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PLAY MY MUSIC - Ymir x fem reader


Y/n pov
"Y/n wake your dumbass up you're going to be late!!"

My body shot up as I felt ice being thrown at me. I open my eyes and see Annie standing there, making snowballs.

"Well finally the princess has awaken."

"Shut up."

She pulls me out of bed and into the bathroom.

"Well if you wanna be late to see Ymir be my guest. But I'm almost 100% sure you don't."

My eyes shot up at the sound of her name.

(That's right Ymirs concert is today...)

I hop in the shower as Annie stands in the mirror to do her hair.

"So I heard you like Ymir."

I groan and open the curtain.

"Who told you??"

"Hange and Pieck."

(Just fucking great.)

"All I'm gonna say is that she likes you as well. And it was pretty obvious, whenever someone talks about her your heart rate speeds up."

I raise a brow at her.

"How do you kn-"

"Because I can hear it. Now shut up and get out, you don't want to miss your girlfriends concert now do you?"

Annie walks out and leaves me in the shower with a smirk on her face.



I roll my eyes and hop out the shower. I had previously gotten my hair done in braids so I didn't really need to do anything, but I laid my edges and did some makeup.

It was a simple winged eyeliner, but I smudged it a bit and had on some black lipstick. My phone pings and I look at the device. It was too far away so I just levitated it. I didn't have powers for nothing.

Looking at the screen I see that Pieck text me. I open my messages.

Pieck-a chu: Y/nnnnn

Pieck-a chu: Y/nnnnnnn

Pieck-a chu: Y/n




Me: no...

Pieck-a chu: Good cuz I’m coming over to pick one out for you

Me: Wait who said that?

Pieck-a chu: Me bitch

Pieck-a chu: Now goodbye love

Me: Mhmm

I roll my eyes at Piecks stupidity and continue on my makeup.

There was a knock on my room door and I walk over to open it. I see Pieck standing there with a wide smile on her face.


I sigh and nod my head. She runs into my closet and starts picking stuff out.

Few minutes later she comes out with 2 outfit choices.

"Go try these on, we still have an hour and a half till the concert so you have plenty of time."

She hands me the outfits and shoved me into the bathroom. I take a look at the outfits she prepared and roll my eyes.

(Of course Pieck would choose something like this.)

The first one was a short dress and a huge grey jacket, it wasn't anything fancy except for the fact that she paired thigh highs and garters with it.

Next was a mesh shirt, a plaid skirt, and knee high socks.

"I'm assuming she wants me to only wear a bra with it but I'm too insecure for that so no."

I decide on outfit #1 and get ready. It only took me about 5 minutes before I was done and I exited the bathroom.

Pieck looked up from her phone and at me. A big smile appeared on her face and she clapped her hands. The black haired girl got up from my bed and linked arms with me. I'm assuming she already packed my necessities into my purse because she threw it at me saying 'let's go'.

"Do you want to get food on the way? I'm sure you haven't eaten yet."

As if on queue, my stomach growled.

"I'll take that as a yes. Now come on."

She drags me out the house. We say bye to Hange and I begin to realize that Annie is nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Annie?" I say looking all around for the blonde, completely forgetting she's in the band as well.

"She's helping everyone set up. Now let's go and eat so we aren't late."

We reach the car and I sit in the passenger seat. Pieck and Yelena have 2 different cars. Pieck has a Kia and Yelena has a Jeep. Why? Because one is a fucking giant and the other is a midget.

Pieck starts the car and we drive off. I turn on the radio and a song called 'Do i wanna know' starts playing. The voice sounded familiar. Kinda like Ymir.

"Ohh by the way Y/n, this is one of Ymirs songs. Unfortunately they had to edit in the bass but now that you're here, they won't have to."

I nod at her and she keeps driving.
Ymir pov

I could see the crowd forming outside the arena as people screamed and shouted for the guards to open the doors. I sigh and walk backstage to grab my guitar. I see Historia and examine her face for a bit, she looks excited, happy, as if someone was going to see her.

"What are you so happy about?" I say with a light chuckle.

Historia jumps and looks at me. She puts up her hands in defense.



I hear someone walk in and turn around to see Annie there with a wide grin on her face. She walks over to sasha and whispers something in her ear. The brown haired girl gasps, a smile on her face as well. She looks at Annie and mouths her a 'really'. The blonde nods and Sasha twirls her drumsticks while humming.

Then Annie walks over to Armin and whispers something in his ear as well. His face lights up as he walks away.

"Why is everyone so happy today?"

Annie looks at me with a smirk and crosses her arms.

"No reason."

She walks off, Sasha following behind her. Historia looks at me and winks. I raise a brow as she walks off and grabs her mic.

(I guess it's a secret then.)

I tune my guitar and walk back onto the stage.


Was all Armin had to say before a stampede of fans busted through the doors. They all got to their seats eventually but I couldn't take me eyes off this one girl. She had on a short grey dress, thigh highs, garters, and a jacket. The thing is...she looked exactly like Y/n. I turn to Sasha and point at the girl.

"That girl reminds me of Y/n. They're even the same skin color." Sashas eyes follow my finger as she finally spots the person I'm talking about. She waves and the girl sees her and waves back.

I look at her row and see that she's even sitting next to Pieck. They were having a conversation as I set up my mic. My gaze stays on her until it's time to preform. I set up my mic properly and open my mouth to speak.


Loud 'YEAHS' boom through the arena. People had bright smiles on their faces and they started recording.


The crowd screamed even louder this time and we started playing.

'Do I wanna know' just so happened to be first. Most of the songs were dedicated to Y/n but I'd never tell her that. Historia started to sing and so did I. Time went by like it was nothing and before I knew it, it was time for us to have our personal talk time with the fans. We did this at every concert. It was our thing and our supporters really enjoyed it. Each fan had their own mic so that we could hear them clearly.

"Have you guys found someone to play the bass yet?" Historia decided to answer the girls question.

"I have someone in mind but we'll talk about it later."

I give her a surprised look and she winks. I roll my eyes and turn back to the audience.

"Who are your songs dedicated to Ymir?" I blushed a bit before opening my mouth.

"They're for a girl I know. She's very special to me. Once I reveal who she is, please don't give her and hate you guys." That was all I said before a bunch of 'awe's were heard. I looked down and fiddled with my guitar. I started to cry a little, thinking of Y/n made my heart ache. She's been gone for so long and she's never come to visit either. The girl in the crowd keeps staring at me as if she knew me or something.

I wipe my tears and Historia gives me a hug. I thank her before she walks back to her assigned spot. Armin was a little too organized when it came to concerts. The screen showed the girl who looked like Y/n.

(She never told me about any twins...or siblings period. From what I know she's an only child. I'll ask Pieck about her later.)

The concert ended and we said goodbye. Pieck and that girl stayed behind because she had backstage tickets although she could see us behind the scenes whenever she wanted to. I walk backstage and place my guitar on it's stand.

"Ymir there's someone we want you to see." Annie has a smile on her face. She never smiles. Like at all.

I raise a brow and walk with her to wherever she was taking me. We reach my studio room and she turns to me.

"Hurry up and go in." She says pushing me inside. I roll my eyes.

"Well fu-"

"Hey 'mir. Did you miss me?"

(That voice. It's Y/n's...)

My eyes went wide and tears filled them as I turned around to face the person in front of me.


She gives me a sweet smile and nodded.

"Yup, that's me alright."

I shook my head and turned back to the door. I banged on it.


I fought to hold back my tears. I felt something warm latch onto me.

"Ymir this isn't a prank. I'm actually here." Chills descended down my spine and I balled my hand into a fist. The girl had her arms wrapped around my waist.

Tears finally fell from my eyes as I turned around. She was still short but I'm 5'11 so my height kinda made her look tiny compared to me. She looked to be about 5'5 or 5'4.

I hugged her back as heavy tears painted my face.

"I-I thought you were never coming back..."

She laughs and hugs me tighter.

"I always come back don't I?"

I nod my head and she walks over to my bean bag chair. She sits down with me on her lap. I didn't care how sexual this looked neither did Y/n. All I wanted to do was hold onto her and never let go.

I calm down and lift up my head, looking into her eyes. She gave me a cheeky smile and put her hands on my face. Suddenly the door swings open and Sasha peeks her head in.

"Are you guys dating yet or what?"

I blushed and Y/n's heart rate sped up. Connie appears from the hallway and pulls the foodie away from the door.

"I'm so sorry you guys. And hey Y/n I'm glad you're back." He smiles and exits the room, closing the door behind him. I look back at Y/n and put my head on her shoulder.

"I heard you talk about me a lot. Is that true?"

I blush again and nod. I look at her skin.

(It's gotten darken from the time I last saw her...she's still beautiful though.)

"Thanks for calling me beautiful." My body goes stiff and Y/n laughs at me.

"You forgot I have powers didn't you?"

"Shut up."

She removed my head from her shoulder. Her eyes scan me all over and her gaze returns to my face.

"You're really cute."

My eyes widen and I hit her in the shoulder. I lay back down on her and she rubs my back.



"Can I stay at your house tonight?"

She goes quiet before answering.

"Mmm...Hange won't be home tonight so sure. But you may wanna-"

I draw a small circle in the air and bags of my clothes appear in front of us.

"Or...you could do that."

I text Historia, telling her that she doesn't need to take me home tonight. She responds with a '😏' and then shuts up. I press the power button and turn my phone off. I look over to the side only see Y/n staring at me. She pulls out her purse.

"Can I do your makeup? Not that you need it I just really want to do your eyeliner."

I'm taken aback by her sudden question but I slowly nod my head. She smiles and gets off the bean bag chair, pointing to it, signaling for me to sit down. I sit and Y/n grabs my chin and apparently decided to take my lap as her chair.

Her body was warm, and the dress she wore moved upwards on her thighs when she sat down. Y/n opened her bag and took out a black gel eyeliner. She opened it and started to do my makeup. I sat still and quietly examined her features. For some reason I couldn't take my eyes off her lips. They looked soft. She had on black lipstick and it made their shape more visible. I subconsciously put my hand on her cheek and slightly bit, my brain decided to not be a pussy and I leaned in. My body was telling me ‘no’ but everything else was saying 'kiss her'. And so...I did. As I expected, her lips were soft, and warm if I was being completely honest.

She stopped doing my makeup and I could hear her take a deep breath. Eventually she gave into the kiss and our lips moved in sync. This was going to smudge her lipstick but we didn't care. I could tell she was enjoying it when she put her arms around my neck.

I pulled away and looked at her. Her eyes had a look of both love and anxiousness in them. She pulled me back in and this time her grip on me was tight, it seemed as if she didn’t want to let go. But I wasn’t complaining, I didn’t want her to let go either. I wanted to stay like this but nothing last forever.

We both pull away this time for air.

“So how about that sleep over huh?”

A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed this. Please let me know if you did or if you have any ships that you want me to include:) thank you
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