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PLAY MY MUSIC - Ymir x fem reader


I’m so sorry for the white girlies but Y/n is a afro Latina in this ff. If this makes you not want to read it, fine, but if you still are going to read it, thank you:) Ymir is also a Latina here as well

Romance / Other
Ymir is hot
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Welcome back Y/n

Y/n pov
Finally, I was able to see Ymir again. It has been about 3 years since I last saw her. Well maybe a little more than that but still.

I finish packing my bags and load them up into my car.

(Get yourself together Y/n, it's gonna be fine. You just so happen to have a fat crush on your best friend. Yeah totally understandable.)

I lock the door to my house. And this time, I locked it for good. I wasn't going back, I'm staying with Ymir no matter what happens.

I jump into my car and start it up.



After what felt like hours of driving through the woods, I get to the portal. It was big enough that I could fit my car through it so I went ahead and kept driving. Luckily for me the portal transported me to Hanges house. I parked in her driveway and walked up to her door. I knocked a few times before someone answered. It was Pieck. She looked at me up and down with wide eyes and then shut the door on my face. I can hear her take a deep breath before screaming.


I could hear many footsteps come towards the door before it swings open. Hange stands there with tears of joy, she jumps on me and cries into my shirt.

"I missed you so muchhh."

I smile and pat her head.

"I missed you too Hange."

I look in the house and see a little head poking from around the corner of the staircase. I let go of Hange and slowly walk over to them.

"And who's this cutie?"

The child had black hair and dark brown eyes.

"That would be our daughter." A deep voice says from behind me.

I turn around and look up to see Yelenas dark eyes. She gives me a slight smile and I run up to her.


I give her a hug and she hugs back, letting out a small laugh.

"Yeah and I bet you missed Ymirs di-"

"You know what? I didn't miss you." I say letting go of her. She holds on to me for a few seconds and then let's go. Pieck walks in and jumps on my back.

"Sooo do you have any plans to meet Ymir?"

The tone of her voice, it was teasing.


Pieck gets off of me and drags me to sit down with her. She snaps and 2 juice boxes appear in front of us.

"Have you been practicing your magic?" I can hear Yelenas voice from across the room.

"Well no. But yeah? I don't know because I've learned to control my powers, I just haven't learned how to properly use them yet."

She scoffs and sits down next to me.

"Well maybe you should. It could be useful and if you get hurt Ymir, Sasha, and Annie would kill the both of us."

I laugh and lay my head on Piecks shoulder. The girl from before comes up to us again and sits on Yelenas lap.

"Mommy I'm hungry." She looks at me and smiles.

"Hello again my name is Elena." The little girl hold out her hand for me to shake it. I decide to pick her up and she laughs.

"Well Elena my name is Y/n. If your mommy is ever mean to you, tell me so I can beat her ass okay?" Yelena slaps me in the back of the head and flips me off.


I put the ball of cuteness down and turn back to Pieck. She smiles at me and pulls out her phone.

"Look." She says showing me a picture of Ymir with a guitar. I felt my face heat up and I bite my lip.

Hange walks in and sees the picture of Ymir.

"Ohh yeah I forgot to tell you that Ymir created a band...whoops." Pieck rolls her eyes and smirks.

"She's also looking for someone who can play bass. You do that right Y/n?"

"Yeah but I-"

"Great I'll sign you up for the auditions. Also they have a concert tomorrow, I have a 2 tickets and a backstage pass so you'll be able to actually see her again."

I nod my head and I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and face the person. It was Hange.

"Do you wanna stay here until you have a place to go? I mean technically I do live with Levi but he hasn't been back in weeks and I'm sure he won't be back anytime soon. He also emptied his stuff so if you're staying, his furniture is yours." The girl says with a bright smile on her face.

"Sure why not? I have my bags in my car so I can just bring them in- wait. Where's sawney?"

Sawney is Hanges dog. Well more of my dog but she named him.

As if on queue, a fluffy fur ball appears on the stairs. The thing runs down and over to me. Barks of joy are heard when the dog hops onto my lap.

"Hey sawney boyyyy." I said while he licked my face. All of a sudden someone knocks on the door. Hange gets up and checks the peep hole, her body stiffens and she turns around slowly.

"Hide Y/n. Now."

Pieck and Yelena seem to know what's going on because they quickly rushed me and Elena up the stairs and told us to stay in the room. They went back down.

I heard a voice that sounded like Ymir's. She sounded mad and...sad? But it made me want to cry. I didn't like hearing or seeing her upset.

"I'm gonna say hi to Levi okay?"



The door opens and the blonde stands there. Eyes wide and watering.


I do finger guns and smile at her.

"That's me alright."

She lets out a breathy laugh and gives me a bone crushing hug. I hug back and she cries into my shirt.

"Y-Ymir missed you a lot y-you know..."

My eyes slight go wide and I look down at the blonde. She's still crying.

(Did my sudden disappearance affect them this badly? I mean I was gone for a long time but there's no need to cry.)

"Historia there's no need to cry. Also I'll be at your concert tomorrow to see you guys and audition for bass, so don't worry, you'll see me again soon."

She nods and let's go of me.

"Also please don't tell Ymir that I'm here. I want it to be a surprise."

"Alright bye N/n..." Her voice sounded sad and disappointed.

"Historia are you alright? Have you been crying?"

"No Ymir come on, I wanna go back to Aminas house. I'm gonna stay over."

I hear the front door close and a car starts. Suddenly the door opens again and Yelena steps in.

"She's really stressed about you 'not being here' to see her Y/n. She even said that she'd look for your herself. I think you're gonna want to text her."

I knew who she was talking about.

"Come on Elena, it's time to go home okay?"

Elena gives me a goodbye hug and so does Yelena. She wasn't one for skin to skin contact but if it was me or Pieck she was fine with it. I walk downstairs to say bye to Pieck but she was sleeping.

"I'm gonna carry her, bye you guys."

And with that she left. Hange sat down on the couch with me and we sparked up a conversation.

"I can tell you have a crush on her Y/n."


"What? No I do not have a crush on Ymir."

She smirks at me and crosses her arms.

"I didn't say any names." I slump back in defeat as Hanges face lights up.

"YOU LIKE YMIR!!" She did her lil dancy dance and then sag back down.

"Well I'm pretty sure she likes Historia anyways so what's the point?"

Hanges face drops into a scowl as she looks at me.

"You aren't serious right now right?"

I nod my head telling her that I am and she hits me on the thigh.

"Have you not seen the way she looks at you? Literally she looks at you with googly eyes and hearts practically spinning around her head."

My face heats up and I smile.

"And anyways you're going to her concert tomorrow right? You'll see for yourself."

Hange turns on the TV and pulls out a lollipop.

"Want one?"

I nod and she takes out another one, it looked like those big rainbow colored ones you get at carnivals.

I thank her and we spent about 2 hours talking and having fun. But eventually I got tired and decided to go to bed.

"Night Hange."

"Night N/n."

I head upstairs to my room and change, then I brushed my teeth.

I got into bed. It was really big so I put some of my stuffed animals on it. Next I plugged in my charger.

A notification pops up saying that Ymir posted on insta. Although I didn't visit, I still called everyday to check up on her.

I click on the notification and look at the post she made. It was of her and Historia, she looked happy. Really happy. My heart hurt seeing it but I knew Historia didn't like her, it still hurt though.

(I can't wait to see her tomorrow..)

I scroll a little more through her page and find out her band is called 'sex n the city'.

"Of course Ymir would name it that." I say letting out a small laugh.

I come across a old picture of us when we were kids, I tried to scroll when I accidentally liked the post. I started to freak as Ymir text me.

Shawty bae😩🧎🏽‍♀️: Stalking me now are we Y/n

Me: No...well maybe

Me: Anyways why didn’t you tell me you were in a band??

Shawty bae😩🧎🏽‍♀️: Because I didn’t think you’d care:/

Shawty bae😩🧎🏽‍♀️: who told you?

Me: Pieck:))

Me: Shes my life saver

Me: Now I can buy all your albums-

Shawty bae😩🧎🏽‍♀️: Woah there cutie slow down

Shawty bae: We’ll talk later okay?

Me: Fineee

Me: Goodnight ‘mir

Shawty bae😩🧎🏽‍♀️: Goodnight N/n

I smile at the name she has for me and connect my phone to the charger. I snap and turn on the lights. Drawing little circles in the air, I use my powers to make stars. Not necessarily real stars but they lit up my room. It was calming.

All of a sudden I my phone rings. I check the contact and find out Annie is calling me. I pick up the phone, ready to ask why she's calling me.

"Y-Y/n is it true that you came back?" Her voice sounded scared and as if she just finished crying.

"Yes why?"

I can hear her sniffle on the other side of the phone when she responds.

"I want to see you. You're staying with Hange right? And don't worry I won't tell Ymir."

"Uh sure I'm positive that Hange won't mind you staying over....Did you at least ask her first?"

"Yeah she said to ask you."

"Alright just make sure to bring clothes okay?"

"Yeah yeah whatever mom."

"Don't make me bitch slap you when you get here."

I hear her scoff and she hangs up on me. I playfully roll my eyes and slump down in my bed.

(Maybe one day me and Ymir can be in here together...)

"Thinking about Ymir aren't you?" A voice says taking me out of my thoughts. I look at my doorway and see Hange there.

(Shit I forgot she could read minds.)

"Don't worry I know you forgot." A smile on her face.

I chuck a pillow at her and she ducks.

"I like those stars by the way. Make me some yeah?"

I nod at her and get back to making my little contraptions.

Few minutes later a knock is heard from the outside of my door.

(I wonder who that is.)

"It's me Y/n."


I jump out of bed and run over to the door. I was only in a shirt but she was used to seeing me like this so I didn't care.

Annie walks in and immediately lays on my bed. I pick up the TV remote and dangle it in her face.


"Hell yeah."

I turn on the TV and for the rest of the night we watched horror movies and K-Dramas because why the hell not.

I look to my side and see that Annie has fallen asleep. She snuggled up to me and rested her head on my shoulder. It didn't really affect me since one I have a crush on Ymir and two she's with Armin.

I check my phone for any notifications and find a text from Ymir. It was a voice message.

"I know sending you something like this is probably...weird but I'm too lazy to text right now. Um...I'd really like it if you came to one of our concerts N/n. I understand that we live in different worlds but if you could just...come to as least one of them. Maybe more, I'd love that. Sorry for bothering you so late, I love you goodnight N/n"

I love you...

She just said she loves me? She loves me? What-

"I heard that." Annie voice rings in my ear.

I give her a good slap on the arm and lay down, Annie following behind me.

"You're going to their concert tomorrow right?"

"Yeah, who else is in her band anyways?"

Annie hesitates for a moment before answering.

"Well you already know Ymir and Historia are in it. But there's also Sasha, Armin, Me. And that's it. Armin is the director. I'm not necessarily apart of the band but I do all the art for their albums, help with set up for concerts, etc. Sasha does the drums. But she also helps with concert set up and merch." She says while making icicles with her hands.

Annie conveniently had ice and water powers. It kinda matched her icy blue eyes. She was amazing when it came to anything artistic. Annie was a natural artist. Self taught and she never used references.

"You know, Ymir really does miss you. She'd always talk about how much she wanted you to some back and how you guys would get married once you did."


Annie laughs a bit before looking me dead in the eye.

"She loves you Y/n. Like seriously all that girl ever talks about is you. But since you left, she's changed. She doesn't go out much anymore and she's quieter now. I hope you can change that."

"You sound so much like Historia right now."

She sticks her tongue out at me and her face goes back to being serious.

"You aren't leaving again right?"

I grab her hand and smile.

"No, I'm staying forever."

"Does that mean you and Ymir are actually going to get married and-"

"Slow ya roll Barbie doll. We still have to find out if she even has a crush on me first."

Annie gives me a look of disbelief.

"Did you- I- wha- goodnight." She says flipping over with her back turned to me.

"Goodnight Annieeee"

She lets out a 'mhmm' before the room goes quiet. I text Ymir one last time before actually drifting off into sleep.

(Tomorrow is gonna be fun...)

A/N: New ff? Yes. Is this one going to be updated more than the Hange one? Yes. Is it going to be a long one? Yes. If you guys have any ships you want me to include in this ff or any ideas for later chapters, please let me know:)

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