agree?" he deadpanned as he grabbed her arm before she could walk away.

"my answer is no, i don't care if you want me to sit with you. i hardly know you, all i know is that you're annoying and irritating,,, and beg for stuff a lot" she argued sighing as silence engulfed them. "pft, as if. i just asked if you would sit with us at lunch, just agree it's not difficult, why are you making it difficult?" he scoffed.

"listen, suna. i said no thank you. what do you not understand about that?" she complained as suna scoffed once again. "listen, i genuinely could care less if you say no." he reminded "i." he said stepping closer. "don't." he explained as the girl backed up with every step he took. "care."

"i, suna rintaro. do not care. ok? you are going to listen to me" he said while smiling. "got it?" he asked. "whatever, fine" she replied. "good, now run along" he said while letting out a slight laugh as the h/c haired girl walked away.

"who does he think he is? god he's so annoy- hmph." y/n was cut off mid sentence as she ran into something. "ow." she said. "OMG! L/N IM SO SORRY ARE YOU OKAY?!" maiko yelled as she bowed in a 90 degree angle.

feeling embarrassed as y/n's cheeks heated up she quickly scrambled to her feet. "it's fine it's fine please get up oh my god please" she said waving her hands around frantically. "IM SO SORRY!!!" maiko cried out as y/n whined in embarrassment. "it's fine!! please stand up" the h/c haired girl begged as maiko finally stood up straight apologizing. "i'm so sorry! do you know where suna went? i walk with him" she question as y/n turned around pointing in the opposite direction of her.

"that way" she said with a slight smile before walking away. "THANKS!" maiko yelled out before hopping toward where suna was. "oh my god that was so humiliating my life is over." y/n cried out as she walked toward her next class.

─── βˆ™ ~Ρïз~ βˆ™ ───

"am i shocked? no. am i surprised? no." suna said while huffing. "you made me go around the whole school JUST to find you? really?" he said as the girl started at his chest. "mhm" she said boringly as suna walked away gesturing in a come here motion with his fingers. "come" he said not looking back at the h/c haired girl.

"guys, this is y/n, y/n these are my friends." suna said as atsumu smiled while waving and osamu nodded his head. "stop being so tense they don't bite" suna whispered as he sat down next to maiko who gestured for y/n to sit next to her. "come y/n come!" she laughed as the h/c haired girl complied sitting next to her.

"so..ah...y/n? is it?" atsumu asked as she looked up from her phone. "yeah, it's y/n" she replied with a small smile. "i've never seen ya around here. are ya new?" he asked as osamu joined the conversation. "i don't think she is, i seen her a yesterday" he stated while shrugging.

"guys, she's not new" suna sighed rolling his eyes as osamu and atsumu made an O shape with their mouths. "sorry, just never seen ya around" atsumu said smiling. "atsumu. atsumu miya, i'm kind of a big deal around here ya know?" he said cockily as maiko laughed.

"mhm..." y/n said glaring at him slightly. "atsumu stop you're embarrassing yourself. she doesn't care" suna said laughing as osamu tried covering up his laugh with a cough.

"shuddup!" atsumu yelled as he slumped in his seat. "so y/n are you going to wanna sit with us again tomorrow?" maiko questioned looking at the girl sitting beside her. "i-" she said before she got cut off. "she is. she will." suna said poking at his food. "suna don't play with your food" maiko glared as atsumu threw a napkin at him.

"y/n you're awfully quiet" atsumu said as the h/c haired girl sighed. "yeah, i don't really know how to reply to you." she said uninterested. "jeez, i know that wasn't supposed to hurt but it kinda did." atsumu whined as osamu laughed at him.

"so y/n!" maiko popped her head up looking at the girl. "how has your day been so far?" she questioned curiously tilting her head. "it's been good, you guys seem...fun" y/n smiled as suna deadpanned behind maiko while she was beaming. "that's great! has anyone ever told you you're really pretty?" she said touching y/ns hair.

"oh uh-" y/n said before getting cut off. "y/n! here's your jacket, ya left it over at my place a last week and i kept forgetting to give it to you!" the white haired male tossed the jacket at the girl before waving and walking away.

"didnt know you were friends with hano" suna said raising a brow. "we've been friends since elementary" y/n replied before putting food in her mouth. "mhm..." maiko said slightly shoving y/n teasing her.

"okay guys the better twin has to get going to the gym, kita said i could practice during lunch so......goodbye" atsumu said before getting up waving the table goodbye and leaving. "i'm gunna walk y/n to her class" suna said shrugging as he got up.

"you are?" the girl said cocking up her eyebrow. "yes, i am now come on" he said raising his eyebrow at the girl. "can i come along?" maiko asked as suna nodded. "i'm going to go steal atsumus extra bento box i'll catch u three later, bye y/n it was nice meeting you" he said waving slightly.

"what class are ya in y/n?" maiko said as she clung onto suna's arm. "i have last period with suna and sixth period chemistry" y/n said as suna's eyes looked up from his phone. "huh" he asked curiously. "we were talking about what classes she has suna" maiko said smiling softly at the male.

"so...this has been great but i feel like i'm third wheeling so...cya?" y/n said walking in the opposite direction. "bye y/n! it was nice meeting you i hope you can sit with us again tomorrow!" maiko yelled waving.

"she's fun..." maiko said as her smile slowly dropped. "she's interesting, she just needs to get out of her shell" suna replied before going back to his phone. "if you say so" the girl huffed fixing her hair.

─── βˆ™ ~Ρïз~ βˆ™ ───

"so he walked you to class? and the WHOLE time you were third wheeling?" the white haired male questioned. "yes hano, i didn't have a problem with it, it just kinda disgusted me" y/n sighed as hano slouched into his chair.

"well suna is popular, i wouldn't recommend being his friend, he can be a piece of shit at times" hano said while fiddling with his rings. "yeah thanks because that made me feel sooo much better" y/n joked. "why were you even sitting at lunch with them? don't you have like social depression? no fuck wait-"

"did you just say social depression?" y/n laughed as hano scowled. "shut up it's not funny" as y/n sighed "no i don't have social anxiety i just don't like talking to people it gives me anxiety" she replied.

"hm...so basically i'm your only friend?" he said smirking. "shut up" she replied as his smiled dropped. "rude as hell for what" he whined.

"oh you should come over again today, i got some new rings and necklaces i wanna show you" he said looking at y/n "hm, okay" she replied as hano smiled. "i'll walk you home after don't worry" he said tapping her thigh as she nodded standing up from the bench. "come on we have our next class together." she said gesturing him to get up.

"ok i'm coming i'm coming" he said following the h/c haired girl.

─── βˆ™ ~Ρïз~ βˆ™ ───

"suna i'm not going to your volleyball practice, tell maiko. i'm busy after school" y/n sighed. "cant you cancel the plans come on" he whined flicking her forehead as she put her hand on her forehead "no. now bye" she said walking away. as suna sighed in defeat.

"y/n!" hano yelled as he stood by the fence fiddling with his necklace. "it broke" he sighed showing the h/c haired girl his necklace. "aw, i'll have to see if i can fix it when we get to your house. is your mom home? my moms been wondering." she let out a breathy laugh as hano nodded.

"yeah she's home right now, i swear that lady hates me sometimes! all i said was "okay" after she yelled at me and she threw her slipper at me! saying not to "talk back" he complained throwing his hands in the air as they continued walking.

"must suck" y/n said laughing at the male who sighed in defeat. as they arrived at his doorstep. "mom! i'm home y/n's here!" he yelled as his mom came out of the kitchen. "y/n?" she said as the girl smiled waving at her.

engulfing her in a hug hano sighed as he dragged the h/c haired girl to his room. "look!" he exclaimed as he showed her his new rings he had boughten. "although this one doesn't fit me, it's way to small so i wanted to give it to you" he said as he handed the girl the dark grey snake ring.

"it's pretty" the girl awed as hano laughed. "look at this" he said showing her a necklace that had a key on it. "super cute" y/n teased rolling her eyes as hano scowled "i hate you sometimes you can never be serious!" he said as they stared into each others eyes.

as they stared into each others eyes they started laughing at eachother. "you look so stupid i cannot" y/n cried as hano laughed. "we really need to stop being loud before my mom comes in and beats both our asses" he laughed as y/n shuddered.

─── βˆ™ ~Ρïз~ βˆ™ ───

"mom i'm going to walk y/n home!" hano yelled as his mom yelled an okay back. walking out the door the cold air blew into the girls face as hanos hair flew back. "god your forehead's big" y/n joked as he smacked his hand on his forehead. "i could've made you walk home yourself and this is how to repay me" he said putting a hand over his chest. "yes" she replied as he frowned.

"come on your house is two houses down miss y/n" he said as he walked up to her door step ringing the doorbell. "y/n?- oh! hano how are you! how's your mom?" she question as hano smiled. "she's good we're all good, she wants you to come over sometime. i had to walk y/n home" he said as y/n walked into the house. "thanks hano, i'll see you tomorrow" she said walking upstairs.


this isn't edited lol- anyways sorry for taking so long to update this & sorry if there wasn't much suna in this chapter i was trying to focus a bit on hano & y/n's relationship bcuz he does play a core subject in this book lol. i'm still not completely sure if he should be a love interest or not lol. but the picture below is what i imagine him to look like.

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