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Kakashi oneshots

Yandere Kakashi

Warning: there will be violence and swearing in this oneshot, You’ve been warned

It was them against the universe

At least that was what Kakashi thought in his head. All he needed was you and you alone. But why was everyone against your relationship ? Did no one want to see him happy ?

Well for one thing , he was way older than you and was you sensei . Secondly , which you were not aware of was that Kakashi was a bit.. whats the word.. insane. Everybody was worried for you safety, but never said anything in fear for their lives.

“Why did you call me in ?” Kakashi seethed under his breath when he was called by none other than the 3th Hokage herself. He was hoping to spend a nice relaxing day with you in bed but that all changed, when Hiruzen finally spoke. “Kakashi Hatake, you have been an invaluable Jounin to Konoha for many years,” he stated. “However... You can no longer continue your current relationship with Y/n L/n.

“Actually , she will soon be, Y/n Hatake”

This caused the Hokage to be thrown off guard as Kakashi smirked at him.

“Yep. She accepted my proposal and we will be married in a few months.”

Hiruzen slammed his hands on his desk. “I will not allow this , Kakashi! She is a minor for goodness sake! I will not allow this.

“She’s an adult in a few weeks.”

“It doesn’t matter! Do you not know how bad this will look for you?”

Kakashi angrily growled behind his mask. “I don’t give a shit! I love her and she loves me !

“I’m sorry Kakashi but I am immediatly stopping this. My decision i-”

Those were Hiruzen’s last words. No one knows who was responsible.

*Kakashi turn’s towards readers*

“You tell anyone and you’re next , got it ?”

A/n- Hey hoped you enjoyed this short oneshot. Don’t forget to vote and comment. Remember requests are open so let me know what you wanna see .

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