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Kakashi oneshots


Different Kakashi oneshots/scenarios requests are welcome . There will be smut and lemons. You have been warned

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I wake up hearing a soft thud in my room. I rub my eyes and sit up to turn on my lamp. It read 1:30 AM on my clock, yet I were still confused to where the sound came from. Looking out through the window, I realized it was pouring with rain and the only light shining through was the bright moon

"Could have been the rain," I thought.

“It’s probably nothing,” I muttered to myself sitting on the edge of the bed knowing I won’t be able to fall asleep again.

As I was yawning I hear the creaking of the floor. I quickly grab the kunai knife that was under my pillow and threw it behind me, making sure to aim for the wall since you did not want to hurt whoever this person was

“Who are you and why are you here ?”

“It’s Kakashi.”

“Kakashi?” Why the hell is he here at this time of the morning? Did I do something wrong? That can’t be it I hardly see or talk to him.

“Is sneaking into people’s houses when they’re sleeping a new hobby?” I stood up looking at him

“Who is he to you?” he asked in his very sexy deep voice, yet something was different about it. I rub my eyes so I can look at him more clearly and looked very confused.

“Huh? Who you talking about?′

Why would Kakashi be in my room so early in the morning and asking me a random question.

“Don’t give me that bullshit Y/n.” he kept eye contact as he started walking towards me, “What is Genma to you ?”

I was trying to process to what he just asked me when I realized how close he was to me, feeling his breath on my face. “What do you mean what is he to me? He’s my best friend ever since the academy.” I hug myself due to the breeze coming from the window. I remembered it was still raining and looked at Kakashi’s clothes.

“Baka, your going to get a cold if to you don’t-” I was cut off by him slamming his hands on the wall, trapping me with his hands. He masked face was much closer that it was before. I blushed and my eyes widen.

“Wh-what are you doing?” I ask nervously.

“So what was Genma telling you yesterday when you two were alone together?” he whispers with a husky voice. I swallow quietly and look in his one visible eye. This is not like him plus why would he care about something like that. Was he perhaps... jealous?

“It’s really none of you business,” I muttered before continuing to speak, ” he was just asking me to spar with him , that’s all.” I looked away so I couldn’t meet his gaze,but I immediately look back when I felt his body leaning on mine with his head slightly tilted.

“So you don’t like him?”

“I’v never liked him in a romantic way and I’m still confused to why you are asking me these questions I -” I backup against the wall as I gasp. I look down to see that he purposely put his knee between my legs.

“You wouldn’t lie to me right?” Arching his only visible eyebrow. Before I could answer his question I feel his knee going higher and stopping against my thigh. I whimper still trying to process to what was happening. I see him smirk under his mask because of my reaction to his actions

“I swear he’s nothing more than my best friend-d” stuttering the last part.

The masked man that stood in front of me had slid his knee under my over sized shirt touching my underwear. My eyes widened one again looking back into his onyx eye and seeing it full of lust.

“So, who do you like then?” he asked innocently. I mean sure I was attracted to this mysterious masked man but I never expected him to act like this. Deciding of what I should answer him, I felt a wave of pleasure going through my body. Looking once again at Kakashi, he slowly starts rubbing his knee against my underwear.

“Why do you want t-to know that?” I tried my best not to stutter. Not satisfied that I didn’t answer his question, he started moving his knee faster and slightly rougher.

“So I know who I need to kill.” he whispers in my ear full of lust. I shiver as felt his warm lips gently kissing my neck and shoulders. Wait when did he take off his mask? I was biting my lip trying suppress any noises that were trying to come out but I gave up. I let out a quiet moan as he started to rub his knee a little faster.

“You still didn’t answer me...” he said against my neck. Without thinking I started to grind my hips against his knee.

“He’s mysterious and always -mmm- wears a mask .” I said. Kakashi removed his knee and replaced it with his hand. He started repeating what he did before, but this time he was going faster. I let out a moan as he groans in return.

“What else?” I let out another shaky breath and I was about answer him , but he cut me off with another move . He slid his hand past my panties and was touching my womanhood. I look up at him with surprise. He has such a handsome face. I looked into his Onyx and red eyes. He licked his lips while staring back at me. Before I knew it, I felt him push one of his fingers inside me.

That’s it, I give up

I placed my hands around his neck and smash our lips together in a heated kiss, which he gladly returned. He starts thrusting his finger in and out causing me to moan into the kiss.

“He’s fucking sexy and has the most handsome face I have ever seen.” I said in between kisses. I could feel him smirking against my lip as we continued kissing. He kept on moving his fingers in and out of me until he adds another one. I scream into his mouth , the feeling of pain and pleasure mixed together. He suddenly grabbed me and pushed me onto the bed with me under him.

“Mmm, is that so ?” he said smirking at me. He adds another finger causing my walls to tighten around him. I moan and release all over his fingers. He brings his hand to his mouth and slowly licks it maintaining eye contact with me .

“What’s his name, Y/n?” he leans in making our noses touch.

“I love you Hatake Kakashi.” I look away blushing. He lifts my chin making our eyes meet . He smiles that handsome smile that only I will be able to see.

“And I love you Y/n L/n .” my eyes widen and I start smiling back at him. We lean in and our lips meet again in a passionate kiss. We part lips as I allow him to take off my shirt, leaving me in my underwear. “No need to be embarrassed, it’s just me babe.” Kakashi takes off his shirt showing of his amazing abs (A/n If I do say so my self *smirks*) I pull him in for another kiss unzipping his pants, allowing him to take it off. He starts kissing down my neck to my chest , arriving at my breasts. He took of one of them in his hands, groping it while starting to suck the other. I tug onto his hair lightly, letting out quiet moans.

“Kakashi...” my moans started getting louder as he started to suck harder on my breasts. He removed one of his hands and took off his last piece of clothing, exposing his hard member. I stared at it for way too long.

“Hows that big thing gonna fit?”

“I’ll make it fit.” he smirks while winking at me. He kisses me and inserts his member. I clawed at his back and scream into his shoulder due to it being my first time. He buries his head into my shoulder waiting for me to adjust.

I nod giving permission for him to move. He slowly removes his member before thrusting right back in, making him groan.

“You’re -hmm - so fucking tight baby,” he mumbles onto my skin.

The pain soon turns into pleasure making our moans fill the room. “Please Kakashi...” he’s eyes widen and he nods. He starts thrusting in to me at a quicker pace, way faster than before. My moans get louder as his member is hitting that amazing spot.

“Right there, please!” I moan into his ear. Kakashi starts going even faster, if that even was possible. I close my eyes as the pleasure was so good. I was a moaning mess.

“I want you to cum Y/n , I want you to cum for me baby.” Those words push me over the edge. I feel a knot form in my stomach as I let out a final moan. I grab Kakashi’s hair and pull at it as I release all over his member. I feel him release inside me, feeling our juices drip down my leg.

Kakashi collapses onto me breathing heavily. Once our breathing was under control , Kakashi whispers one last thing.

“If I see Genma with you alone, I won’t hesitate to break into your room again.”

“Whatever you say Kakashi,” I whisper back as I fall asleep with my head on his chest.

A/n- Hey guys thanks so much for reading my 1st one-shot. Please don’t forget to vote and comment. If you have any requests let me know in the comments and I will gladly write it for you


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