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Kakashi oneshots

Behind his Mask

“So what is it going to be?”
Y/n asked curiously to Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto. Sasuke hm’ed and smirked he extended his hand and revealed what he was holding, it looked like a pill. (Y/n) widened her eyes and stared at Sasuke ” You really think I’m going to drug our sensei ?”

" What the hell that’s so messed up. ” Naruto to looked at the pill like it was a disease or something and hid behind Sakura who later punched him.
" You have to do it if you want to see what’s behind sensei’s mask. ” Sasuke shoves the pill into your hands. “Don’t fail us, remember we also want to see Kakashi sensei’s face so take a picture when he’s vulnerable ” Naruto unhooked the camera that was tied around his neck and gave it to (y/n) sheepishly.
" Aw man.. I can’t wait to see sensei’s face for once!”
" I wonder how he looks. ”
(Y/n) opened her hand and took a long look at the drug in her hand. ” Where in the hell did you even get this from ?”

Naruto went quiet ” You wouldn’t want to know. ” he said in a depressed voice looking traumatized.
" ok.. then nevermind ”

Sakura even looked a bit pale. But Sasuke said nothing and didn’t look shaken up like the others.
" Well see ya than ” I smiled and waved off to the trio and dashed away to find Kakashi -sensei.

Time skip brought to you by Kakashi’s handsome face

Perfect! I found him right away as he was sitting in the Ichiraku stand eating.
" Oh hello Y/n what are you doing here?”
I looked around and saw that he was alone, good than it will be easier.
" Oh nothing just passing by sensei ”
I smiled at him trying to look less suspicious.
" Hm ok then... ”
" Would you mind if I join you? ”
I pointed to the seat next to him
" Of course not Y/n , it would be nice to have some company. ”

I took the seat next to him and stared at him. ′ ok how am I supposed to do this ′ I thought than an idea came to my head as I smirked.
" Hey Kakashi sensei look a bird !”
I said standing up and pointing to his other way.
" Huh? ”
He turned his head and I had just enough time to drop the pill into his drink without being noticed.
Kakashi turned his head back and looked suspiciously at me. I just smiled at him and scratched the back off my neck sheepishly. ” Guess there was no bird , hehe.” Kakashi sighed and took his cup of water into his hand about to drink it. I stared at him with my eyes wide open ′ he took it .... He took the pill ′
But at that time I didn’t see his mask go off. I didn’t worry about that and instead progressed to my next step. ” Hey Kakashi how do you feel?”
I asked innocently holding my hands in my lap.
" I think I need to head back home now... it’s getting rather late” He said in a tired voice
" Can I come with you sensei ” I asked him looking into his one onyx eye.
" What for ” he slurred his words slightly
I blushed
′ What should I say, quick (y/n) say something !!′
" You know ...I’ve been wanting to talk to you about something for awhile..”
Sensei lifted an eyebrow.
" And I think it would be easier to do it at your house ”
" oh ok than.. ” he replied rather quickly without hesitation.
I lifted my gaze from my lap and looked at him in the eye. Something seemed off about him.
He payed for his food and got up ” let’s go.” he insisted and I got up with him leading the way to his small home.

Time skip

The walk with him was mostly quiet. Kakashi having his hands in his pocket while he was holding his orange book with his other, reading into it intensely. I walked by his side staring at his book wondering why it was so interesting to him.

Before long Kakashi sensei and I were at the doorstep of his one floor house facing his door as Kakashi stumbled back and forward drunkly with his house key trying to stick it into the lock but failed due to his tiredness I thought.

′ He was supposed to be tired... Right? I mean he does look drained out of chakra and his eyelids where half lidded, I just thought that, as I was so close to him right now his breath was ragged and he took deeper breathes than usual...It seemed weird like he was.....

" Here Kakashi let me help you with that.”
I got too impatient and asked him to give me his keys. He dropped them into my hand and leaned his body against the door arching his head so he would be looking at the star dusted sky.I opened his door with a click and gasped as the door was slammed open with Kakashi falling down to the floor. But before he could hit the floor he latched on to my hips and fell down with me to the dirty cold floor with me on his lap.

" Kakashi?? ” My eyes widened. I looked down to see him with heavy lidded eyes that hid lust, were staring into my (e/c) pupils with what felt like a smirk plastered under his stupid mask. It only was a few seconds but felt like hours with us staring at each other in a mix of lust and silents.

" I should go-”
" Stay”
He tightened his hold on my hips
" Sensei..... This is... wrong .”
I said in between ragged breaths I felt tingles go up in my lower area as my Sensei slid his hands roughly down my tights where he slowly rubbed me up and down there.
" Sensei!”
I whined
" Please-”
Before he could proceed he kicked the door shut with his strong foot hearing a sudden ‘slam’ made me wanna turn around but instead he roughly pulled me down by my shirt and kissed me straight on my lips. I stared into his onyx eyes wondering ‘What the hell was going on ’ I thought to myself as my sensei pulled me down deeper into the kiss. His tongue traced my bottom lip. “Ah!! ” I gave out a sudden and quit moan, that satisfied the sensei under me. He’s tongue swept over my own and we fought in a battle of dominance but I already knew that Kakashi Sensei was winning.

While he’s tongue played with my own he’s hands trailed up my early matured body and found he’s way to my perky breast. ” ah-Sensei- ” He cut me off by smashing his mouth into me again and continued to mingle with my breasts. Toying with my pink erect nipples he squeezed them and I screamed of bliss. ” You’re so sensitive... It makes me wanna fuck you even more” he smirked into my lips knowing I had a deep red blush spread across my face.I suddenly gasped when I felt where Kakashi sensei’s hand had snuck to. He rubbed my clit through my panties. He left my lips a long string of saliva following us, as he pulled away I leaped out and gave him a surprisingly sweet and short kiss and departed leaving him blushing. He flipped me around so he was on top and I moaned as his lips reattached to my neck this time.

He left light butterfly kisses down my neck to my collarbone where he bit down on my sensitive flesh making me moan out his name in shock and bliss. He left a purple hickey near my collarbone, happy with his work he continued downwards to my stomach then to my thighs where he started to lick with light strokes leading down to my heated area making my stomach turn in weird ways which I shouldn’t of had with a man that was my sensei and older than me. That thought just made me hornier as I thought about the risk of being with a man that’s not supposed to be in love with me or even seen having heated sex with. I pulled on my sensei’s hair holding him in my sweaty palmed hands as my legs shook in pleasure as he got closer to my heated area. He than slowly presses his wet muscle down on my clit tasting the wetness of my panty’s soaking in.

“AhHH Yes Kakashi right there! ” He moved his hand so that he could rip the cloth off of my soaked area and dispatched them across the floor. While he was at it he pulled off my shirt and skirt throwing it across the floor and skinned his own shirt off and returned to my heat .His hot breath against my clit made my nipples hard and my clit jolt.He took one hard lick and I arched my back and moaned loudly. I stared at nothing but his well built abs as he licked in and out of me and I tightened my hold against his hair. “I-I’m c-c-comING” I clutched my thick ts against his head warning him that I was about to blow. ” Not yet !”

Kakashi slid his tongue out of my slippery wet hole wiping his mouth and laid his hand on my waist. ” Not yet! ” he repeated as he clutched my waist making me shake in ecstasy.He pulled down his trousers and slipped out from his boxers was his 9 inch member, I gawked at his length
′ wow I didn’t know sensei had something so big !′
I gulped and watched as he positioned himself into my slick hole ready to push in his member.
" are you ready ” he asked me in a husky tone for consent basically asking to pound himself into me.
I was to scared honestly to say anything

Will it hurt so badly? Will I bleed ? Am I going to be ok?

Instead I just nodded my head and waited for his dick to enter me. My sensei wasted no time and slid his length steadily inside me I swung my arms around my sensei’s neck and squeezed my wrist gritting my teeth.He fully slid his length into me and waited for me to adjust whispering nice stuff into my ear.

When the pain eased I rocked my hips into his member moaning his name. Kakashi got the signal and rammed his hips into me making me into a moaning mess every thrust going deeper and faster hitting my sensitive walls back and forward ” KAKASHI!! ” I moaned loudly as I thrust my hips into his he flipped me over with his dick still in me and I rode him off as my hips twitched and I bounced on his flaming erection.

I arched my back and my head back as I felt his dick move against my tight walls. I was close to coming as my stomach tightened in knots. “Mm Kakashi I-m-” I couldn’t finish my sentence when he thrusted even faster into me at his full speed clutching my sides as he too was about to come.

" KAKASHI ” I cried out as he groaned and we both collapsed. Him on top off me with his member squirting out all of his white sticky come into my stomach. He panted and I could hear his heartbeat throbbing in his chest and I felt like my womb was swelling and I was to tired to even say a single word or even move. Kakashi kissed me on my forehead and stared into my eyes.

" No matter what I will always love you (y/n)”
He smiled at me and kissed me one last time before he passed out on my chest to tired to clean me and himself up. ” I love you to....Sensei ” I smiled grateful I had him as a sensei. I patted his silver matted hair and fell asleep long forgetting to take a picture of his face for Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura.

Hi, hope you enjoyed his oneshot. Will be going away from lemons or now , and more normal scenarios . Don’t forget requests are welcome. Love you all <3


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